Monday, 3 March 2008

You Make My Day......

Hi peeps

I have been given a lovely "You make my day" award by Paula How chuffed am I? What a lovley surprise to log on and see this!! So thank you Paula, you have made my day too! :O)) The rules of the award are simple, pass it on to ten people who have made your day in Blogland! Pop a message by email or on their blog and then they pass on the award. If you receive the award back again it means that you are a very nice person and you have made their day too :O))

I have some lovely peeps that I would like to pass on this award to. They can be found at:


Now, you can all see that I am rubbish at maths and have made this award to 13 peeps, I would have made it a lot more but I didn't want to cheat too much :O))

Hugs xx


Anna Jones said...

How about making it a bakers dozen? Feeling ornery today. LOL.

Hels said...

:O)) Anna...I made a little adjustment ... take it easy xx

Anna Jones said...

LOL. Thank you Hels. You made my day.

Linda Elbourne said...

Here I am, sat at work on a very ordinary Monday .... when I discover I have made your day. I am honoured and chuffed to receive this award and I would like to thank my parents, my children, my partner, my dog, my lover [Mr Tim Holtz] erm .... my friends, my agent, my publicist, my doctor, my therapist, my hairdresser and Next for the rather lovely suit I am currently wearing! Without these people none of what I am would be possible Thank you Thank you Thank you XXX Moscow - the men in white suits are searching the building and I am rather cramped hiding in this toilet cubicle XXX

Hels said... really really made my day with that speech :O))

Andrea said...

thankyou Hels, you have made my day, what with my blog being new and all that lol. love Lindas acceptance speech, thanks again xx

Wacky Jacky said...

Good one Linda!! You have made my day Hels..........never received an 'award' for anything in my life!! Thank you sooooo much. xx

Lesley said...

Thank you Helen - you have made my day too and Linda has made me laugh out loud!! xxx

Hels said...

:O)) My Pleasure ladies xx

Shaz said...

OMG i love it, i love it thank you so much xx never been awarded with anything before, that has really made my day xxxxx

Bee said...

have badly neglected my blog and all my mates' blogs so this was a lovely surprise tonight - many thanks Hels.


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