Friday, 21 December 2012

All Wrapped Up... Plus... The Winner! laid plans and all that.  I am in a serious strop at the moment because our t'internet has been on the blink since 11pm last night... until about half an hour ago when I realised that it had enough ooomph to upload photo', here I am with todays offering... oh and... the winner of the reindeer!  Firstly, THANK YOU all for your lovely comments, there were 88 in total! WOW!  So, I fed this number into and he gave me this:

Yes, the winner is commenter #35 which is JoanneCongrats Joanne, I will pop the reindeers into the post for you later :O))    Also today I am doing my DT for Fantastic Ribbons.  A few weeks ago the lovely chaps at Fantastic Ribbons sent us all some pretty ribbons to play with and make something wrapped... all of the DT designs are HERE on the Fantastic Ribbons blog... check them out... they are all stunning.  So.  Me and wrapping don't exactly have a very good past history.... I would go so far as to say I don't do it very well... so I have kind of been dreading this challenge because everyone has made such lovely stuff and I knew mine would look like AlfieCat had actually done it.... hey, thinking, AlfieCat would probs make a better go of it rofl

Anyways... never one to be beaten and give up, I decided to go with what I know, in a vain attempt to distract you from actually looking at the bow (never my strong point... I blame velcro lol)   I used brown paper to cover the pressie and smudged Vintage Photo DI right around the edges to add some inkiness.  I then got the Distress Markers and inked up some stamps... stamped them onto the wrapping and then heat set them.  Next came the bow making... best say not much about that... ahem... and because the wrapping was so atrocious, I added some little beady flower jobbies... and a Journal Ticket with a sentiment on it... ta-dah! Done!  Not my best make of this year but... it is the taking part right? 

Thanks for looking... I am away to lounge about a bit more.. I am having myself a jammie's day today... I have slobbed about all morning... and more slobbing about is required this afternoon.... and then I shall rush around about 10mins before Grim is due home from work (about 7.30pm) and do some dusting and empty some bins and get the dinner on so it looks like I have been a hive of activity all day... somehow I don't think I shall be fooling him though!  Speaking of Grim... I AM SO excited!!!!!! OH YESH!  Cos... I have got his Xmas pressie, it is wrapped (after a fashion) and I thought it all up by myself because he kept saying "nothing" when I asked what he would like to have for Xmas.  So, I thunked up the idea, got the thing and I am doing a little giggle-wiggle cos I think he will LOVE it!!!   All shall be revealed after the big day ;o))   Right... am offski, that sofa is callling me!  TTFN

Hels x


Anita Houston said...

Congrats to the lucky deer winner! I wanted! You are a great ribbon configurer!!! Gorgeous package!!!

Alison Horne said...

your bow is sparklyicious and wish I had thought if DI round edges of parcels. Now, whilst slumped on sofa,
take ribbon,
make 2 bunny ears,
tie in knot,
adjust size.
repeat ad nauseum, or throw at T.v. and let alfie play with it.
Have a good Christmas.xx

lainey said...

that's a stunner Hels!! lainey x

nannapat said...

Wish I could wrap as badly as that Hels! Pat x

Cornish Emma said...

Good Evening Hels, have to say im pretty rubbish at wrapping pressies, if they looked like this one i would be delighted.
Congrats to the winner of the reindeer and a big thank you for the blog candy i won the other day it is fantastic. Emma

Shazza said...

think this looks great. I need a jammie day, am well jell

Redanne said...

Congrats to Joanne on her win - lucky girl! I have a bow maker all ready to go to the car boot sale (I have two) so if you want it, please just email me with your address and I will get it in the post to you.

I think your parcel looks beautiful! Hugs, Anne x

Marleine said...

Hiya Hels,

Love the bow, such a pretty ribbon.

Hit toys r us for the grand kids, great fun. The idea of a sofa day tomorrow sounds good to me. X

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love your package, Hels! I also hate wrapping presents. I've been in the kitchen baking all day, but my couch is calling to me now, and I have answered.

Carole Z said...

Congrats to Joanne...your wrapping is gorgeous Hels! Carole Z X

Artyjen said...

Thanks for your comments! I Am still slightly sceptical but OMG I feel a connection. Happy Christmas! Xoxo Sioux

Artyjen said...

Thanks for your comments! I Am still slightly sceptical but OMG I feel a connection. Happy Christmas! Xoxo Sioux
Love your Xmas present wrapping :)

EELS said...

Hels the bow looks pretty good to me, don't think I could have done much better and lucky you having the option of a bow maker from the lovely Anne, she is so kind, she always seems to be offering something or other.

inkypinkycraft said...

hels , it looks fab to me
have a wonderful Christmas and hope Grim loves the pressie..sure he will! have a good one trace x

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels. Well done joanne on winning the lovely reindeer.

Love the parcel. Is that Grimms present?

Val in Spain xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, Congrats to Joanne for winning the 'to die for' reindeers, not that I am envious or anything - well just a tad ha ha.
Your pressie and bow is absolutely gorgeous, the ribbon is lush and the stamping, distressing and tag is gorgeous, I would love to receive a pressie like this.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Louise said...

your parcel looks gorgeous. I love the stamped corner, it finishes the parcel off lovely x

Joanne said...

Been running around like the beautiful deer I've just won so I'm sorry to be so late posting a thank you comment. I am chuffedticated (new word) to have won. What a wonderful birthday pressie.
Mwah xxxxxxxxxx

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