Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Beautiful Heart...

...another sample from last Sunday's shows... this time an MDF heart.  I loves working with MDF, it is forgiving, sturdy to play with and also... such a lovely surface to make stuff on!  These hearts are part of a 6 pack and I just used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes into the top to make the hangy bit.

Covered with more of the Teresa Collins papers (mmm, I keep banging on about these but I can't help it, I LOVE them!!!)   I wanted to make a nice background over the papers so picked pretty plainish ones, added some Frayed Burlap DI around the edges and then a smidge of Walnut Stain to darken it and then sanded to reveal the white core and making it look nice and shabby.  I used Black Archival ink to stamp the Eco image of the flowery leafy stamp up from the bottom and down from the top of the heart, zapping with a heat tool just to make sure the ink was set.  Stencilling with Distress Inks to add more interest and then the Small Polka Mask with Gold Pearl Texture Paste spread through to add the...erm... texture!!

The decorations are made from the smallest bloom of the Flora Grande Heartfelt Creations stamps - they are a bit of a fiddle to make as they are small but they are quite sweet... I made three, added in some leaves (Eco stamps) stamped in Wendy's Fern Green Archival Ink and then stamped a couple of moths (also Eco stamps) and popped those onto the heart with some embellies to decorate... and there you have it!

Today I am going to be pacing about, waiting for the phone to ring.. biting nails and pulling my hair out because... Ferdy is having major surgery today!!!  Oh yesh, he has reached the grand old age of 34,000 miles (wow! how many!!!) and is having his Cam Belt and Water Pump changed.  I hate leaving him at the garage, I know he needs it doing and I stupidly gave him a "human" name so I have gotten this strange attachment to him but...  all the same, I shall worry (yes, I am bonkers lol)  And, in true typical stylee, yesterday when I set off from home to drop him off at the garage, he failed to start!  Yep, first time ever, he coughed a bit, spluttered a bit and then the Engine Management light flashed a few times... huh?  Finally he got going (after a lot of revving and praying from moi and the light went out so I am hoping it was just a hiccup!   Anyways, to prove that I am not as bonkers as everyone thinks, I related this to the chap at the garage... you wanna know what he said???   These were his exact words... "well, he knew you were taking him to see me!"  See, not just me that thinks cars are either male or female!  At least he will get cleaned though... he is absolutely minging filthy dirty (thanks to all the rain/salt/mud on the roads and my inherent slatternly nature) and the nice garage chap will give him a spruce up *just hope they don't attempt to clean inside, it is a bit skip-like in there you know... well, it is my travelling "office" lol*   I shall away now... this post is being scheduled as I have my lovely Dad visiting us and knowing how we have a tendency to yak late into the night, I figured I would schedule something just in case I get sidetracked lol   Anyways...  have a goodly day and thanks for looking!  TTFN

Hels x


Joanne said...

Good luck Ferdy and hello Hels dad

nancyd said...

Morning Hels, another fantastic piece of
art. Good luck with Ferdy hope he comes
through alright I had to send mine to
the scrapyard in the sky just before
Christmas but getting to grips with
new one its getting them to know who is
boss (and finding where everything is)
all the workings just found where button
to open door is as it locks when you
start driving and if your picking
someone up I was opening my door to
release it how stupid.
Nancyd xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, Another stunning project with the fabulous texture paste and the stunning flowers, I wish I knew where I could get these grande flower stamps from. I have scoured Google for them, but to no avail, boohoo !! One of the posts had 'Discontinued' !! Nooooooo, I want them haha.
I hope Ferdy pulls through, he will certainly enjoy the 'sprucing up' that will make him feel better.
I hope your Dad is having a great visit with you and Graham, it was a good idea of yours to schedule haha.
Have a lovely day.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels beautiful hanging great you have gone over it after show . Hope your Ferdy is strong and healthy when he comes home. My car is called Harry 2 after my late dad, love them both.Enjoy time with your dad must be great to see him. Take care x

rachel said...

Hi Hels - love the beautiful heart - gorgeous - I'm sure Ferdy will be okay - my poor car has already gone around the clock! Lol!!!I think its on 120 000 ish! So Ferdy will be fine I'm sure. Have a great time with your dad! Big hugs rachel x

Mrs B said...

Hi Hels. Great piece today, those papers are gorgeous aren't they : ) Hope Ferdy comes back home feeling and looking better. Enjoy the tome with your Dad. Take care.

annekescardart said...

Beautiful heart. Love your design and the color you have used. Real vintage for me. Thanks for showing Anneke.

Sparrow said...

Thank you for not using the doodle stencil again and making me jealous. Ali cannot sell at present as Sam has exclusivity for the moment and Sam has sold out of it!!! Although I don't hearts I do like this panel - it has given me ideas.

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,

Love this project. X

Stella said...

Hope Ferdy is OK and recovering well.Hope you have a good day with your Dad xx

Linda Simpson said...

Beautiful heart Hels! Love the papers.

Linda xxx

Caroline said...

Hels, your heart IS beautiful!!
I realise you don't know me from Adam but wanted to apologise for my lack of visits. Life in last 4 months has bn/continues to be.... Well, I'll just say a nightmare.
Anywaaaay, you are not an agony aunt, you are a talented, busy crafter! I do hope F gets through, sounds like he's in good hands.
Still playing catch up but saw most recent shows. Tfs. C :)

Carole Z said...

Hi Hels, hope Ferdy is okay! This heart is stunning! Enjoy your Dad's visit, Carole Z X

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