Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Snow Must Go On :O))


Wow, we have had a massive snow fall during the night - I know it started about 1am as we were just off to bed...I couldn't sleep and eventually got up at 3am and it was still snowing....and it didn't let up until about 7am.

We never get a decent snowfall here so I am chuffty tuffty today cos I love the stuff :O)) I reckon we have had about 4" in total overnight.. this piccie sort of shows how deep it is

I have been outside with my camera and taken a few piccies of the garden - and I am even more chuffty tuffty cos I made a big batch of bird food; pieces of moistened bread, cooked potato, grated apple, sultana's, grated cheese and bran flakes....and....guess what!!! We have a Fieldfare eating it! I haven't seen one of these before and I am very honoured the little fella decided to come and visit my garden. When I took the photo I didn't realise he was being watched by a Blue Tit, only when I zoomed in on the piccie on the PC did I notice him.

You will also see that we have a different kind of visitor in the garden too LOL Yes, I know, how old am I? But I couldn't help it....his name is Arthur on account of him being little, so he is only....'half a' snowman LOL

No crafty stuff today, my back is agony now .... own fault but worth it :O)) Am off to rest up a bit and perhaps I will get a card made later on.

Thanks for looking and I hope you keeping safe and warm if you have snow at your house.

Hels x


June said...

Oh Hels lol !!! Hope your back gets better soon .. love arfur snowman lol he is cute. We have snow pouring down on us right now and the last lot hadnt cleared yet so might have a cousin for arfur tomorrow hehe
Hugs June

Calvin mouse .. said...

errrr Hel's i love your, well , i love your snowman ,, and errrr well ya know if you made some ears , well it could almost be a bigger model of me !

say hello to me er brov Clyde x

love n hugs
Calvin mouse
mouse papercrafter and superstar x

Karen said...

Love Arthur, he's real cute!! Have no idea about birds so not sure which one was the special one in your photo - how dum am I!!!

Andrea said...

the photos and Arthur are great Hels and hope your backs soon better xx

Shazza said...

love the piccies Hels, hope you are resting

Ann said...

Fabulous photo's!! Love Arthur :-))
Take care & feel better soon xx

Hels said...

Oh my word, we have had the same again overnight and poor Arthur, well, he is completely covered now!!! however, am not going and making a friend for him....too cold ... brrrrrrr

Calv said...

Hi Hels, great pics, and what a cool snowman! (pardon the pun) :)

Never heard of a fieldfare before, they obviously liked your food. :)

* Shaz * said...

Great photo's Hels we had a load more snow too but stayed in this time missed out on making a snowman :0( but put lots of home made birdy cakes out :0) xx

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