Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Tagged!! Eeeeek!!!! :O))

I have been tagged! I did actually wonder why I hadn't felt this happen as I am usually so responsive to pain....obviously this type of tagging has nothing to do with having something clipped through my ear..you know, like what happens to moocows? :O))

Linda has tagged me and I have to answer some questions - I will do my best to answer as honestly as possible..really I will....ok, I may just slightly bend the truth...but were with friends right? So no one will mind!!

Question 1 - What were you doing ten years ago?

Yikes, I have to think about this as it is a very long time ago!! I was single, waiting for the man of my dreams to arrive to whisk me off into the sunset. Lucky for me, my patient wait on that topshelf was nearly over for just a few months later, I met, fell head over heals, completely besottedly in love with my wonderful husband Grim. Work wise, I was in a boring dead end job, dreaming the days away waiting for my dream job to come along and transport me into the sunset...and guess what? Only a few months later, my dream job was awarded to me....a job which changed my life forever and gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning...cos along with the job came the man of my dreams :O)) I was counting calories, I was pretending that I was still young cos I was clubbing and going off on holiday at the drop of a hat and I also passed my driving test too! First time aswell!! And I didn't even have to bribe the Examiner :O))

Question 2 - What were you doing a year ago?

This is an easy one cos I can just look in my diary for last year :O)) I had just met the second man of my dreams...and I know that my Grim will fall about laughing when he reads this!! I had been fortunate enough to watch Tim Holtz doing a demo and then have a chat with him, show him something I had altered, which he actually autographed for me too! And best of all, I got a lovely photo with him. Now, you all know that my friend Linda actually wins the "who loves Tim the most award" but she sometimes does have a tendancy to exagerate - and even goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure that she gets hold of cameras to bodge other peeps photos ...I know you are all shocked aren't you? On a more serious note, I was just starting treatment for a really nasty back injury I sustained in a car crash a year before. I had just had an MRI and it showed up a dodgy bit of my spine. Enough of that though...that is the boring bit.

Question 3 - Name your 5 favourite snacks.

Oh, another easy one!! And in no particular order: Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Cherries. *if you believe that, you will believe anything* Actually, the truth is: Minstrels - perfect for eating whilst crafting cos the crispy shell stops fingers getting mucky, KP Salted Peanuts, Walkers Crisps, Hot baked bread rolls chock full of crispy bacon, Toasted cheese and onion sandwiches with lots of salad cream and finally, lollipops...not caring the make or flavour, I just love lollipops!!

Question 4 - Name 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Only five things? First of all, I would share some of my millions with two charities that are close to my heart. Secondly, I would buy a Porsche 911, have it custom painted in black sparkly paint. Then I would buy Grim the car of his dreams :O)) I would buy a huge house in the country and have a wing of it dedicated to crafting and have my friends over for the weekends and have every gadget, rubber stamp and new product so we could play and get messy and inky! I would have a holiday home on a Caribbean island with its own private beach and I would let my friends use it FOC. Oh, and I would employ someone to do my housework so I could dedicate more time to crafting!! I think that is 6 but hey, I am a millionaire so it doesn't matter :O))

Question 5 - Name 5 things you like doing.

I like to craft, getting inky and messy and making nice things. I like to spend me and you time with my husband, I like to go shopping for stash with my friends and then go for a lunch of garlic bread...garlic? and bread? :O)) I like to talk....a lot!! And I like to think that one day, hopefully not too far away in the future, I will win the lottery so I can make all the answers in Q4 come true!!

Question 6 - Name 5 things you will never wear again.

Rah rah skirts, Shorts (women over a certain age should not wear shorts, unless they have a bum like a peach and no cellulite, neither of which am I lucky enough to sport) Platform shoes, yes, I did them in the 70's and in the 90's, I think next time they come into fashion I will be too old :O)) A bridesmaid dress, oh God, I think of the horrors of my 20's, wearing a fru fru dress that made me look like a fairy elephant!! And finally, Blue eyeshadow, never, ever, ever again...brown eyes just don't suit blue eyeshadow.

Question 7 - Name your 5 favourite things.

Grim, AlfieCat my fur baby, pictured, who is such a cool dude, my friends, my crafting and driving HSTs, which is what I am doing in this piccie!

Now, I have to tag 5 peeps...here are the names :O))


Thanks to Linda for tagging me....hope you enjoyed reading this stuff and I will be popping over to see those I have tagged to make sure they are playing :O))

Hels x


Shaz said...

Thanks for the tag xx i may be gone for a long time typing all my answers:) xx

Linda Elbourne said...

You Rock XXX I loved your answers more than I love chocolate eclairs .... the cakes not the sweets :0))

Lesley said...

Great answers! You 'Made My Day' so have a look at my blog later too lol!! xxx

Karen said...

Loved reading that Hels, fingers crossed you become a millionaire cus I want to be on that caribbean island!! You definitely make my day so please visit my blog :) xxx

Angie C said...

You have made my day and there is an award on my Blog waiting for you

craftyscot said...

Hels, love your answers, you are one class act

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