Tuesday, 4 June 2013


...and creamy... well, sort of creamy.  I LOVE this colour scheme!  Back in the old comfort zone of browns and creams!  Anyways... firstly, THANK YOU for all your fabby emails, comments, messages, Tweets, texts after yesterdays shows!  It was great to see you all loving the goodies on the shows.  I didn't get chance to do half the techniques I wanted to... time just goes waaaay too quickly... maybe I needs a two hour show ;O))   As promised, I will be showing you some of the samples close up this week and today kicks off with my favourite one:

Remember when I went to Wales a few weeks ago?  Well, there's a gallery in Portmerion and obviously, it is arty, so I ventured up 291 steps (ok, a slight exaggeration there... more like 20 but... ) and inside were some amaaaaazing paintings.  But, what caught my attention more (ever the crafter) were bundles of off cuts of mountboard!  10 pieces for a "parnd"  So I snapped up a few bundles and then made Grim carry my jazzy owl bag (well, he likes birds too... *snort*Anyways, the point of telling you this is... mountboard makes a fab base for art, it is great for book covers and pages, it is die-cutable (new word methinks) and because it is sturdy, you can paint it, cover with paper, cover with canvas etc etc.  I used to have a supplier when we lived in Lutonia, the old chappie in the picture framers used to give me bags of the stuff.. for free (I used to be the good citizen and pop a few bob into the charity box)  So, if you have a local picture framer, go and ask if you can save on their refuse collections and take some of their off cuts!  

So, on with the piece today... like I said (a hundred years ago) I like this one the best of all the samples I made... and this one was a "last minute" one using up some left-overs from my sampling sesh.  Yep, using cardboard for the arty bit, the mountboard is the larger piece at the back... that was painted with Pitch Black Dabber and then I added some Clear Texture Paste thru the foxgloves stencil and then smudged some Gilding Wax over.   The arty bit was made by spreading White Texture Paste through the same stencil and once dried, using Cut & Dry foam, pouncing Lake Mist and Mushroom Dabber paint onto it.  The script was added once the paint was dry.  Using Clear Texture Paste, splot a bit onto your craft sheet, spritz on some water to make it runny, stamp onto tissue with permanent ink (I used my old faithful, Jet Black Archival) and then apply the tissue, in patches, to the base.  Paint over the top with the runny texture paste mix... voila, a collage medium!   The embellishment is one of the gorgeous Studio 490 Embellish Your Art butterflies... I love this little guy and I added a few smudges of Gilding Wax to his wings to jazz him up a little. And there you have it!  I shall be back tomorrow with another technique using the Clear Texture Paste.

I shall away now, I have to unpack the boxes from yesterday, store the artwork (am so running out of room!) and then... I plan to try out my new steam cleaner (wow, what an exciting life I lead!) and then... there appear to be a large number of feathers decorating the lawn.  Apparently, someone fancied themselves a little pigeon snack yesterday.  No corpse has been found so we are assuming said pigeon managed to fly away.  My little Predator is getting ambitious!   Mind you, if it is the pigeon I think it is, he had taken to roosting on the lawn for some reason... roosting on the lawn of a garden owned by an AlfieCat isn't the wisest thing to do!   Anyways, hope you have a great day!  Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


inkypinkycraft said...

Gorgeous, the shows were fab and lve this sample!! Scrummy yummy! The clear texture paste looks fab ! Knew it would cost me!, or should I say cost Steve! Xbless x

Lisette Baker said...

This is "dreamy" but your purple and turquoise (especially with that yellow)pieces from yesterday were stunning too. They were fab shows and I spent way too much but still think I need some of the stamps and the dabbers. Somebody had the nerve to 'phone during the turquoise demo so I could only see and not hear - would love to see a tut on here (pretty please):)

Ria Gall said...

Hi Hels
Great shows yesterday I have recorded them so I can watch them again.
Love this piece Hels the colours are yummy and the texture paste is a must have.
Love it

Gail said...

Morning, I have only managed to catch up with your morning show with Dean so far but I placed an order before I went out -clear and silver texture paste and the masks and the dabbers and some of the WV embellies before I saw the demos cos I knew I would just NEED them xx GailT xx

Pat said...

Loved both shows and all the samples. I kept hoping they would show this one in more detail. It really is gorgeous!!so glad you struggled through wih your throat.
Pat xx

TAM said...

Can't believe I missed your shows yesterday (will live in hope that they are repeated)but maybe that was fate because I shouldn't be buying anything else at the moment and I know I would want everything you demonstrated !!!

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,

Love this project. Loved the shows. Love the texture paste. X

Redanne said...

The shows were fabulous Hels, Dean was right about you needing two hour shows..... it would be better for all of us! Love this make, I can see why it is your fave... Hugs, Anne x

Aquarius said...

really enjoyed your shows yesterday although lost part of the first one due to 'no service' grr!!! Pigeons aren't best known for their brain power methinks, they often sit in the middle of the road around here.

Annie said...

Hi Hels hope the shows are on again as I am out of the UK at present. Love your hanging though. Great texture on this make. Now I want to know what you were demoing so I might try the C&C site.

Crafty hugs
Annie x

Clarky J said...

Saw a little of the show and thought you were AWESOME! Fab project Hels thanks for inspiring us all xx

Tracy Heaton said...

Just had a thought - you could smoosh Distress ink onto the craft sheet and mix in the Cosmic Shimmer texture paste to colour it.
Get me thinking on a Tuesday!

Linda Simpson said...

Beautiful Hels, love the gorgeous textures.

Linda xxx

rachel said...

wonderful Hels - still to see the shows - they're recorded - just need some time now - lol!!! Love your piece - the texture paste looks amazing - and mountboard sounds good xx

We All Craft Together said...

That's just lovely. I really like that colour mix too, especially with the gilding wax over the top. You make me want to clear a space on my desk and get messy. Thanks for the lovely samples, can't wait to see the others. Melanie x

carol e said...

Hi Hels lovely samples, great shows and more I Needs on the list

Chrissie J Lui said...

Morning Hels, Not had time to catch up on your show's yet. I love your sample it's gorgeous.

Happy crafting
Chrissie x x x

TDQ Karen said...

Loved your demos yesterday and the idea of using cardboard, the samples were fantastic xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, WOW, this hanging is stunning !! I love the foxglove mask, it is a favourite of mine, love all the colours you have used and with the gilding wax, absolutely yummy !!
Fab, fab shows, yes we definitely need much longer shows, lots of us said this on the C&C facebook page, and I suggested an 'In the Classroom with Hels Sheridan'.
Have a lovely day with your new steam cleaner, I'll give you my address when you've finished yours !! ha ha !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nancyd said...

Morning Hels, a fab. hanging watched
your shows after having recorded them
but managed to get the texture paste
before you came on as I had to go out
so was worried they would sell out
so cant wait for them to arrive thats
the only thing about C&C our orders
take forever to reach Scotland for
some reason but kept the recording
incase I forget how to use them.
Nancyd xx

Debbie Ravenhill said...

Hi Hels love this piece. I watched the shows, and even watched the repeats. I was chuffed to bits that my email was read out and my picture shown, the on with the owls! Sadly didn't win a Hels original never mind! Spent a fortune on the new embellishments and the texture paste, cant wait for it to come. Have a fab day Hugs Debbie R xx

Cornish Emma said...

Hi Hels, gorgeous project, love the corrugated cardboard. Thank you for your lovely demo's on Monday, managed to catch them all and learn some great tips from you. Emma

Caroline said...

Ok, gone back a post... It's the way I get my email alerts, soz!
This really is dreamy... Absolutely beautiful! You make it sound & look so easy..... So why don't mine look this way?? (bottom lip jutting out in tantrums mode..)
Feathers.... I am sure Alfie (if it was him) thought "ooooo, mummy could use these in her craftyness, I will get her some. Maybe I'll get some treaties for my thoughtfully gifts?"
Take care... :)))))

Craftychris said...

This is gorgeous! Your shows were amazing! I have kept them recorded to refer to when I buy the paste! thank you for your continued inspiration! xx

Craftychris said...

This is gorgeous! Your shows were amazing! I have kept them recorded to refer to when I buy the paste! thank you for your continued inspiration! xx

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Tamara Morton said...

I'm an old Lutonian too... Gorgeous creation as always
Tamara xx

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