Thursday, 16 July 2009

What A Week!!

Hey Peeps

Wow, what a week it has been...firstly, thank you to everyone for your lovely get well wishes, they have been extremely appreciated indeed! :O)) I am typing one handed...the surgery went well as far as I can tell...the wound is still sore but I have more strength in my hand as each day passes, which is a great sign!

What a day Tuesday was too! The Stitchels range of stamps that I design for The Artistic Stamper were featured on QVC....I was so excited to see them on there and it really felt like I had come full circle as the reason I started crafting was because Grim bought me a TSV all those years ago! If you click HERE, you will be taken direct to the webpage where you can have a look at them :O))

The stamps are Stitchels style and this new set features a birdy - whom, I may add, is a bit of a floozy, check out her tail!!! Where was I? Oh yes, a bird, a flower, a leafy vine and a flower vase with blooms. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jennie for giving me the chance to make my little doodley designs come to life and also to Craig and Amanda from Sakura for sorting out the hard bits and finally to Dawn Bibby for her great demonstration of the kit :O))

Anyway, here are a couple of cards I have managed to pop has taken me nearly all evening to get them made as using my left hand to do the colouring was laughable...hence the rather scruffy looking birdy tail....but I have enjoyed being back in my room of stash! :O))

Thanks for looking and again, for all your lovely messages etc...I am off to be a good girl again and rest my hand up a bit...don't tell Grim that I have been nawty and been making cards....LOL ;O))

Hels x


Juls~ said...

Hiya Hels~

Glad that your hand is getting better! Your cards are adorable!


Jennie said...

cards are much better than my poor rushed effort even with your bad hand! Hugs
Jennie x

Bee said...

beautiful cards Hels, a lot of us wish we could do so well using two hands. Keep following the surgeons orders Mrs, no overdoing it - as if you would :o)


* Shaz * said...

Hi Hels
congratulations on your QVC debut more to follow i am sure, the stamps are great, hope the hand improves and NO overdoing it ok.
Oh yes and the cards!!! well nothing to say really but gorgeous as always xxxxxx

Nicki said...

I love these stamps, they brill, i have the freebie bird off the craft stamper, and its sooo cute!
love your designs, FAB!

Joy said...

Oh, wow! These are fantastic Hels Love your Stitchels and your left is better than both mine!! Take care and be sure to rest missus! xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

Congratulations hunny and I am loving the cards X

lesleyanne said...

hi Hels
glad you op went well
saw the show
knew they were yout straight away
well done
hugs lesley

Claireabelle said...

Bloomin' eck woman, how is it that your cards are still fab even when your hands dont work properly!!!

Now get them hands sat on!


Andrea said...

WOW Hels I have to say that your examples are 100% improvement on the ones Dawn showed, you are just so talented and huge well done on your QVC debut and hopefully to lots more of Hels Sheridan on the TV xx

Shazza said...

they are gorgeous cards Hels, well done on being a star!!! Now go rest that hand missus

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Gorgeous cards Hels. Glad you've been able to do some crafting ;) Well done indeed on getting your stamps onto QVC ;)
Anne xx

Hels said...

Aw thanks ever so much are all lovely xx

Vixykins said...

Glad you're on the mend and well done Sis on having your wonderful designs featured on QVC. Who knows where you're going to go next :D

Cazzy said...

Welcome back, you naughty thing going on the PC, now go and rest!

Congrats on the stamps feature, and I love that bird.

Cazzy xx

Minxy said...

Can i have your autograph please ;o)

I'm so pleased for you hun, it's about time there was some sunshine in the house of sheridan x And i have to say, i think they would of sold 10 times as many kits had they had your examples to show, there fabby xx NOW REST THEM HANDS lol xxx

Hels said...

Thanks again peeps ... so kind of you all xx

Ann said...

Gorgeous cards Hels - my stamps arrived yesterday, so now I know how to use them!! Gorgeous examples :-))
Hope you're being good & resting those hans Mrs!!! Hugs. Ann xxx

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