Saturday, 15 December 2012

And The Winner Is...

...blimey! In fact, THRICE blimey! THANK YOU all for your lovely comments on my giveaway on Thursday, I had a whopping 59 lovely comments left... and I fed this into Mr and he chose..... Number 1.... 

This tallies with the comment left by Cornish Emma - congrats and please can you send me your addy so I can pop your prize into the post :O))   Also, thank you for all your lovely emails, comments, messages, Tweets for yesterdays shows... and wasn't it a treat that we had the VT of Tim's phone call from the November shows!   I have to admit that the 8am show was a bit of a blur, it went so quickly and I think I was still feeling a bit wierd after the drama of Thursday night.   Thankfully I managed to come home between shows and got some rest so I was feeling more normal for the 6pm show.  Working with Dave is always a pleasure too - he gets the whole distressy and grungy thing :O))   Today I am showing a sample I made for the Melt Art shows this week.

It is a 4" square wooden block and I combined it with the Dimensional Rose Art Studio 490 stamp set (yep, one of my favest sets) I started by giving the block a good coat of Traditional Tan paint and then I got a cosmetic tissue and separated the layers so I just had one thin layer and stamped the fab number background using Jet Black Archival Ink which I then heat set.  I melted some Beeswax pellets in my Project Pan in the Melt Pot and popped the tissue over the block and then painted Beeswax over the top, using a heat tool to keep the wax melted and easier to handle.   The flourish stamp was actually stamped in Coffee Archival but I forgot to heat set it before I applied Beewax so the hot wax actually changed the colour of the ink slightly... worth remembering cos I sure like that colour!  I made some Faux Porcelain flowers and leaves and popped those onto the block - I use Collall 3d glue to stick them but hot glue works well too.  The sentiment was stamped onto sand coloured card and heat set and then Beeswaxed over the top so it blends nicely with the background.  Some grungy streaks of black paint around the edges gave the overall look a nice frame.  Seriously, it is as simples as that!

Right I shall away... I am planning an easy day today.  Thank you for your concern about the whole flaking out thing... I am ok, I just ache like the devil, oh and my poor tongue, it is SO sore... Grim bought us a chinese takeaway last night and I took about 3 hours to eat it... ouch!   It is healing but still quite swollen and everytime I chew, I bite it again!   Oh and the big toe on my left foot... cor blimey, it is huuuurt-ing!  I think it must have bent back when I was on my way to the deck cos it is all black and blue and swollen and I am hobbling about on it at the moment!  I know, I am a mess!   Oh and the bruise on my forehead is starting to come out now... the egg shape it has left is rather fetching, I am now resembling a Klingon... attractive right?   And on that note, I shall leave you with that delightful image (lol) and say... thanks for looking... have a fab day!  TTFN

Hels x


Redanne said...

Love, love the melt art piece, tis gorgeous. The shows were fab but I could not email in on the earlier show, kept saying not available! Glad to hear you are resting today, that must have been some shock but you coped very well on the TV considering what happened to you! Do take care. Congrats to Cornish Emma too. Hugs, Anne x

Artyjen said...

Only just seen the last post...hope you are ok Hels...sounds like a nasty knock you had there ;)
Big hugs
xoxo Sioux

wendy vecchi said...

this is so cool!
love every last detail...

take care!

Debbie said...

Oh gosh Hels you sound a pretty site!!
At least you have 9 days to get ok by Christmas Day, just have a chill now.
You were great on tv, always are and your style is lovely.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Craftychris said...

Huge congratulations to Emma! Oh bless you - what a rubbish accident you had - I have just read your last post! You were a real trooper going on the telly anyways! I haven't seen the Timmy shows yet but have them recorded. Love this project and yesterdays. You take care of yourself and for goodness sake don't eat a hot chilli or curry till your tongue has healed! xx

Planetsusie said...

Hi Hels - this is beautiful, I have a melting pot at the back of the cupboard!!! Duh - I must get it out and have a play again. I have beeswax from my candlemaking days (oh I'm now giggling)! I love the fact that you have used a tissue on this one and I will be having a go following your brilliant instructions!

Big hugs to you (I've sent you a separate email about your 'demise' - ooh isn't that a lovely word??)

Sue Pxxx

craftypam60 said...

Hi Hels - your shows were brilliant this week, I've loved watching them! You were a real trouper going on air after having had that bad fall, already having back pain problems!! Hope you can now get chance to rest up - hope you feel loads better soon! And many congrats to the lucky winner of the draw!

Cornish Emma said...

Good Afternoon Hels, WOW ive actually won something - thats got to be a first. Thank you so much. Love this placque today, love the faux porcelin roses, on my to do list! Im glad your feeling a bit better. Enjoy your weekend. Emma

Caz said...

Missed your giveaway 'cause that was my handover day and you know what state I was in over that!
You've had some great chows this week and some good presenters with you for once - Martyn actually seemed to be really interested in what you were doing!!!
Hope you're feeling better and resting up now - don't want you poorly over Christmas

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Tried to e-mail the early show but my e-mail was sent back to me as it couldn't get through. Anyway the shows were great.
Just off for our Zumba Christmas night out. Should be a riot.

Val in Spain xxx

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,
Sorry you're feeling bruised and battered.
Well had a go at the melting pot flowers. So pleased the way they have turned out. Used the small die of tim holtz's tattered flowers. Lovely. X

Carole Z said...

Hi Hels, the melt art make is gorgeous and I can't wait for my order to arrive! Glad you are feeling better, take care, Carole Z X

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Hels, WOW, I missed this post yesterday, it is gorgeous, love it.
Glad you are feeling a little better now.
You little temptress you, you cost me a fortune this week ha ha, can't wait for it to arrive. Tim's wares and UTEE - simply gorgeous shows.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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