Thursday, 3 January 2008

Painted Tags

Hello again,

Here is another project that I made over the festive season. I found some old tags that we looking a bit plain, so I decided to alter them!

I started off by choosing a stamp and embossed it straight onto the bare tag. I used Goss Boss clear ink and clear embossing powder. This gave a see through image on the tag. I then used Adirondack Acrylic Dabbers to cover each tag, smudging in different colours using my fingers and a near dry baby wipe. Once the paint was dry, I damped a bit of paper towel and rubbed this over the stamped image. The shiney embossed image does not hold the paint, so it wiped off and left a "resist" image.

I repeated this process for all the fronts and then backs of the tags. The words and phrases are made in the same way on extra pieces of card and then I had stuck them to the tags using 3D foam.

I finally scruffed up the edges of the tags with a paper distresser and then stapled some ribbons to the sides.

Thanks for looking

Hels x


Angie C said...

These are lovely Hels :-)

shazzapat said...

never heard of Goss Boss- must add to shopping list

Hels said...

Thanks!! Shazza, I am not sure if it available in the UK....a certain person got it for me from the States...have a look on eBay, they might have some there!! Hugs x

Anonymous said...

brilliant Hels xx

kerry said...

Hels these tags are beautifulHappy New Year BTW :-)
kerry x x x

Wonderwend said...

Nice work! Lovely colour combinations too.
Being a nurse I hate getting my hands dirty/messy unless I'm in the mood for it - I think you might have inspired me. Now where did I put those latex gloves........

Linda_E said...

Gorgeous Hels - your blog is looking great hun XXX

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