Thursday, 1 April 2010

AlfieCat Says.... say thank you to everyone who sent him good wishes for his operation, bless him, he came home from the *whispers again so he doesn't hear* V E T at about 16.30 and was ever so wobbly on his paws...but...went straight to the food cupboard and started demanding his tea-tea's... so he managed half a tin of tuna...then he leapt about like a mad thing for ten minutes before calming down and demanding more food. Anyone would think I had starved him for a week, not just overnight LOL

He has had two teeth out, one top, one bottom but thankfully his fangs are still intact... check out his photo of him ... I know I have posted it before on a LO - but I love this pic...basically, Grim bought me a film camera for my birthday a few years ago, I popped a film in it and took the very first piccy on it of Alfie, who was sitting looking rather handsome... so, as I clicked he moved! Typical! Until I got the film developed (erm, who still does that? cannot remember the last time I did that!!) and the very first piccie was this, bless him ... I like to think he is roaring...but the truth is...he is usual!

Lots of you lovely peeps asked to see some pics of AlfieCat, so I have dug a few out...I am like one of those new Mum's who bore people rigid with photo's of their kids when I get please, indulge me LOL The one above is my boy looking so darn handsome...this was the very first pic I took on my digi yawning this time :O))

Every night, Grim gives Alfie a is one of those long stick type ones...he has a half a one cos otherwise he will get too fat...but Grim makes him catch it...honestly, Alfie is more like a dog than a cat...and he adores his Daddy.....mmm, especially at treat time LOL

Sometimes he catches the treats straight into his mouth, others he catches them in his paws...but here he is, missing one...look how his paws are clasped together...I know I am biased and all... but isn't he just a beautiful boy??? *told you I was a baby bore ROFL* Taking these pics was hilarious, he is so fast that Grim had to shout "now" as he threw the treat, and I had to focus on Alfie and click at the same time to get some decent ones :O))

Occasionally, Alfie will appear to be incredibly intellectual...I caught him once reading a bird book...research he called it...actually, I had found an old nest in a tree we chopped down in the garden, brought it in to see what kind of bird it belonged to...and this photo was taken seconds before Alfie grabbed the nest and whipped off down the kitchen with it in his chops LOL

And ... finally...*thank heavens you all saying* here he is in his favourite position..usually propped up on the sofa next to either me or Grim...watching TV... and drinking a can of lager....oh, ok, I made up the last bit but if he could, I am sure he would ROFL

Sorry to bore you all...but you did ask!! Thanks for looking...and again for being so lovely and understanding and asking after my boy. Today will be either a very exciting day for me and Grim...or one of those piggy days...fingers X'd it is the first...I will be back later...hopefully with news...and hopefully with something I have managed to make!



Crafty Dawn said...

He is adorable! love him. and glad he is well after his vist to the you know where!

Love Dawn xx

Elaine A said...

Hels -

Alfie is a very dashing fellow! What a handsome boy he is, just to darn cute! Reminds my of guy, Shadow. I do miss him, he lived to be 16 and has been gone quite a few years. I now have two little teeny pups (NOT!), they are big boys, a full german shepherd (Thor) and a 1/2 husky, 1/2 german shepherd (Jackson). I think Alfie could take them on though - he looks awfully fast with those treats - LOL! So glad he is doing better.

Elaine Allen

craftimamma said...

Sorry I wasn't online to wish Alfie all the best for his op. I had my little granddaughter so the 'puter was out of bounds. I'm glad all went okay though.

Well, you didn't bore me with either the photos or the narrative. He's just adorable. My favourite is where he's eyeing up the birds nest. He looks as though he's wearing a dress shirt and tux!

Lesley Xx

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Cute cat pictures, not bored at all, post away!!. Glad the shhh, VET went so well. Hugs, Jane

Anonymous said...

Ooh! What a cute 'baby'!! xx

Sandy said...

Oh wow he is so sweet and the king from your home. Thanks for this lovely photos.

Happy Easter for you my friend. Hugs.

Jennie said...

Love the pics of Alfie, he is such a monkey, sorry cat! Glad he is ok too. Do I know your news.. course I do..hehehe hugs

Laura said...

So glad ALFIE came home safely and hadn't lost his appetite. He does look very handsome with his green eyes in the second photo. However in the last he reminds me of Men Behaving Badly, Lol. I can see what you mean about the can of lager!

Andrea said...

so pleased Alfie is ok Hels and I have seen him in action when he fetches, I am sure he is a dog in disguise, great photos and good luck for today, lots love xx

Heavens2Betsy said...

What a fabulous example of cathood your Alfie is Hels. I'm so pleased he is ok after his op. He is a seriously handsome chap! x

judith@poppy cottage said...

Glad everything went okay at the you know where, and that Alfie came back so well. That must have been great for you to see. He looks like such a character, a real charmer! Happy days, Judith x

Vicki said...

Aww Alfie is simply gorgeous - love him!!! i'm glad he's feeling better and enjoyed his tuna!!!!! our 18 cats send love xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Hels I WANT him!!!
He is utterly fabulous and his chillin pose is too adorable for words!
So glad he is back home and happy!
Thank you so much for sharing he is the best!
kim x

Diane.W. said...

Awww they are amazing pics,LOL!!!!
Really enjoyed them & so pleased Alfie is doing good,bless him,the lil cute-pants!!!
Hope you have a good day :o)x

Joanne said...

I loved every minute spent reading this post. Pusscat antics are the best ever. I have a few of our Toby sitting on the settee, legs akimbo, just like Alfie. But pray tell, did he pick the pink heart on his collar or is that a light trick or ................?? xx

DonnaMundinger said...

Isn't he just the sweetest thing? And so clever catching his treats like that! So sorry I missed the post about his dental work, but I'm so relieved he came through it like a pro and he's feeling better. Tuna always helps! Big hugs to him (and you!) Oh, and I recieved my stamps. Thanks so much! xxD

Artyjen said...

Thanks for sharing...he is indeed a very handsome chap! :) Glad he is ok after the op always a worry.
Thanks for popping by and holding hands in cyber space

Karen said...

Awe...what a handsome boy Alfie is!!! So pleased he had his priorities right when he got home. I love the pic of him yawning...very fierce haha. My old cat used to sit on the sofa just like Alfie...perhaps its a man thing eh haha

I would never tire of seeing pics of him so bring it on my lovely XXX

Penni said...

Not boring at all. I love Alfie especially the photo of him on the sofa. He really is one chilled out cat. Glad he is recoverying from his trip to the V E T.

I had a cat once who had to have all of his teeth removed - he still managed his tea teas though - no problems!!!


whyducks said...

More Alfie I say! What a star. The photo makes him look as though he is begging for his treats. Glad he is Ok. Good luck x

Gerrie Johnnic said...

You know GF, Alfie looks a lot like his mum, esp in the last photo! lol 'cept of course you have different color hair, but then maybe not! Glad the baby is fine, and know you are too! Are you hiding Easter fishes for him? if not, he told me to tell you that it would be wonderful ifyou could do that since he was such a good kitty. xxoo

Linda Ledbetter said...

Oh, Hels, he's such a handsome guy! I'm very glad things went well at the... place (v.e.t.) and that he's home and feasting on tuna. I could never be bored looking at kitty pics, so keep 'em coming!

Linda (with input from Bowie, Stella and Grey Kitty)

lesleyanne said...

fab photo's of alfie
so please he is ok after his toothy op
lesley xx

Kaz said...

Aaaww he really is a handsome boy, even if he looks like he could have a part in True Blood!!
I'm a puppy bore with my sister's puppy (as you may have seen on my blog) and she's not even mine!
I bet Alfie is great company. Love the fact he nabbed the bird's nest! xx

Chicken Licken said...

Awww cute boy! I am glad he is all recovering now! My cat is at least 19 and has had no teeth at all since she was 7 so whenever I see cats with teeth I think THEY look odd! She likes to crunch dog biscuits in particular with her gums but she does tend to dribble rather now too!!! Why DO we love 'em?!

Rosie said...

Oh he IS a handsome chap, and he looks a real character! I have an incredibly cuddly but totally lazy fat fluffy cat, and a young, aloof black princess who insists on NOT being cuddled. Cuddly is GOOD in my book!!

Angelnorth said...

Well I'm not usually a cat person but the treat catching and slobbing out pics are fab! Glad he's back home and perky!

Lori said...

ROFL, these are too cute! and funny! I can't believe he catches things with his paws, that must be hysterical to watch. Glad he's on the up and up!

Shazza said...


Chris said...

awwww poor liddle puddy cat... bet he hates the vet as much as I hate the Dentist :D

He looks a fabulous little fella and a total

Have a great Easter
Chris xx

cockney blonde said...

What a handsome cat. I'm not showing his piccie to my boys or they'll be ever so jealous. However, I should point out, and perhaps you hadn't noticed, but he does have a pink heart on his collar. Does he know? Does he care? lol, x

patcrafts said...

Alfie is certainly a gorgeous cat and quite amusing too with his clever antics. I used to have 4 cats and when I took the dogs for a walk they use to trot along behind tails upright in the air and all in single file following us.
Glad he came through ok, my rabbit had to have his teeth out twice and that is very traumatic for a rabbit, sadly we don't have him anymore.

Gez said...

What a handsome cat. His coat is beautiful. :) What a clever cat too. I think he's been here before. :)
Glad he was okay after the vets.
Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Aahhhhh he's so gorgeous :)
Anne xx

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