Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Always Be You... is the day!  I am back on the tellybox at 8am and 1pm with Dimensional Art shows.  I have been having a whale of a time playing with all the goodies from the shows... my very fave Studio 490 stashly goodies along with the cool Pronty MDF and some delish Creative Expressions delights too... the show details are over in there *points left*.  Don't forget, if you aren't in the UK, you can also view online, the deets for that are also over there *points left again*  I wish I could help you out with time differences etc but I have enough trouble remembering what time it is here in the Room of Stash (my brain is numerically challenged... along with other challenges too lol)

When I was younger, my dear old Dad always dispensed sage advice... and one of the most important pieces of advice he ever gave me was "just be yourself!"... if I had a job interview I used to get meself in a right old two and eight, and Dad just used to look up from his Daily Telegraph and say "just be yerself love".  Bless him, he was right though!  All those years I thought that I had to be the person that someone else expected me to be.  As I have got older, I realise that actually, no, I am me and being true to yourself if the most important thing ever.

When I started making this Shadow Box, this sentiment was bopping around my head.  The "Be You" part is a Studio 490 stamp (from Art For You) and the "Always" is from the Studio 490 Classic Words Stencils For Art... marry the two together and there you have it.  So, the frame is paper blocked using my fave Creative Expressions Teresa Collins papers... I loves these papers and it is a pleasure to be able to use them again.  The colours are just my thing, muted, natural and quite masculine... but prettied up with the addition of flowers (of course there are flowers!) but the cool thing about the papers is that there are two other colour ways in the set too.. result!  And, as ever, no self respecting paper flower is complete without a zap of spray ink and Cosmic Shimmer mists... I used the Antique Copper one for this... another match made in heaven.

I guess I should stop with the waffle and start with the packing of the boxes for today.  I am rubbish at packing... and I do tend to prevaricate when it comes to the deed.  I am an excellent list-maker though, so the list of stuff-to-pack is ready and waiting to be ticked off (not as in, told off.. no, I tick things off as I pack... brain like a seive at the best of times!)  However, actually putting stuff into boxes and then moving them into Ferdy is just one of those jobs that deserves a smidge of prevarications :O)   I hope you can join me today and please do email into the shows if you can... I love to read all your emails and if you have any questions, please do fire away... I will try and get as many answered as possibles.  Have a great day... Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Mrs B said...

Hi Hels. Hope the shows go well and that you enjoy yourself. Take care.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, I am so looking forward to your shows today, and loving the project shown here, gorgeous colours.
Think you meant to say 'procrastinate', and not 'prevaricate' haha.
Have a lovely day.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels wonderful words today , so true. Looking forward to watching shows looks like great products with x

edwinacarole said...

Hi Hels so looking forward to the shows today. I to procrastinate, I can make list to till cows come home( very organised) but why do we have this mental block at actually packing. I faf about like a fish out of water. Lol ... Have a good day will be watching. :-) x

Marleine said...

Morning Hels,

Love this project.

Just watching you on the telly, great show.

Your Dad was a wise man. .....x

Joanne said...

Just what I love about you is the fact that 'what you see is what you get'. You have been true to your dad's advice. I love your paper blocking and I love this project. No chance of seeing you at 8am but I have recorded it so see you at 1pm instead.

whyducks said...

Beautiful samples Hels on the show. (sorry not up for the first one) Lovely to see you and Dean so relaxed and having fun being crafty. x

Lis Kervill said...

Hi Hels,
Great shows with Dean today;
Super projects executed with your usual professionalism.
And now I know what that little rod is for...a 'frame' support!
Thank you for all your clear instructions, too.
Lis xx

rachel said...

oh no - I'm reading this at 3pm and I forgot - rats! So useless at times xx

Denise said...

Fantastic projects as always, I saw Dean talking to the Beader's Companion lady this morning about your previous job - he really makes me giggle. Hope the shows went well- have recorded them.x

carol edwards said...

Great shows Hels really enjoyed them x

Carole Z said...

Hi Hels, super shows yesterday..enjoyed the both - great projects, Carole Z X

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