Friday, 6 November 2015

Just Crazy 'Bout The Birds...

...I love this particular time of the year as it means it is the NEC Hobbycraft show and once again, I have the pleasure of demo-ing for the lovely Brenda and David from Craft Obsessions on their stand.  I have been shopping with Craft Obsessions since I first discovered, with huge thanks to my then new friend and now BFF Andrea, that there were such things as craft shops on yonder t'internet!!!  Fancy that!!!   This was in 2006 I hasten to add - I might be a bit of a div with all things teckernerolgicals but I certainly know how to add stuff to a basket ;O))    If you haven't visited Craft Obsessions before (where have you been!!!) HERE is the linky to the shop... just a little word of warning tho... there is a tonne of gorgeousness there and you will be tempted *don't say I didn't warn thee!*

Anyways, yesterday and tomorrow (7th November) I am demoing again for David and Brenda (stand E20) and have been playing with lots of lovely stuff... including all things Distress and... Gelato's.  Now I haven't used these before so I gave myself a good long sesh playing with them and coming up with different ways to use them and effects to achieve with them.  I admit when I first started playing I did think they were a bit, well, ummm odd... they look like a lipstick, feel like wax and yet will dilute with water!  Once I had got my bonce around that I was well away... and I loves them now!  I have even been mixing them with Distress, combining two completely different products together is fun!

Gelato's background and colouring for butterfly with Distress Ink edges

As well as the inky side of things, I have also been let loose with the Bird Crazy stamps, accessories and dies... oh ho ho!  I had said to Brenda that I wasn't going to use them... nope, not going to... didn't even really like them! Ummmm... I am the first to admit when I am wrong and yes, I was wrong!  THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!  As are the little accessory stamps that have been designed to go with the birdys so you can... DRESS THEM UP!!!!   As soon as I saw the bunny ears and the specs I knew I was lost!  This card has been made with a mix of Distress and Gelato's and the left hand bird has been togged up to look a little bit like a 1970's tv detective *obviously I have seen said detective progs on UK Gold, faaar too young to remember them.... ahem*  And his compadre on the right is a bit of a divvy with his bunny ears and hanging around upside down... but he loves his little detective matie... we all have that one friend, right?  *mm, usually me*

So, if you are going to be at the NEC tomorrow (Saturday) please do pop by to the Craft Obsessions stand... it would be grand to see you there.   I shall away now... I have the Sunday Stamper post to schedule now... I am away off to South Shields really early on Sunday so I need to get organised (for once).    Have a goodly weekend peeps... thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Joanne said...

Just adore your samples, so funny. I'm in love with the crazy birds. The accessories stamps and dies are on my wish list. Enjoy the next 2 days and see you Friday xx

Helen said...

Great samples, I love the crazy birds but don't have the accessories. Enjoy the NEC tomorrow.

rachel said...

looking awesome Hels - won't see you tomorrow - i'm feeling nervous about the rain - so staying put!!! Hugs rachel x

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels great ideas and I must admit wasn't too keen when I first saw crazy bird, however, I have so warmed to them. Enjoy your day x

Annie said...

fabulous makes Hels and so glad you showed how gelatos can be combined with distress inks too. Like you I was not sure of the crazy birds...........but they are such fun xx
Have a great time at the NEC today and say hello to oor Kath, the Fiskars journey tomorrow too xx
Annie x

Annie60 said...

Fabulous ,,,love the Birdie stamps ,,,,xx

Sue Balawajder said...

Very cute ,made me smile.Have a good weekend. Big hugs.Sue Balawajder

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