Monday, 11 January 2010


...Oh....Woe is me! *pauses for ooohs of sympathy* Yep, it has gone...left me...all alone...sitting in a room full of stash...looking at Blogs, searching through magazines...crying helplessly...*I made that last bit up actually ROFL* So...what is IT? My blinking Mojo is what IT is! It has naffed orf it usually does...probably on holiday again...quaffing Mojito's (geddit?) and getting a nice even suntan. Actually, what I think the real problem is, is this; my Room of Stash resembles a malfunctioning box room that has had a load of paper and rubber dumped into it and then had a rampaging bull go through the mess at 100mph. Basically, my laziness and lack of organization has come back and bitten me on the bum! Full of good intentions this morning, I got my Melt Pot out, along with UTEE and Beeswax, totally inspired by Lin's fab tag, I was all set to get cracking and try to make one... {I even emptied the bin} Several hours later...I have spent the afternoon on the sofa...snuggled under my fleecy blanket with my AlfieCat sitting on my tootsies keeping them warm...and it is now after 7pm and I just know that I have to scale the stairs to the Room and get tidying. *sighs wistfully* I had such a lovely room...all neat, tidy, everything in its place...always tidied up after each project and bin emptied regularly....then Christmas happened...and I have all my Christmas stamps, papers, embellies etc still littering the floor and every available surface...I need to get it sorted...and fast!

See...I even sit waffling on my Blog rather than get tidying...anything for an aversion is May's page from the Calendar I made for Andrea...I love this one the bestest I think...The colouring is all with ProMarkers and highlighted with a Sakura white pen (cannot find my Ranger one LOL) and the papers are K & Co Mira collection...I loaded up the page with Prima's and paper roses and added some blinging cord and a butterfly charm...and... yep, that Penny Black stamp...again :O))

Thanks for looking...we have thawing snow here...tis still cold...but...excitement of excitement...we had a Woodpecker on our feeder this morning...I have one of those half coconuts with yoghurt and insects in it...and he (I assume it was a he ... cos Woody was wasn't he?) was hammering away at the shell...blimey, he is as quick as a flash though, by the time I had grabbed the camera he had zipped off...he is black and white and I Googled him and he is a ... Greater Spotted I am waffling on about Woodpeckers...anything to get out of tidying the room....*wanders off wondering if Grim will be bribed into doing a tidy up.....second thoughts...a lot of recycling would be happening if he said yes* ROFL I may be some time......

Hels x


LME said...

It just happenns sometimes
I like to look back over the year
and see if I can do an old project in a different way.

lesleyanne said...

i now the feeling
no mojo and messy craft room
saying that i did make one of your grunge paper roses today
really pleased how it turned out
so thanks for that
lesley xx

Sandy said...

Gosh this is darling.
Absolutely delightful. Love the flowers. Great work Hun.

* Shaz * said...

Oh no Hels!!!! i'll check all my cupboards tomorrow for you and if i find your pesky mojo has been playing about with mine i'll send him straight home ....beautiful the colour big hugs xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

Love this and I can see your MOJO ... it is by the kettle ... just to the left of your coffee and tea jar thingies ... has slipped down slightly ... I promise it's there :0)

Lynn Stevens said...

Maybe your mojo is under the pile of stuff on your craft table? Thats usually where I find mine.Low and behold I start picking up and find it every time, then the cycle begins again LOL!!! Seriously Hels your card is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I say enjoy the couch time. It's actually very creative: it gives your brain time to figure out what to do with the thousands of things you've been inspired by.

Shar said...

Love the card! Very this cold, cold winter! Maybe your Mojo is off with my motivation...that has gone AWOL as well.

Nicks said...

oh when my mojo disppears I hope over to I always get inspired after seeing Hels Stuff.... Try it!

Kaz said...

I have a room just like yours, but I have resident pixies who hide things and make a mess while I sleep. It couldn't possibly be me messing it up.

I hope you find your mojo quickly.

Fab card by the way x

Andrea said...

Woo hoo I am back blog looking and boy I have missed your blog, the artwork you have been doing is amazing and love the tiger feet Hels, my calander is just adorable and everyones commenting on how stunning it is, love all the new things that I have missed xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Well we all knkow what that feels like hun - when the Mojo takes a hike :( BTW Mojitos are rather yummy I had a few in Cuba a few years ago ;) I don't know if it's true but Hemingway was reported to have said 'My Mojito in La Bodeguita, my Daquiri in La Floridita' so that's what a few of us did hehe. He did actually drink those drinks in those bars but whether he said that or not I don't know.
Anyways back to you, the page from the calendar is fabby ;) Don't envy you the tidying yuk!
Anne xx

Lesley said...

Hi Hels,
Glad someone is in the same boat as me. I too tidy after each project and like a nice tidy craft area - then LOTS of lovely new christmas stash from loverly friends and family, all spread all over the floor, and no-where to put it and I know I NEED to sort our my craft cupbaord and CHUCK STUFF OUT!!!..........maybe tomorrow!
Is my mojo hiding with yours?
Lesley x

Cheryl said...

wow how gojus stunning is this love that tilda hugs cheryl xxx

Chris said...

Ha! So you think you're the only one with a craft room that looks like a bombsite, eh? Mine is also freezing cold and has a leak in the roof which is why my mojo has gone on holiday with yours. They're probably comparing notes now. :o))

Lorraine said...

you know what it is..we are all going into hibernation with this weather. What I do when I am stuck is to just mess round with paints on paper fingerpainting, stamping, dry brushing, scratching in the paint. layering the painted pieces just having fun and playing ..go on and have a go

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