Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Few Thoughts & A House

Hello again,

I am constantly amazed by the unbelievable actions of some people. A complete stranger could do a good thing, say a few nice words or just smile at you and make your day. Sadly, there is always an equal and opposite reaction to this and today both my friend Andrea & I have been on the receiving end of some particularly nasty comments.

Somebody decided that it would be fun to make a particularly evil comment on one of the old posts on here....the post is from July 31st and is on the Winged Things entry. What does the comment say you are wondering? Well, to save you having to go and have a look I will tell you; Anonymous wrote "be careful on that cloud you are going to fall off it soon"

On Andrea's Blog, this individual wrote something along the lines of "Enjoy your just desserts, you will get them soon"....I am paraphrasing here as Andrea has deleted this comment and I cannot remember the exact wording...however, this is an equally disgusting thing to say, let alone to a completely innocent person.

How would "anonymous" feel if they read some ill wishing comments on their Blog, which is supposed to be a place of happiness and fun, where we in the crafty community can share our creations and ideas. This type of behaviour has no place in Blogland - well actually in any land really.

So, who is "anonymous"? Well, thanks to the fabulous tools that the Internet and modern computer programs provide us with, I have been able to gain a lot of very useful information about this person and their activities; so here is a little advice to this character "anonymous" - you are being watched so it would be best if you leave us well alone and crawl back under the stone you inhabit.

Anyway, as this is a Crafty Blog - or a "Clog" as my dear Dad calls it, I have a little house that I would like to share with you; it is for the house swap that I am hosting and until I just fiddled with the photo's I took of it, I didn't realise it was wonky LOL Mind you, seeing as I have a habit of stamping things wonky, it is about normal for me :O))

I used some of those beautiful Core-dinations cardstock to create the roof, sanding the card with an emery board to get the texture. The stamps I used are by PaperArtsy and I used Black StaZon ink to stamp with.

Anyways, enough from me for one evening, thanks for looking everyone.....take care

Hels x


Minx said...

Nobody said being fabulous would be easy..... but i think you're doing a grand job, Just remember.... If all these people do is find ways to TRY and upset... then what sad little lives they really do live.

Fun house BTW, love the peek window x

Annapurna said...

Don't worry about those people. I say they don't have a life and they have nothing better to do and find someone to pick on. Keep creating and your chin up.
Hope you are doing well. I haven't been this way in a while even though I see all your creations in the reader.

Lovely house. Take care.xx Anna

Liverpool Lou said...

If you hadn't told us you hadn't realised they were wonky, we'd have assumed they were intended to be that way lol. Anyway they're fab ;-)
We may say don't worry when people do/say nasty things but it can still be upsetting. However hopefully the rest of the comments you get on here Hels are uplifting.
Anne x

Liverpool Lou said...

I've got a little something for you - are you singing now lol - over on my blog
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me why people have to do things like that - what ever do they get out of it - sad. Chin up and dont let them get you down - they are certainly not worth the energy.

Fab little houses - love the colours!

Angie C said...

What a sad little person to leave stupid comments - and "so" brave too, not leaving their name. Stunning house Hels and I can see why some people are jealous of you and Andrea - both of your art is fantastic.

** Shaz ** said...

Oh dear seems like the little green gremlins are out to play again, sad they have nothing better to do, you have to feel sorry for them but just ignore them and they go away, keep smiling.

Great house hoping it's in my swap Knock Knock (lol)loves ya xx

Andrea said...

an excellent example Hels of your fab artwork, this is fantastic xx by the way the creep that posted the messages obviously has nothing but a sad existence, so finds the time to do immature things on blogs x

Craftyideas said...

I love your house its gorgeous. I love wonky stamping I do it all the time xxxxx

Tracey said...

Get a life is all I will say.
Well this is a fabby house and don't think I ever get anything straight!


Mee said...

FAB house!!
As always your work is very inspiring (I often visit) and I beleive this is the reason for the stupid comments, perhaps they should have signed it 'the green eyed monster'. Oh and congrats on being in print again :o)

mrsspook said...

Hels some people need to get themselves a life.
Keep up the great work..dont let the bast8rds let you down!

Hels said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely supportive comments...whoever this person is, they will see that they are certainly in a minority :O)) You are all fab friends - thanks to you all xxx

Ed said...

What a brave little person to make scathing remarks and not leave his/her name. I, too, think it's jealousy Hels, and agree with the other comments about sucvh a sad, sorry person. PLUS I love coming back and seeing what you else you have created lol ....xx

CraftyC said...

Cant believe someone would have it in for you and Andrea, how sad. You've got your mates and we'll stick by you!

Ann said...

I love your house Hels, as always tis fabby & inspirational!!! A for the low-life who left nasty remarks for you & Andrea, I really believe in the saying 'what goes around, comes around'...............their time will come.

Chin up my dear friend!! Hugs Ann xxx

Dan said...

Lovely house Hels!!

As for the unpleasant comment... what a tragic loser!

craftyscot said...

love your little house Hels and who cares about anonymous- they sound bitter & twisted to me

lesleyanne said...

love your wonky house hels
anomymous must be a very sad person and very jealous of you and andrea
hugs lesley x

Hels said...

Again, thanks everyone for your lovely comments .... hugs xx

Joy said...

lovely house hels, as for the loser leving such comments for you and andrea - scumbag i say xx

hilmof said...

Absolutely stunning house Hels - so glad I'm in this swap and I'd love to receive it wonky or not :):)

As for the mindless idiots who have written anonymous comments on yours and Andreas blog - s***f em I say - you're both better than they'll ever be and that's probably what hurts them

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