Thursday, 11 March 2010

Studio 490 + Metal = Heavenly Art :O))

...First of all...thank you to everyone who wished me well for my MRI' wasn't the nicest experience...but I didn't make a prat of myself by getting all claustrophobic...and at one point I nearly dropped off to the land of Nod ROFL...I know, they are noisy...but I kinda found that noisey noise to be a bit relaxing...*told you I was a nutter!!* It has been a lovely day for me because Wendy Vecchi mailed me and asked if she could feature my Rosey Heart art on her blog...after thinking about it for about...oooo, say, like 2 seconds, I said YES!! and bless her...she has blogged it today. So, I popped over there a couple of hours ago and saw loads of wonderful comments and also lots of questions on how I actually made the rose and the heart...Being one of those peeps who loves any chance to get the stash out, I hastened (ok, hobbled) to the Room of Stash and have done a quicky tutorial about how to make the ... er...rose and the heart LOL

I have written the instructions on each of the photo's - if you can't read them, please just click on each pic, it will pop up large and you will be able to see exactly what I have said. I must just take this opportunity to credit Lin Brown from LB Crafts though...because, without her expert help and guidance, I would never have been able to use the Ten Seconds Studio's metals and tools...and I picked up so many fab idea's and techniques from her too...pop over to her blog if you get chance as she has a fab TSS tutorial linked for Taco Tuesday on there :O))

Right .. on with the pics...please feel free to get a coffee and some biscuits and some chocolate...if you want to see them all, you could be here some time LOL The Ten Seconds Studio's metal comes in sheets of about A4 size, with a range of colours, and also in tubes, which have .. er...not sure how much metal on them ...think it is 36" though :O)

What you will need ... ingredients :O))

Step 1
Use StaZon ink to stamp your image

Step 2
Dry the StaZon image with a heatgun - just a few seconds should do it.

Step 3
Use Humungo tape to stick the metal to the black card - always stick the Humungo to the card first

Step 4
Take care when sticking the metal to the taped card - it is very sticky :O))

Step 5
Use a paperstump to burnish your metal onto the Humungo - alternatively, use a bone folder

Step 6
Use Non Stick scissors to cut out the flowers - the Humungo is VERY sticky, you will need the non stick's :O))

Step 7
Using a scootchy tool makes the edges of the metal look more finished

Step 8
Alternatively, instead of scribbles you can doodle circles, flowers, tis up to you!

Step 9
I have used black paint to age the flowers - you can use any colour you like though for a different look.

Step 10
Superglue dries the metal really quicky and I have found it to be the best glue

Step 11
The petals should be stuck within a few minutes

Step 12
Silicone glue allows the layers to sit nested together nicely


Step 1
Stamp image and dry with heatgun, as before

Step 2
Follow all the steps above to get to this point, using black card on the back of the metal again

Step 3
Use your paper stump and apply pressure in a circular motion to the black card

Finished Heart

That's it!! Phew, are you still with me? LOL I hope that this answers the questions that were left on Wendy's blog...and once again...thank you :O))

Hels x


2amscrapper said...

This really is an incredible piece!

Sandy said...

Thanks for this great workshop.
This is stunning. Love them.

Wendy said...

brilliant explanations Hels and glad your MRI's were not tooooo bad. Made a note about milk choccy too xx

The Inky Minx said...

Yay miss thang strutting your stuff all over the web.. just remember me when your super famous x x :Op x x

love both your bits.. er i mean your metal bits te he he!

Lori said...

Great instructions, Hels! Thanks for sharing how you did these!

Dan said...

Great tutorial Hels, and congrats on being on Wendy's blog, that's awesome!

Linda Cain said...

Great Job, Hels! Fabulous Tutorial.
And Lin is the best...soooooo talented.

Glad the MRIs are done!


craftimamma said...

Fantastic tutorials Hels. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. I so wanted to know how to make those metal roses and now I do. If I ever get round to making one good enough to blog I shall most certainly credit you.

Lesley Xx

Daniele said...

brill tutorial Hels I wanted to have a go at the metal rose you made it look doable....hugs from Daniele

Andrea said...

well done Hels for being on Wendys blog and a fab demo there by you, great art as ever xx

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
flutterbycrafter said...

Fantastic piece of work, thanks for the tutorial, will try it when I'm back home and congratulations on being on Wendy's blog. xx

Lorraine said...

love that heart thanks for the tutorial and major hugs for you after th MRis

Cheryl said...

stunning hun so wonderfully detailed and explained too hugs cheryl xxx

Gez said...

Stunning metal rose. :)

I have been trying my best to ignore trying out metal work! but that might all change now! hehe.. Great tutorial.xx

Alexandra said...

Well done one your ever expanding fame. Will you remember the little people when you're rich and famous?Any metal work I have tried has been very basic and not as gorgeous as yours Hels.
Thanks for sharing how you created this beauty.
You have made me look at this in a new light and I want to play now too, if not I'll just steal yours, lol. It's stunning!

Wanda H said...

Great tutorial!!! Congrats for being on Wendy's blog again!!! And I'm glad the MRIs went well... and am hoping the results will be good too!!!

Lottie said...

Thanks for the tutorials - that was so kind of you. Glad the MRI scans went well. Hope you get good results.

I saw your gorgeous work on Studio 490 blog - it looks fabulous

When are you going to write a book

divester said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE idea. Thanks for showing us how to make it.

Sandra said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing!

Anita said...

Wow! This is amazing! Great tutorial!

Diane.W. said...

That rose!!!!!!!!!! just a dreammmmm....
Thanx for sharing & glad u r ok :o)x

Shar said...

Simply stunning! What a gorgeous look!

Debbie S said...

Hesitated for 2 seconds - I hope your nose grew very very long!

Can't wait to get home and have a proper look at the pics as they are all restricted at work. Boo :(

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh WOW Hels! You are really inspiring me to get out my metal! GORGEOUS project! TFS xxD

KAT said...

First - congrats on being featured on Wendy's blog and THANKS for the awesome tutorial. I've never worked with metal but you made it look pretty easy and now I feel some inspiration coming on!!!

Shazza said...

FABULOUS and I have seen one of the roses in real life too, it is great

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW,WOW,WOW this is SO fabulous,a million thanks for the tutorial,I really really need to now invest in all this metal stuff!!!

Cher said...

omg! I so love you for sharing...I sooooooo wanted to ask for a tut...but...hate to beg! and then u just wenet and did one! LOVE THIS! dying to do it! got the stuff...well...not ALL the good at improvising! xoxoxoxo u are TERRIFIC

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the tute! xx

Kim said...

Wow, Hels--that rose is gorgeous!! I've been remiss in my blog hopping this week and am trying to catch up. Clearly, I can stop now--no way I'll see anything better after this!!! Glad your MRI experience wasn't too bad--I kind of liked the noise when I had one, too!

Loulabelle said...

These are fantastic, your flowers have taken another step into wonderland. Thank you for the very clear tut. Very helpful.

Lynn Stevens said...

I don't know how I missed these awsome pieces of art!

Elaine A said...

Hels -

Thank you again for this great tutorial! I just love the way the heart and rose came out! Lovely!

Elaine Allen

Vicki Romaine said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. One question though...where did you find your scotchy (sp) tool? Is there something else I can use in the meantime?

Please reply to

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