Monday, 6 October 2014

Creatively Hopping...

...tis a yonk and a half since I did a bloggy hop and when Lisette asked me if I wanted to be a part of a Creative Blog Hop, I ...erm... hopped (!) at the chance! *take a hop over to see Lisette too, her little houses are so darling and there's always a little buzzy bee to look out for on her fabby creations*   Here goes:

1. What are you working on at the moment?
Ahhh, I am one of those crafters that always have several projects cooking... I am a bit of a butterfly brain and I start something, get "so far" with it and then move onto something else... rarely do I start and finish something in one hit... I like to go away and take my time over the finishing touches.  So, answering the question: I have my next Compendium Challenge all sketched out and ready to put together.  I also have a big project I have been tinkering with for a few months... I will get it finished this week... I will! 

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?
I honestly don't know how to answer this question and I have never considered myself to have a "genre" as I love all kinds of crafty things: be it getting inky with all things Distress... or painty or altered... or simply playing with papers making roses.  I don't think I am special, I just love to make stuff and working through a creative process makes me happy.  If I am making something and it doesn't make me happy, I get rid of it... I can be quite brutal and I have a lovely big bin in the Room of Stash that often gobbles up stuff I am not happy with. 

3. Why do you create?
I can't begin to imagine how cluttered my brain would be if I didn't get creative every so often. Creativity gives me an outlet, something to "spill" out all the stuff inside my head, all the crazy ideas and thoughts... and putting all of that onto a piece of card or a canvas makes me happy (and a bit less crazy) and makes room for more nonsense to gather. 

4. How does your creative process work?
Aha!  Creative process?  Erm... I don't really have one to be honest.  Sometimes I will sketch out a design if I know roughly what I want to do or make. Or if I have an idea in the middle of the night I will get up and sketch it or note it down in my special book... and if the idea is particularly noisy in my head, I will actually sit down and make whatever it is that is bugging me!  I rather like creeping into the Room of Stash at 3am, lighting up a Yankee Candle (Black Cherry being my favest at the moment) and getting creative... especially as it is "free crafting time" because there are no distractions and no "lists" of other stuff to do that lurk there in the daytime making me feel guilty for playing.  I am so disorganised in the Room of Stash too - I have stuff everywhere, no proper storage solution and sometimes if I am feeling barren of Mojo, I will have a rummage through drawers and baskets and that might give me an idea for a project... so, as I said... no real creative process!  The one thing I do every single time I make something though is give me 100% attention to the details... that just finishes something perfectly.

That’s enough about me, now to the best part of this blog hop and that is to introduce me to some creative friends of mine:

Pauline Wheeler - my partner in crime - Pauline and I are oft found causing crafty mayhem at demo days and hopefully, next year we will be causing mayhem doing a special crafty class together :O))  Pauline is a master of all things crafty - she is one versatile cookie, have a look at what she has been doing with Brusho's! 

Lorraine Brown Robertson - my fave Scotty pal - Lorraine has an eye for detail... and uses all manner of products and stashly goodies in her art... the attention to detail and finishing touches make her projects stand out from the rest, check out her creations, you will be inspired!

Sue Jones - owner of Crafty Bunch, Telford and eater of ice cream - she eats LOTS of ice cream and has been known to travel several hundred miles to find it!  Now, what Sue does with paper is just beyond my comprehension.  How!? That's what I usually say when I see one of her creations.  She gets a pad of paper and turns it into something I wouldn't have even had the remotest thought of... for example: Graphic 45 Sports papers.. she only went and altered a real football! 

 That is more than enough waffle from me for today... I will be back soon with some pics of the demo projects I did last week... Thanks for looking... have a goodly day!  TTFN

Hels x


Deborah Moore said...

Oh my gosh - from your answers you sound sooo similar to me, especially the bit about the day time lists and stuff getting in the way & feeling the guilt because you're not doing that stuff lol. Great blog post today Hels x

Joanne said...

Some of your crafty creations - nay all of them - start me off and the urge to make stuff takes over. I would be lost without you and your talent.

carol edwards said...

A lovely talented lady who is full of inspiration and helps my mojo get going many times. Thanks Hels

Lisette Baker said...

I so appreciate you doing this but glad I was brave enough as it was great to read how you go about creating. xx

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