Saturday, 25 January 2014

Normal Service....

...yikes! So, here I am in ffffreeeezing Middlesbrough for my weekend retreat and I had planned to blog the Sunday Stamper whilst here... but! The internet connection in the hotel isn't playing ball with old Lionel the Laptop so I am waffling away here using Smarty the Smartphone... and the old 3G is rubbish so I can't upload a piccie!
Therefore, tomorrow's Sunday Stamper will be a little late in arriving, i.e. Monday!
Apologies folks for the delay and I hope you will still be able to join in this week... until Monday, TTFN!
Hels x


Mrs O crafty blog said...

You should have packed your thermals lol Px

Marian Dean said...

Cor! You are brave. It gets very cold up that part of the UK. Keep as snug as you can. Marian xxxxx

Joanne said...

But darling it's been boiling in the workshop room

carol edwards said...

Hope you soon warm up, enjoy your day x

nancyd said...

Morning Hels, know just how you feel
have been in Tenerife for 2 weeks and
couldn't get my tablet to connect so
I was getting withdrawel symptoms
not being able to follow all your blogs
so just ha da quick peek and all
the goodies I had missed they are
all fantastic but I really liked the
On The Wings Of Love piece I think its
the colours I really like all the Blues.
Nancyd xx

Redanne said...

Keep warm Hels! I will pack my thermals for next weekend now...

Carole Z said...

Keep warm Hels! Carole Z X

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