Saturday, 24 January 2009

Object of Art Altered Key Tin

Morning peeps

I have altered a tin for my last entry to the Objet D'Art challenge which was to ... er... alter a tin!! LOL

Also, I am a little late to include this but I will do the Lots To Do Challenge last week the theme was to include a key in the artwork. I hope I am not too late with this one...having had a heck of a week, I have been a little bit lost on the Mojo front. Anyway, late last night, when I couldn't sleep, I crept into the Room of Stash and started to splosh about with alcohol inks and bits and bobs from my collection of "junk" and this is what I came up with;

The tin was a Christmas pressie from Dan and originally it was painted with a Christmassy design. I primed the lid with Gesso, using a rough old paint brush to slap some Gesso on so I had a grainy texture once dried. To speed up the drying, I popped this infront of a little fan heater (cor it is cold at 2am).

Once the Gesso was dry, I used a blend of Kuretake and Ranger alcohol inks in Brown, Yellow and Oregano. I inked all over the lid of the tin and also inside it. I used some Blending Solution to achieve a more mottled effect, giving it a blast with the heat gun to get a splotchy look.

Next, I bashed the lid with my Tim Holtz Hammer (I loooove this hammer as it is tiny and really easy for me to use). I used some Duo Glue and covered my thumb with it...bear with me on this one...and then did thumb prints randomly over the lid. Once the glue had gone tacky, I used metal flakes to cover the gluey patches and then using a wire brush I scratched off the excess flake.

I did a little bit of stamping onto the lid - using a couple of postmark stamps from Crafty Individuals and stamping with StaZon.......gasp! Using StaZon with alcohol inks is usually a no no as the solvent in the ink ruins the look of the alcohol ink. However, there was method in my madness cos whilst the StaZon was still wet, I rubbed over it with a damp babywipe, which removed the excess ink and left more of a faded look.

The little froggy is actually a little Willee.....go on have a giggle, but they really are called that..and you can buy a whole range of criters from The Artistic Stamper :O)) I covered Froggy with Duo Glue and waited for it to go tacky, then I covered him with more metal flakes. I popped ickle Froggy onto a piece of acrylic that my friend Karen sent to me yesterday - I simply sanded the acrylic left to right, flipped over and then sanded in the opposite direction. This piece was glued using silicone glue and then I added a rusty tin heart and a teensy number that used to be an eppilette number on a Policemans uniform (bought from ebay in a bag of findings!)

The flower is made using Claudine Hellmuth's amazing Sticky Canvas, mmm, I am so loving this material to work with! I coloured the canvas with a couple of chalk inks and then stamped over the top. I cut out the flower and placed it onto some metal sheet and then bent the flower into shape. I added some heavenly lacey ribbon behind the flower and then added some of the leafy beaded ribbon I have fallen in love with recently. These were all fixed together with staples and silicone glue and I added some micro beads to the middle of the flower as an accent.

The little bottle is from my junk drawer and just filled up with micro beads and watch findings and attached with silicone glue.

The key....ah, the key, isn't it heavenly? I got a bunch of ancient rusty keys from eBay ages ago and they have been hanging waiting to be used. I added some metal flakes to the key and then I used some copper wire with beads added and wound this around the key stem.

The rest of the keys were popped inside the tin so I now have storage for them.

I totally loved making this little key tin - I just love altering things and making a mess of my should see it!! And, this only took a little while to make too which is good at the moment as long crafting sessions are still out of bounds for me at the moment with the pain to cope with.

Enough waffle from me - thank you for looking - and don't forget to pop on over to Objet D'Art after 19.00 this evening as there is a brand new challenge coming up!

Hels x


crafty creations said...

Hels it's amazing took me ages to look through all the little bits you've added so it must have took eons to make. And oh those keys!!!! to die for I've been looking all over for some but can't seem to get any from any where without paying a fortune. Love the little bottle and the frog oh and everything - Thank you so much for joining the challenge - Shall go put it in the slideshow now for everyone to see.

Hels said...

Aw thanks Hilda, it only took about an hour you know...thanks for including me in the challenge and I will try to be ontime this week! LOL x

Jennie said...

Loving the tin xxx

Andrea said...

this is a wonderful creation Hels, lots of great detail x

Linda Elbourne said...

Stunning Hels ... If I post mine to you ... could you do the same for me ... could you huh? preety pleeeease ... I mean if it did n't take long ... well ... if you have a spare few moments ... huh????

BTW you are stunning and the tine aint bad either :0)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love all the bits and pieces on your tin, must get some willees, your frog looks fab! x

Minx said...


Joy said...

Can't believe it only took an hour!! It's fabulous xx

Shazza said...

WOW!!!! this is incredible Hels, I just love it

Karen said...

Wow Hels, its amazing, so much detail on it, truly gorgeous xxx

TonyaA said...

Irresistibly Attractive!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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