Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The Little Cat Laughed.....

Hi Peeps,
I have not been keeping up with my Scrapbooking recently, so I took time out today to make a page using a chance photo I had taken of Alfie, my cat. I scrapped this photo about two years ago when I had not been Scrapbooking for very long, and also I have more stash now than then :o))

I have some NRN Design Papers along with File Folders and Slide Mounts, so I decided to use these as I liked the grey colour scheme.

My hubby bought me a camera a couple of years ago and I decided my first photo using it would be of Alfie. However, when I took the photo, he did the usual cat thing and moved! I can remember telling him he was silly for moving, and I took another picture of him.

Imagine my delight when I got the film back from the developers and I saw this fab photo of Alfie, mouth wide open and in focus too!

For this page, I wanted a contrast from the original page, but also wanted to keep the title as I really loved the idea that Alfie was having a good old laugh! I scanned the photo into the computer and then printed off the image in varying sizes, so I could use the same photo throughout the page but with different elements.

I used one sheet of plain paper and then tore a section off a decorated piece and added this to the left of the page. I then used a stitch stamp to make the paper look like it was machine stitched on (as I am no good with sewing machines!) I then used two slide mounts in differing sizes and added two of the photo's to them. I edged all the elements on the page with black Distress ink so it all blended together. I used the main large photo and matted this onto white card. I then edged this with the black ink to blend it with the other images.

For the journalling, I took one of the little pockets that were in the NRN collection and stamped Just Clowning Around onto the front of it. I then used the smallest of my images and stuck this to a piece of card, and then wrote my journalling on the reverse. I added a little pull tab and stamped Pull This on it. The stamps I used here were by PaperArtsy and Catslife Press.

I then used an old press down self inking stamp and just changed the letters on the panel, so I could write my own title for the page. Once I had decided on the actual layout, I began to cut out some of the pawprints that were on the piece of patterned paper I had used for the edge. I positioned the pawprints and then stuck them to the page, some of the pads were placed on 3D foam, just to give the page that extra bit of dimension.

Finally, I stuck all the elements of the layout to the page and then used some Cut & Dry foam to edge the whole layout with black Distress ink, again to add that extra bit of dimension to the overall look. As a final flourish, I used a vellum sticker "Got Catnip" and placed this on the larger slide mount. Alfie loves catnip and I think that if he could really laugh, then catnip would definitely make him happy ;o))

This layout is totally different in look to the original one I did which I have added as a comparison. I am equally as pleased with this one as I was the original though. I think it is nice to sometimes re-visit old layouts and re-scrap them so you can see how your scrapbooking has changed over the years. I can see that I still have the habit of using contrasting papers on the left of the page though!!

Thanks for looking,

Hels x


Sammy mac said...

I love it........what a fab piccie of Alfie. xxx

Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous Hels, I love your style.:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it Hels.FAB piccie of Alfie-cat. Love Sheils xx

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