Monday 10 February 2014

Flora Grande Bloom Tutorial promised, here's the tutorial on how to make the mahoosive beautiful bloom from the Heartfelt Creations Flora Grande flower stamp - this method would also apply to any other stamp you have that has more than 6 petals (the usual way to make a big rosey type of flower)   Before I go on though... huge thanks for all your lovely messages and emails about yesterday's shows... they were great weren't they?  The "crow/parrot" will forever make me laugh my socks off... I thought I did quite a good job... alas I didn't get a photo of this rare of endangered breed, so perhaps if Liz is reading this she could take a piccie and send it to me... for posterity and all that.  Anyhow, on with the tutorial... you might want to grab yourself a cuppa and a packet of Hobnobs mind you, it is very photo heavy :O)  *~please also excuse the state of my hands and nails.. these pics were taken after three intensive days sample making and therefore my nails are a tad battered and the hands...well, mucky inky dirty will suffice~*  Here's a pic of the finished bloom:

And here are your ingredients:

Four stamped flowers, pokey tool, Cosmic Glue, paper clips, scissors, paintbrush or similar for curling the petals (+stamp!)

Through the tutorial I will post photo's of each step, plus extra photo's (labelled a or b, which show you how the step should look once completed)

Cut up in between two petals to the middle of the flower.

Where your cut is is where one petal will overlay the next one - you need to cut the top off this petal as when it is glued, it will be double thickness and won't curl as nicely as the other petals. Leave a nice "tab" at the bottom of the petal for gluing.

So your first flower will look like this with 7 petals.

Cut out one petal plus a semi circle from the centre (makes it easier to assemble) and the top off the petal that will be underneath once glued.  KEEP THE SINGLE PETAL.

Your second flower will look like this with 6 petal.

Rusty Hinge makes ones fingers look nicotine stained!

Cut out two petals together - set them aside as you will need them. Cut out another semi circle from the centre as before and also the top off the underneath petal.  

This is how flower number 3 should look when glued - 5 petals.

please excuse the sausage thumb shot!

This should be your fourth stamped flower. Cut out three petals together, repeat the process as before, cut a semi circle from the middle, chop the top off the petal that will sit underneath... KEEP THE THREE PETALS

This is how it should look - 4 petals

yep, another sausage thumb

For this step, you need to use the three petals you cut from the previous flower.  Snip a little way into the petals, this makes them easier to curl once assembled.

Use your paintbrush to gently curl your petals inwards, add glue as shown and stick the edges together where they meet.

It should look like this

This step needs the two petals you cut from flower #3 - again, snip a little way into the petals to help them curl once assembled.

Use your paintbrush to curl the petals inwards, this helps it come together for gluing

And it should look like this - as before, just add glue along one edge and stick where they meet. Use a clip to assist the gluing and freeing up your hands for the next step.

This is using the single petal you cut from flower # 2. Use your paintbrush to wrap the petal around it, glue at the base and use a clip to hold it in place.

for continuity, Hels kept her hands mucky

You are now ready to assemble your bloom!

Use a pokey tool (or similar) to curl the edges of your petals.  Pop your finger underneath the point at the base of the flower and push upwards to form a little peak inside the flower. This will be the "nest" your next layers sit around.

Add a generous dollop of Cosmic Glue around the base of the "peak".

Remember the semi circles we cut from the middles of each layer?  This eases assembly!  This photo shows that you can now get your scissor tips into the hole and make it slightly larger so it nests neatly within the base flower.  Repeat this process with each layer.

Place your layer into the base flower - you may need to jiggle it around a little until it sits neatly.

As before, snip around the hole in the bottom of the layer to make it the right size to fit into the layer below... add glue around the edges of the hole and pop into place... this...

As before, snip down the size as necessary and place into the every growing bloom.

Remember we snipped into the petals in Step 6?  This is why!  It makes life easier to curl the petals when they aren't so snug together.

ewwww, don't look at those manky nails!!!

When popped into place, it should look like this:

And again, snipping down between the petals makes it so much easier to curl these back on the layer that has two petals... curl the petals back and pop glue around the base of the layer.

or those manky nails, no! don't look!

Can you believe I deleted the photo for Step 15??? After all those other ones!!! Eeek!! Anyways, all you needs to do with the single petal is cut it to size and pop it into place with a dob of glue.


And there you have it!!! Are you still with me or have you nodded off?   I hope that you found this easy to follow and if you are planning on making some beautiful blooms, I would LOVE to see the results! 

I shall away now... as ever, thanks for looking, have a great day all!  TTFN

Hels x


Lisa Winnard - TheCraftarageStudio said...

Fab-U-Lous! What a lovely you are!
Brilliant! Well planned and perfectly executed! Great description Hels. Dont think anyone could have done better - or had the patience! Ha ha ha.
I usually do this in from of the telly. Stamp a load of flowers on different paper and sit watching Emmerdale with a pair of scissors and a box full of chopped up flowers...
Fab shows today, although not managed to get through them both, still 'drunk' from my debut!
Maybe one day I myself might be on the show with you, not just my samples!
That beautiful bloom is mine by the way - yes?

Marian Dean said...

Great instructions, many thanks for taking what must be an age to photo each step. I have recorded yesterday's show, you look so relaxed and enjoying it all, great humour too which is so very good. Keep up the good work Hels. I am learning a lot thanks to you....they say you can't teach an old dog new trips, so untrue! I'm in my mid 70's, and enjoying learning this paper crafting. X

Carole Z said...

Fab tut Hels, as were the shows and demos yesterday ...oh and I don't find crows scary either! Carole Z X

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels thanks for posting instructions, they must have taken you ages to do. Enjoyed both shows yesterday so funny with the crow. When I take Mr H on his daily walk around the park I have 2 crows who come with us. I thrown them doggie kibble and they eat it. Sometimes they have a few hiding places and bury them for later. Fascinating to watch. Take care x

Linda Simpson said...

Morning Hels, thanks for the step by step tutorial, ordered the stamp set so will have a go when it arrives. A fandabbydozy show and loved your crow/parrot, I had a good giggle.
Linda xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, Fabulous shows yesterday, I emailed into the Tool Shed and sent a piccie but it didn't get read out. I loved all your samples and your demo's were fab-u-lous, stunning works of art.
Thank you for the tutorial on this grande flower, stunning, stunning, stunning.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Joanne K said...

Hi Hels great shows yesterday. You and Dean were hilarious. Thanks for today's tutorial. I shall have a go later. Shouldn't take me too long to make one as I have just remembered I have the coordinating dies for these sramps. So not too much cutting out. Kind regards Joanne K x

Unknown said...

Hi Hels,
Just opened my e-mails and what do I see? One from the Gallery telling me that- courtesy of Magic Hands rummaging through the bin - they are sending the Crow to me!
This really is the Tops! I promise to send you a photo of him.
Dean was at his best, reminded me of what my Cliff used to say:
It takes a Lady to make a man behave like a Gentleman!
Really enjoying February...
Your big, blousy flower is fabulous.
Lots of Love, Lis xx

Mac Mable said...

What a fabulous tutorial, thank you so much. Loved the shows yesterday x

dancing lady said...

Hi Hels, well you (and Dean) made my day yesterday, I have been down in the dumps recently with not much to laugh about but I laughed all the way through the show, a fantastic tonic. Thank You!! You are an amazing very talented and funny lady!! The crow bit in the show was hilarious. I loved the clock, it's just a shame they won't give you an 8 hour slot to show us that too ha ha!!

rachel said...

Beautiful flower Hels - wait til you bring that to a workshop! Lol xx

Shazza said...

I love this huge flower Hels, tis gorgeous and your tuorial is great x

Craftychris said...

Thank you for such an amazing tutorial! It must have taken ages! I may have to buy this big flower, it's fab! xx

nannapat said...

Loved your shows Hels - the crow/parrot was hilarious! You were cool as a cucumber as you were doing it too! Fab tut, thank you. Pat x

LoraineC said...

Well I have just watched yesterday's show and It did make me chuckle ( my hubbie thinks I'm mad) fantastic demos and products, thanks for the tutorial x

Marjie Kemper said...

Oh the patience.... you're amazing! And what a lovely outcome to boot. Glad to hear everything is going well!

Becky said...

Love the flower and great instructions thank you x

lorraine (classylady) said...

Hi Hels thank you for the flower instructions. I really love everything you make and your sense of humour is brilliant. Loved your shows the other day.

Lorraine - Scotland

Lin said...

I loved the parrot sketch with Dean. He is such a naughty boy and your constant giggling at his bad behaviour had me in stitches. You make a great presenting team. Thank you for a fun and informative show.

Lin x

Unknown said...

for Lol Pictures and Videos...

Unknown said...

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