Wednesday, 1 October 2008

In My Pocket.....There Is A Leaf

Morning Peeps,

Thank you for joining in with the Pocket challenge last week....I saw some really great takes on the theme of Watches....I just love visiting you all and seeing what you come up with for the challenge :O))

This week the theme is seasonal....I have looked out of the window this morning and seen all the leaves turning orangey red and fluttering to the I thought we could have a Leaf in our pockets this week.

I would love to see some really rich Autumnal colours in your Pockets too...and with lots of leaves inside, I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!

My Pocket is in the drying stage...I am running out of time as per usual but thought I would set the challenge anyway....I know a few of you like to get yours made on the day that the challenge is set :O))

Here is the template for your Pocket.....

Once you have made yours, please leave me a message here with a link to the place you are showing yours.

Thanks for looking and joining in ... and Happy Autumn.....brrrrrr, now where did I leave that wooly jumper?

Hels xx


* Shaz * said...

Thanks for the challenge Hels will try and do it this week along with catching up from last week (lol) is yours dry yet ???

Calv said...

Great challenge theme Hels, i'll give this one a bash this week too. Thanks.

mrsspook said...

Fab challenge Hels, I only have 1 leaf stamp but that wont worry me will do asap
June x

Andrea said...

waiting patiently to see your creation :-)

Liverpool Lou said...

Mine's on my blog now. Am eagerly awaiting yours Hels :)
Anne x

mrsspook said...

I've done my pockey , it's now posted to my blog, thanks for the challenge it was fun as always
Have a good weekend
June x

Angie C said...

My pocket is on my blog Hels, thank you for another great challenge.

Minx said...

Well you should stop rolling around in the bushes then !!!!! xxx

Craftyideas said...

Have made my pocket and put it on my blog xx

Ellen said...

oh I like autumn and its glorious colours . Nice challenge but simple as it is I still manage to blow it.
my effort is here

Hels said...

Thanks for joining in everyone....sorry I haven't been able to visit you all sooner...been away for a few days and mega busy!!! LOL xx

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