Saturday, 12 October 2013


...goodbyeeee... I am singing again, you know that daft song from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore?  Well, that is what is in my head (along with other stuff that is probably far too weird for  you to even contemplate)  Anyways... as the title would suggest there be a goodbye to be said today.  I have spent the last 18 months being part of the lovely DT over at Snazzy's and today is my last post as I have now left the team.  Here's a sneaky peeky at my last creation... to see all the deets please CLICK HERE.

I was a-mooching around yonder Facebook last night when up popped a friend request.  Nowt unusual there eh?  Well, this was... cos it was an old school friend that I haven't seen for about... ahem... 25 years!  Blimey... I mean 10 years, obviously, it can't be 25 years as I am not old enough *who sniggered?*  Anyways... we then spent three hours yakking and catching up and blimey, it was a trip down memory lane.  The thing that struck me more than anything else was I could "hear" her voice... even after all these years!   Ahhh, reminiscing about our mad old teachers (most of them were doolally, probably from having to teach us rabble) and then other class mates... most of them whose names neither of us were very good at remembering (now that is a sure sign of old age, isn't it?)  As it was the 80's when I was doing *I say doing because I will be honest, I hated school, it was torture to drag myself there everyday, a necessary evil, I wasn't the best scholar!* school and stuff, I have been listening to Absolute 80's all evening... well, I usually listen to that or Smooth 70's in the evening because Radio 2 does go a bit weird some nights...anyway I digress... the point of this waffle is that I never cease to be amazed by the wonders of yonder t'internet... I mean, if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't be sitting here driving the train to Wafflington and boring you all to tears!  Anyways... I have finally got to the point of all that twaddle... I have a question for you... what is the most amazing thing you have found through, on or via yonder t'internet?  Do tell, I am ever so nosey you know ;o))    I shall away now, it is *shock horror* 2.45am... whooops, looks like a lay in for me in't morning then!  Which now means that it is already the morning cos you won't be up at such a silly o'clock, so that means that you are thinking that I will be having a lay in tomorrow morning... uh, oh, uh... erm... think I needs some sleeps.... TTFN

Hels x


rachel said...

looks fab Hels - off to have another look - facebook can be amazing sometimes can't it xx

Joanne said...

For me the internet has given me freedom - by that I mean I have pals out there who share my hobby but who aren't 'in my face'. That suits me as I can meet the ones I want to, oodle at the ones I have no chance of ever meeting but would like to and stay clear of the ones I don't want to see. Now I wonder which category you come into?????

corinna said...

hi there, i don't really use the net for facebook or twitter or tweet or twit... i do keep up with fabulously crafty people like yourself and t.h. and g45 and darkroom door and all the links i am taken to from there. i also use it to spend lots of cash on c+c, especially when you are on making your incredible creations, hahaha. stay happy, corinna

Cardgenie said...

Hi Hels. Good to see you on the tellybox this week - lots more inspiration - ta very much. I agree with you about the tinternet, although I don't do faceweb or witter, I do love following blogs. I didn't realise there was so much out there - loads of ideas and examples have helped me develop my skills. The most amazing thing I've found though, is pinterest - I'm totally addicted. It's amazing what people can create - some fantastic stuff and some pretty crazy stuff too. I also follow you on it too!!! Keep up the waffling! Love Jean.x

Ria Gall said...

Hi Hels
another fantastic make from you right up to the end of your time on the DT. Loving it

nannapat said...

Lovely tag Hels. I too became reunited with a school friend that I last saw when I was 13 & I was turned 60 when we made contact again! Pat x

nancyd said...

Hi Hels, a great make as Ria says,
I don't do twitter or facebook either don't have the patience but
glad you met an old friend. Your
shows as usual were fantastic have kept
them recorded to check back when I need inspiraton.
Nancyd xx

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Hels, this is gorgeous, I love the beautiful design. Facebook is a wonderful place to get in touch with old school friends. I have and it is always great to catch up.

Linda xxx

Cee Bee said...

I lost touch with an old friend for about 10 years and her now ex-husband found me on friends reunited (A long time ago) we have been back in touch in touch for over 12 years and are the best mates we always knew we were. The internet is an amazing way to keep in touch and I love checking out my fave blogs every day. Email and facebook means I can keep in touch with family who are all over the world. But finding my bezzie mate is the best thing ever.
Carol B

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, This tag is fabulous, as is everything you create, loving everything you have done here.
That 'chance' meet-up with your friend from school is fantastic, isn't it fabulous to reminisce.
I love the internet, it gives me great inspiration on all the Blogs I look at, and I am always in 'awe' at all the fabulous creations that peeps come up with. I spend hours on my laptop, and get so engrossed linking here and there, the time absolutely flies by ha ha. I would be doing very 'drab' crafting without all the gorgeous inspiration that I get from t'internet.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Hels..gorgeous creation! I can't pinpoint one way the internet has been amazing for me, there are too many..being able to connect with loads of like-minded crafty peeps; being able to keep in more regular touch with one of my best pals that emigrated to Canada, plus all my family in the USA - via Facebook, twitter and Skype & I did connect with Trish, who lives in the next town via twitter and we have become great pals...isn't it all so amazing! Lovely story about you and your old friend..Carole Z X

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