Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Living in the South West???

...it could be you!!!   Did you know that I am away to Craftasmic in Taunton on the weekend of 22nd & 23rd of March for a Melt Potting Magic time?  Here's the super cool flyer that James and Julie have made... this makes me smile BIG... and... only 7 tickets left for the weekend so if you fancy coming along and learning how to get the best from your Magic Pot... please contact them to book your place!

In other news!  I had a wonderful weekend away in Middlesbro, teaching 19 lovely ladies some mixed media techniques and getting thoroughly inky and messy in the process.  A big massive thank you to Sue Tucker who hosts these weekend retreats - and she has very lots of new art classes coming up this year with some fabby designers, if you CLICK HERE you can pop across and see who else is going to be doing retreats with her.   Also, a big massive thank you to the lovely ladies - all 38 of them over the past two weekends - who came along and "embraced the messy", making the classes such fun for me to teach and a pleasure to see everyone really enjoying themselves making their own versions of my arty ideas.  Here are some of the Art Dream 14 canvases they were all making...

Whilst I am on the news spreading fest... did you know that I am teaching on a cruise in May this year???  Super excited is what I am indeedily.  The cruise will sail from Southampton on May 25th and sail to France and Spain and then back again.  The craft classes will be taught by me, Jodie Johnson and Mel Heaton... and they are cracking classes (even if I do say so meself)  So, if you are fed up with the Winter blues, why not pop over to HERE to see all the deets on how to book yourself a lovely smashing cruise with Royal Caribbean and have crafty time added in... how cool is that!!! This is something I have always wanted to do, I even tried to sign up to one of Tim's cruises a few years ago but I was just too slow off the mark.   A holiday and a crafty time all in one... perfection!!!

And finally, not a thank you at all... more like "cheers for that... not!"  to whomever put something dodgy into something I ate that has given me the "aquaintance with the lavvy" for the last 36 hours... and still I trot (TMI???)   To be honest, it is very rare that I get stomach sick... my constitution is like that of an ox... but this wee germy has done for me good and proper.  I know I want to lose a few lbs but really... this way? No thanks!   Anyways, I shall away... enough wafflingtons for one day and being as I have been on my death bed, poor old Ferdy still needs all the boxes unloading and sorting out... once that is done, I plan to lay, prostrate, on the sofa and moan and groan softly to Alf who has been keeping me company on my travels to the Land of the Loo!   With that delightful image, I shall bid you a very goodly day!  Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x


SamsHomeCookedDesigns.com said...

Hi Hels, sorry to hear you have been so poorly it couldn't possibly been from any of the top quality food wee eat up Norf????? I really enjoyed my two days crafting in your workshop and have taken a lot from it too. Fresh ideas, fresh techniques, a few new friends and memories of old ones. So thank you, Your workshops are great. I look forward to the next one. xx

Joanne K said...

Hi Hels, wishing you a speedy recovery. Kind regards Joanne K x

Marian Dean said...

Poor you*
Hope you are keeping up the hydration therapy, no matter what.... Wine? Love your blog Hels. X

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels great poster only wish I lived there. Anytime you are in Manchester I will be there. Sorry your tum not playing fair hope it soon settles. Your workshop looked fab with lots going on and the cruise sounds just wonderful. Take care x

annekescardart said...

Love these cards. They look wonderful thanks for showing Anneke.

Linda Simpson said...

These canvases look fantastic Hels! I hope you have a wonderful weekend in Taunton!

Linda xxx

rachel said...

hope you feel better soon hun - will be blogging my canvas on Thursday! Its got pride of place in my living room - love it xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Hels. Glad you had a great weekend, along with all the ladies. Sorry to hear you are ill. Keep sipping that water and I hope you feel better very soon. Take care.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, So sorry to hear that you are poorly, here's hoping you will be feeling better today.
Your lady's canvasses all look stunning, bet they really enjoyed themselves at your workshop.
I would really, really, really, love to go on that crafty cruise, but when I saw the cost .... sadly cannot afford it.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Stella said...

Had the same bug myself Hels. There is definitely something in the air !Hope you feel better soon just try and keep warm and rest.XX

Joanne said...

Twas the best time ever.
Hope that bug has gone now and you are well again.

Cardgenie said...

Hels - sorry to hear you're feeling icky. I'm like you, cast iron stomach, so when you do come down with a belly-ache it hits you hard.
I'm so excited - I've just booked a place on the melt-art workshop at Craftasmic. I've never been to a craft workshop before, but as you were visiting the gloriously wet South West, I just couldn't resist and I managed to get a place - YIPPEEEEEEE! Can't wait. I've used my melt pot once, but was a bit intimidated, so looking for some inspiration!!!
Hope you're feeling better soon. Jean.x

LoraineC said...

Hope you are feeling better x

Carole Z said...

The canvases look fabulous Hels, hope you feel better soon, Carole Z X

nancyd said...

Hi Hels, fantastic canvases love the blue
one with the birdie just my colours,
and a great flyer bet it made you feel
so important a star which you are
glad you had a great weekend but
sorry your tum playing up hope its
better now you'r the only one mentioning
the cruise you told us on C&C ages
ago but Mel and Jodie are very tight lipped
about it or was it Mel who mentioned it? I forget now
hope you all have a great time.
Nancyd xx

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