Friday, 30 January 2015

Tim's Tags of 2015 - January

...Cor blimey and thrice!  It seems like a very long time ago that I had a chance to play along with Tim's monthly tag-fest... so I made a decision that I will make time each month to play along, after all, I loves all things taggy and I loves all things Tim!  HERE is a linky to Tim's tutorial... and yes, I am scraping in at the last minute with mine, I made it last week but forgot to blog!  Memo to self: remember to blog!!!

I won't go into details how it was made as you can check out Tim's fab step by step tutorial... and for peeps who are a bit new to all things inky and grungy, this is a perfect "toe in the water" moment... you don't have to copy exactly, you don't need the exact same stuff, you can put your own twist on it... I, however, am a notoriously bad copier when it comes to Tim's tutorials, I like to make my tag look as near as possible to the one that the Duke of Distress himself maded... that way I can pretend that he did make it... *snort*

I am in a state of excitement today!  Oh yesh... indeedily!!! We have snow!!!  For some reason, Wellingborough seems to be by-passed of snow each year, getting only a smattering... and last Winter we had not a single flake.  Last night I noticed it had started to fall a bit, off I went to bed with no anticipations as I knew that it would be "gone by morning".  Aha!  I was wrong.  We have.... 1cm!!!  WOW!!! On that bombshell, I shall bid you all a very goodly day and say... thanks for looking!   Oh and before I forget... there be a brand new Compendium of Curiosities challenge starting tomorrow so please do pop back if you can... TTFN

Hels x


Joanne said...

Just in time but well worth waiting for cos your Timmy tag is perfect. We got snow too last night. It fell for about half an hour then it rained and like magic, now you see it now you don't.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous Hels, love the distressing you achieved on the alpha parts. Perfect! Ruth x

Redanne said...

I just love your take on Tim's tag Hels and like you, I like to make mine as close to his as possible (I tell myself I learn more that way - lol!). The '5' on your is stunning!

We have about 3 cm of snow here, the village and surrounding area has come to a stand-still, closed schools, icy roads... you would think we lived in Siberia the way it is being reported - but at least the local kids are having lots of fun building snowmen. Hope Alfie doesn't mind getting his feet wet! Hugs, Anne xx

Carole Z said...

Fab take on Tim's tag Hels..I failed miserably to make any last year and haven't gotten off to a good start again this year..hey-ho! hugs Carole ZX

Shari Trumbull said...

Fab Tim Tag, Hels :) And YAY on your snow (you can have mine! ;) XOXO-Shari

Kimberly Cobb said...

Hels, Love your tag. Jealous of your snow...haven't seen a flake this year in the Sandhills region of North Carolina.

Sue Balawajder said...

Your tag is great I thought it was Tim's tag :0) Really like the background and the chit chat stickers (my daughter sent me some,can't wait to use them).We have a little snow and soggy dogs!Big warm hugs.Sue Balawajder (craftywaj)

rachel said...

love this Hels and love that you joined in too - whooo - good for you! Big hugs Rachel x

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