Saturday, 19 October 2013

Like A Sieve!!!

...oh yesh, that is what my memory is at the moment!  Tis shot!  I can't remember anything so my life is now one big list!  A list to remind me what to do on any given day, a list to remind me to phone someone, a list for the shopping, a list to remind me to write a list... you get the picture lol   Anyways.... the point about discussing my much beleagured and much missed memory is that I "found" this canvas that I made as a workshop sample a couple of weeks ago when I taught at Craftstation in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.  And how can one forget about a whole canvas?  Wellllll, erm.... I hadn't unpacked a box (ok, I hadn't unpacked two boxes!) and thus it lurked unassumingly in the bottom of said box. 

Anyways... here it is! I have decided that it isn't finished, it needs extra flowers or something and obviously there isn't the requisite ten ton of embellies on it so that needs rectifying too... a little job for me for later on perhaps.

Oh and... much excitement in the Room of Stash yesterday when I took delivery of the stock for my Melt Pot Pick of the Day which starts on 29th October and runs through 30th October.  You should see some of the lush new colours... I am in UTEE heaven! 

With all that going on.. plus my Middlesbrough retreat next weekend, I won't be about as much as usual... busy kitting for the workshops and trying to find a magic wand that will make Ferdy bigger.  The amount of stuff I needs to take with me... and Ferdy is only tidgy... mmm, I think I might have to bat my eyelashes at Grim and see if he will lend me Gordon instead (who is much bigger... and faster too which is why I need the eyelash batting going on because I inadvertantly told him that I had been going a little bit fast, well, all that power and my heavy left foot... teeheee)  Anyways... enough of this waffling, I shall away to carry on with the prepping and stuff and things!  Don't forget to check back tomorrow though, brand new Sunday Stamper theme!  Thanks for looking, have a brill Saturday!  TTFN

Hels x


TAM said...

How could you forget about such a wonderful piece of art - your memory must be bad at the moment.
Looking fwd to seeing your melt pot show - have fun playing (whoops I mean working) in the meantime

Joanne said...

I love this much that bird is wonderful and I love the 'snowflakes'???
I def borrow Gordon see you next week

Frea Konings said...

Poor you with your memory such a shamble! I def. wouldn't forget about something as gorgeous as this! Love this canvas! Hugs Frea

Redanne said...

Your canvas is absolutely gorgeous Hels - you are certainly not alone in the 'forgetful' stakes! Hugs, Anne x

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous canvas! I have a lousy memory too - it its not written down it doesn't happen! xx

Almo said...

Hi Hels, This is a lovely canvas and the workshop was a great day. Hugs Mo x

rachel said...

wonderful stuff Hels - and don't worry about your memory - its all part of life!

Linda Simpson said...

This is wonderful Hels, I love the background you have created and the lovely embellishments.

Linda xxx

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels well I think maybe you just put it in a safe place, for later. Such a canvas could not be lost for long. Maybe put your car keys in a safe place and Sir Grim will have to rescue you and hand over his.

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,

Love the canvas as is will be interesting to see it when you do more. X

Caroline said...

........... Ermm......?? Nope, it's gone. I was going to say something about... Well I don't know what as can't remember what I was going to say!!

Soz Hels, couldn't resist putting a bit of my "just up" humour in. It's not big & it's not clever.
This great canvas is both of those things tho'. Great textures happening & liking the bird very muchly!
Did I also see the words melt & pot?? I have all the basics now (taken nearly a year, phew...). I can maybe get some fun stuff now, like some colour.... Yahoo!
I am now in yesterday so off to today, see the challenge that I always forget to do.
TFS & I.... C :)))

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Hels, You and me both !!, heads like a sieve ha ha. Your canvas is 'stunning', and will be 'magnificent' when you have finished said embellishments.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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