Thursday, 27 November 2008

And There Was A Mouse......

Evening all,

Aw, I got a lovely, lovely surprise today when Postie delivered a special little box to me. In it, carefully wrapped up, was the most adorable little mousey!

Let me explain: Maddy, you know Maddy, that clever lass who Blogs here, well, Maddy was really kind and made a little mouse for me made of Fimo. If you haven't had the pleasure of spending a few hours on Maddy's Blog, get thyself over there cos she is a star!

Well, she made a mouse last week, called Calvin, who was supposed to be coming to live here. However, Calvin didn't want to leave Maddy - who can blame him - so Clyde decided he would come and visit instead!

As is usual with mice, you know that if there is a cat in the house, the mouse will be in peril. And yes, you guessed it peeps; AlfieCat has been a very very nawty boy!

When Clyde first arrived here, I let him out of his box and sat him on my desk = yes I actually tidied the mess up so he had a special place to sit!! Anyway, I popped out of my Room of Stash for a few minutes, leaving AlfieCat fast asleep in his usual position, in his bed, on top of the paperstack tower. When I walked back in the room a few moments later, there was AlfieCat, sitting on the desk, looking lasciviously at Clyde!!!!! :o0 Needless to say, he got a told off and I picked up Clyde and went to put him somewhere high up and safe.

Clyde makes a run for it up the stairs

The next thing, AlfieCat is chasing me down the stairs, leaping up trying to grab Clyde out of my hand!! Well, it was a photo-opportunity I just could not miss wasn't it? So, armed with camera and a very quick moving cat, I took some photo's of them both.

Alfie attempts to look intelligent

Don't worry though, Clyde is safe and sound on the mantelpiece now. He went to stay on the window sill on the landing earlier but AlfieCat spotted him and made a lunge for him, so he has been moved to somewhere where Alfie cannot get to LOL

Alfie fancies himself a mousey snack

Anyways, I just had to say all of that cos I want to say a HUGE thank you to Maddy for being so kind. As you all know, I am having a bit of a rough time of it at the moment and dear Maddy has cheered me up no end today -so thank you hun xx

Clyde rather preferred this kind of cat - a safe one!!

Remember to click here and visit Maddy - she is so clever...I know I keep saying that but it is true!!

Clyde is happy with his new home

Hugs Hels xx


maddy hill said...

Heheee , tell alfie that clyde doesnt taste as good as real mice !
he looks well happy there Hels !
so glad he found a good home - i see he has been dipping into your inks already !

Calvin the mouse is also grateful his brov is no longer homeless !
..... oddly very oddy ... the pic with clyde on the stairs ... did you know that the song - "Windmill in old Amsterdam " the lyrics - i saw a mouse , where there on the stairs " ? was famously sung by my childrens grandad Ronnie Hilton - maybe clyde and calvin have dutch roots !

jay670120 said...

lol this made me smile x

Hels said...

Thanks x Maddy, I did think of that song when Clyde was standing on the stairs...but I thought if I mentioned it I really would be showing my age!!! Small world eh? Hugs xx

Jennie said...

aaaw love Clyde and he has found a very good home ;)
mm I remember that song, how strange the links we have

Ellen said...

clip-clippety-clop I remember it as well( I should, being Dutch)
he looks well at home there on the mantlepiece

Hels if you look on my blog you'll find something there ( not a mouse)

Sue said...

What a cutie!!
Have left an award on my blog for you. xx

Andrea said...

oh Hels he is just adorable, bet Alfie loves him, Maddy is very talented and her Blogs just brilliant, you look after that mouse and I look forward to meeting him xx

Hels said...

thanks peeps and thank you Ellen and Sue for the fabby awards xx

Minx said...

he he he how cute, can't believe i've not visited Maddy's blog before, thanks for opening my eyes to see whats right in front of me.. durrr i'm a nit wit!

voodoo vixen said...

Aaaaw, what an adorable wee mouse you have there!! Love the pics and I am sure Alfie's intentions were honourable and he was extending his furry paw in friendship....

Hels said...

Minxy!! Glad you seen Maddy's Blog now hun!! Annette, bless you for thinking the best of AlfieCat...perhpas that is what he was up to after all :O)) Hugs x

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