Monday, 31 December 2012

My Favourite Creations of 2012...

...indeedily, what a year it has been.  Ever since I started my blog I have done a little "favourite things" post at the end of each year.  I was going to narrow it down a bit to my favourite 5 pieces... but I got all carried away and ended up with...ahem... 13.  Well, it is going to be 2013 tomorrow after all... and if you didn't know it, 13 just so happens to be my lucky number!  *I have good reason to have that as my lucky number being as it is the number of my birthday*  Anyways.... I know, most peeps run screaming for the hills if they catch a whiff of a number 13, they are, did you know, suffering from Triskaidekaphobia!   Try saying that a few times when you have had your celebratory Bailey's at midnight tomorrow... I know I shall.  Actually *pauses to begin sob story* I shall be all on my tod tonight!  Boo-hoo indeedily!  Grim has to go to bed early because he has to be up at stoopid o'clock so he can get to work for his stoopid o'clock start - I am miffed because I do like to see in the New Year with a watch of the fireworks in London (not me in London, they are in London, I am just watching the telly) and of course, the celebratory Bailey's... *other alcoholic drinks are available, I just loves my Bailey's*  Mmm, which actually makes me sound like an alchy when I am not... in fact, I don't drink from one year end to the other... well, obviously I drink... oh you know what I mean (at least I hope you do cos I...erm... am all confooosed and can't remember what on earth I was talking about.....)  Ah, yes, I remember now, the sob story.  Well, my lovely Grim, as you know, is a Train Driver and peeps' need to travel on trains on New Years Day, so someone has to go and drive them.  I remember one year, when I was still driving trains myself, we started a week of nights on Boxing Day night and worked right through to New Year.  I was just arriving at Kings Cross Thameslink as the clock turned to 00:00 and Grim was driving the train behind mine and was somewhere in deepest darkest Bedfordshire.  I made up for the lack of celebrations that night by wearing a pair of sparkly silver deely-boppers (do you remember deely-boppers? I still have mine somewhere!) ... they certainly got a few funny looks from the passengers... not only did they think they saw a woman driving their train, she was also wearing comedy deely-boppers... they were probs wondering what on earth they had been drinking lol

Anyways, enough of my reminiscing.  Let's start properly with... my Top 13 favourite pieces of arty stuff that I made during 2012.  Like I said, it was going to be a Top 5 but it got expanded... I thought what I would do is pop the photo on and then tell you about it underneath... so that there piccie above is....     Week 204 of the Sunday Stamper... the theme was Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.  I love the milky look of the background, that was Picket Fence and Pine Needles Stains and then overstamped with some Aquamarine Archival... choc-full of Tim goodies...

Next is Week 203 of the Sunday Stamper - the theme was Little Red Corvette.  I made this piece for Jo Channon to display in her gorgeous shop Let's Create in Coningsby, Lincs.  Jo had very kindly invited me for a demo-day there and had sent me that gorgeous frame.  Well, it would have been rude not to give it a Studio 490 make-over.  I love the papers I used, they are my second favouritest ever, they are from Jenni Bowlin and sadly, I can't get any more of them so am now being dead-stingy with them lol

This next piece was the finished tag after a Saturday Show & Hels tutorial that I did... the tut is HERE btw.  It was using a technique I discovered whilst playing around when I was at Ranger U.  I called it Bleach Blocking, not sure if it has a proper name or not though...

I did think about trying to do these in an orderly fashion, you know, by my favourite, by colour, by month... but I have had so much fun looking through the old pics, I just haphazardly chose them.  This one has to be my quirkiest make ever...  It was made for my Snazzy DT and was one of those things that starts out as something and gradually throughout the day got more and more involved until it ended up as this, my Steampunk Locomotive.  

During 2012 I have found so much inspiration out there and one of my favourite designers is Anna Dabrowska, aka Finnabair.  Check out her blog HERE to see more of her amazing creations.  I am always banging on about how amazing she is and the next couple of pieces are totally inspired by her.

I love the way she uses embellishments and layers them up... and having looked carefully at her compositions, you can see her influence clearly on my arty stuff... yes, I still like to load it on - still a more-is-more gal lol

This Studio 490 Art Part piece was made for Rainbow Lady's Challenge blog... I chose the theme of vintage and then went mad with the Art Parts and Studio 490 stamps... I had a phase where I made tonnes of those gorgeous Grunge roses... the stamp set is Accents for Art and the stamp itself is a beauty but when it is then made into a 3d rose it takes on a more carnation like look.... tis one of my fave ever stamps now!

Then there was this one... it was a Sunday Stamper from Week 237 - so yep, last week!  I was totally in my comfort zone when I made this.  It has all the things that I love so much on it... and you know when you love all the things you are playing with you kind of know you will love the thing that you made.  It has taken me several long years to finally reach the stage where I do like some of the things that I make.  We are all our own worst critics though, aren't we?!

I made this tag for my Stamp Attic DT back in August and called it Coffee Bliss.  I had just discovered the wonders of Dylusions sprays and oohlalalaaa, how I fell for them... big stylee.

Ahhh, this has to be one of my favest pieces of all time.  I made it for Grim's 50th birthday... it is using my now favourite Paper Blocking technique that I discovered on 2GypsyGirls blog HERE  Take a cuppa with you if you go to visit, you will be inspired and amazed at the gorgeousness to be seen there!  I decided to add in the inspiration from Paula and Finn when I made this for Grim. 

And because I loves the Paper Blocking and the layering and Studio 490 and stencils and embellies and hearts and Treasure Gold... I made this for a Simon Says Stamp & Show challenge... and... I was so honoured to be picked for their Top 3!  Wow!  I am still grinning now!

Whilst I am on the subject of Simon Says Stamp & Show, I had the honour of being a Guest Designer for them a few months ago.  The theme was Tissue Tape and I decided to get all painty and inky and made this frame.  You will see, quite often, words on my creations that are from Beatles song titles or Beatles songs... not that I like the Beatles or 'owt... ok, I lurves them... but then you have probs guessed that by now lol

Every so often, my American BFF Ellen and I get a chance to have a Skypey Afternoon of Art.  We always do an "I Challenge Thee" or a "Recipe" challenge; we start by bouncing ideas about the thing that we are going to make and then we discuss what products/colours/stash/themes etc that we need to include.  It is amazing how we both have exactly the same list of stuff and yet we both make things that are completely different.  Please do take a trip over to Ellen's blog to see her awesome art... she has a real eye for the unusual and I am always saying "Oh I wish I had thought of that!" to her... Oh and... talking of taking trips... did I mention that I am going to CHA and will be re-united with Ellen and my Ranger Sisters?  I did?  Oh well, you won't mind me mentioning it again... will you? *snort* Actually, I am getting myself SO excited... tis only 11 days til I go... yikes... I had better get some chocolate shopping done!

Right, I shall say goodnight now... I started typing this post at 23.30 with every intention of scheduling it... then of course, I got myself all carried away and started waffling... and then when I was uploading the pics yonder t'internet starting being a pest again so I had to stop uploading for 10mins... and then I did a bit of jiggling about (with the post, not me personally.... far too energetic lol) and now I see it is nearly 1.40am!  Yikes!  Tis time for me to say... Thanks for looking... THANK YOU ALL for your continued support, for your wonderful comments, for being followers of my little blog and, finally,  for giving me someone to waffle to!  I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that 2013 will be a perfect year for you.  TTFN!

Hels x

P.S.... 11 Days to CHA *oh, I already told you that... teehee*


Minxy said...

Totally delightful projects all through the year, sorry i've not managed to stop by more often, i do come and look but don't always have time to leave a comment, just know I am watching you {in a non stalker way lol}
I am honored to be proud owner of 2 of your fav pieces xx

Wishing all the best for 2013 xx love ya xx

Netrix said...

Cor, what a gorgeous collection of arty craftiness. Loving your work Hels and the bloggy too.
I'm tres jealous of your trip to the cha cha cha land. Please take at least 5 million pics.
Happy new year hun to you and mr S and hugs to Alfie too.
Lotsa love
Jeanette x

Anita Houston said...

All are indeedly gorgeous!!! You have so much talent! Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks!!!

Julie Short said...

What delight for these square eyes Hels! Have a terrific time at CHA - I'm sure you will. Love train drivers - NO make that all drivers with a sense of humour. I loved the subways when I was in London - all the busking and fun! Gotta save so I can go back! Just think you and Grim can have a nahdy nah Celebration when nobody else is!

Ann said...

Stunning creativeness as always Hels, loving all your works of art!! Have a fabulous time at CHA & hopefully I will finally get to meet you in 2013......when you come to Glasgow!!!
Lots of Love & Happy New Year!!
Hugs Ann xx

nancyd said...

Morning hels , you are a very talented lady wish I had

Some of your talent but we can always do our version
Of your ideas. Thanks for all your inspiration over the last year. Happy hogmanay from Scotland to all.
I will join you with a bailey's at 12 and wish you all the best. Nancy xx

Marleine said...

Morning Hels,

Thank you for making the time to make and show your creations. They often give us ideas for design and colour. The different products are amazing.

Wishing you and Grimm a Happy and healthy New Year. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels. Everyone a cracker. Love rreading your blog, it sets me goggling and happy for the rest of the day so thankyou for all your hard work.

May I wish you and fellow bloggers a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Val in Spain xxx

Anonymous said...

I meant "Giggling" of course, not "Goggling" cos that would be too silly.

Val in Spain xxx

Linda said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fabulous collection Hels.
Love what you create and I love reading your blog - you make me smile!
Have a fabulous New Year. And enjoy CHA. All the best for 2013. xx

Lisette Baker said...

An amzing and inspirational collection.Think my favourite is Grim's 50th birthday piece followed by the very last piece with the pink ATCs. Have a very Happy New Year and enjoy CH. Looking forward to all your inspiration in 2013.

Fuchsia said...

I think all your creations are tops Hels I really couldnt pick one thats my fave well except the one I have LOL but then thats from the year before !
and count myself extremely honored to have one too :0)
I hope you and Grim have a very Happy and healthy new year xx

Erika said...

Hels loving all your projects, enjoy CHA....well jel!
Happy New Year, hugs Erika.

Barb Cady said...

Happy New Year hon, enjoy your Baileys! I love all your work but you have certainly picked a bakers dozen of lushness, beautiful work! Sorry Grim has to work and will miss the fireworks. Lotsa love xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Fabulous pieces each and everyone of them!!! My favourite is the Coffee Bliss one, I just love that shabby pink colour!
Enjoy your Baileys and I hope you have the most wonderful 2013 and with a bit of luck we'll actually meet in person and with the lovely Anna!!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Hels
Thank you so much for sharing your favourite makes of 2012, but an even bigger thank you for giving us so much inspiration all year round.
How strange that we have two things in common I am a 13th birthday and my tipple is baileys.
Wishing you and hubby a very Happy New Year and can't wait to see what you have for us in 2013.

Li'l Pidge said...

A fabulous selection of makes, I think I would find it hard to pick just 13 of my favourite Hels makes of 2012 (let alone 5)!

I would have loved to see the revellers faces when they did the double take of you driving with deely boppers!

I plan on being home in time for a sherry and the Jools Holland Hootenanny, so I hope you have a great NYE


Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, as i only found your blog a few months ago ive loved seeing these projects, love them all and your blog as you have so many different projects. Thank you for all your inspiration, my resolution for 2012 was to get into altered art and your blog helped me with that. I love it.
Happy and healthy new year to you all your family and not forgetting alfiecat.

Pat said...

I am surprised you could stop at 13. Your work has inspired me since the first time I found your blog.I am still struggling to produce something I can be proud of but what the heck I have such fun trying.I love looking at your blog thank you so much for giving us all such pleasure. Happy new year to you Grim and Alfiecat.
Pat xx

nannapat said...

Oooh! I love that August tag Hels, but then all of the projects are craftily beautiful. Enjoy CHA and have a fabulous 2013. Hugs, Pat x

Helen said...

It is fab to see all these gorgeous projects again, and to read your waffling - sorry, stories as well! Hope you get to see the fireworks somehow, they are always wonderful. Happy New Year and hope to see you soon. xx

Sue said...

Beautiful stunning art Hels. Wishing you the best ever 2013. Oh and see you soon.

Denise said...

Wow - what a collection - am very partial to number 6 tag with the butterflies but they are all stunning. Wishing you a very happy new year 2013 - and enjoy CHA x

whyducks said...

Beautiful works of art Hels. Have a pain free 2013, full of joy and laughter. xxx

Andrea said...

just fantastic art as ever Hels, but I have some AMAZING pieces that you made me this year so why are they not on your fave, as I happen to think they are brilliant and should be amongst your top 13, though for me it would be very hard to pick from your creations as every single thing you create is fabby, stunning and darn right some of the best talented work out there. sorry you on your own for new year but wishing you the best 2013 with lots love xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Hels, I started on your Blog when it was 'this morning' and am completing the comments 'this afternoon', my Graham had to take his car in for MOT last Thursday and it failed on some welding in the engine, they have had the car until today and suddenly a phone call lets us know it is ready, so we have to do a 'one car there, two cars back' scenario, £250 lighter on the debit card ha ha, G was hoping to keep the car for another 12 months, he came back saying he now hopes to keep it for another 2 years ha ha.
Your favourite creations of 2012, in my opinion every creation of yours should be a 'favourite' because they are all favourites to me, you are such an inspiration to us all, and 'Thank You' for sharing your expertise with us all.
I hope 2013 is kind to you and yours.
Lots of love from Patricia xx
PS I wish you would stop with the reminders for CHA, my 'green-eyed-monster' keeps coming out ha ha xx

LoraineC said...

I have only found your blog recently and think it is great. You always make me chuckle and I love all your work. I look forward to following you next year. Wishing you a very Happy 2013 xx

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Happy New year.....what a lovely collection of work! I pray that 2013 will find you blessed, joyful and overflowing with creative energy! Enjoy CHA!!!!

betjunroe said...

Love all your beautiful projects from 2012 Hels! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store! Wishing you a wonderful time at CHA with your friends and a very Happy New Year to you and Grim! Bette

Redanne said...

Hi Hels, not quite sure how you stopped at 13! All your makes are quite stunning and it has been a pleasure to follow you. Off now to check out the butterflies in week 203! Looking forward to seeing all your creations in 2013, hope you and Grim get time to celebrate another time and really, really hope you enjoy CHA. Have fun in 2013! Hugs, Anne x

Carole Z said...

Happy New Year Hels! Thank you for all your inspiration thru the year ...all the projects are fab, but I do have a soft spot for the steampunk loco :) Carole Z xx

jane gray said...

Dear Hels

Wishing you a very happy and crafty 2013. i have been following you blog for some months and wish i can achive what you do and im sure i will one day. So please keep your ideas a coming as they at least get my creative jucies going if nothing else.

Enjoy your time at CHA and im sure you will inundate(?) us with all you great ideas.

Happy new year

carol e said...

Love your blog Hels and all the inspiration you give. Happy New Year to you both and of course Alfie cat

Caz said...

They're all gorgeous but if I had to pick favourites, they would be Graham's 50 and the Steampunk Loco.
Have a great 2013 (how can you not have a great year when you start with a visit to CHA?!?!?!?)

Clai01 said...

Beautiful, pieces of art!

Joanne said...

Oh how I would love to do a post like this one showing my works of art made throughout the year, trouble is, they would all resemble yours because you are my biggest inspiration and I can't get enough of what you do. So Hels, thank you for the laughter, the workshops, the web tutorials and not least for sharing your amazing talent with us. Long may you continue and 2013 will be a great year all round.

Netty said...

Beautiful selection of projects Hels.
Happy New Year, Annette x

Mooffie said...

What a great reminder of the year. Love them all, Hels, just great. I am not remotely jealous of the trip to CHA - not sure my credit card would be able to cope! Are you shipping the cheezy thingies back in bulk???! See you soon. TTFN. Ruth

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