Wednesday, 21 November 2012

1500..... And Still Going Strong!

CORRRRR...blimey and THRICE!!!  You will never guess what!!!  This is my 1500th blog post!!!!  WOW!!!!  That's one serious amount of yakking isn't it?  When I first started my blog I had nooo idea that it would lead to some amazing opportunities, that I would meet so many lovely peeps, make some lifelong friends and turn it into the thing that has kept me sane during somewhat darker days when real life was a bit too tough to give my full attention to.  I have been blogging for over 5 years... when I first started I blogged sporadically because I was working full time shift work as a Train Driver. 

Then the bad thing happened and I didn't have the full time shift work anymore... and for a while I stayed in my Room of Stash, licking my wounds, feeling ever so sorry for myself and basically letting life slip me by.  But, apart from Grim and Alf (of course) the one thing that kept me perky was my crafting.  I meet a lot of peeps who have started crafting because of illness or sadness.  It is the universal thing that links us all together because even if you didn't start because of illness or sadness, I just know you will have suffered some of those things during your crafty time and I am pretty sure that crafting is the thing that kept you sane.  It sure kept me sane... and being able to come to my blog and waffle on alarmingly about things that weren't too heavy, that weren't too hard to talk about gave me the bit of ooomph I needed to get through those dark days.  I think the act of writing all about how I made something, of something daft that I have done, that little something ever so slightly mental that I might have said... well, it is the lighter side of life and I could focus on that rather than on how much pain I was in, how sad I was feeling.  Yes folks, I am at the conclusion that blogging is actually like therapy.  I have re-read some of the posts I did around that time and I actually found myself laughing... here's a classic post that I must have written whilst under the influence of very strong meds.... (nowt new there then lol)

Anyways.... enough waffling from me... the post is punctuated with some pics of a demo tag I did a couple of weeks ago at Birds in the Barn... not had a chance to show you the photo's of what I made yet... I can't believe that this time last week I was getting all set up in preparation for my tellybox shows... where did this week go???   And that means that it is now Wednesday and I need to get some stuff done before the weekend so I shall say... as ever... thanks for looking (and for you support over the years, your comments mean a very lot to me) and TTFN!

Hels x


Gabrielle said...

Huge congrats on reaching 1500! That's awesome! Though how you managed to write so many posts with Cheesy Chester Cheeto stained fingers I'll never know! Much love xxx

Lottie said...

I think you hit the nail on the head - blogging and crafting is really theraputic and such a distraction from the 'harder and challenging' side of life.

I think it gives you strength and joy to see a comment 'pop up' and in your case hundreds - and makes you somehow feel that in your deepest times - someone is actually interested in you and what you are doing and it gives you a kick up the proverbial at times when you need it most.

It's been a true thrill to watch your talents grow, from those early days - your confidence blossom and bloom- and I bet you never thought that you would achieve a new 'creative career' which is not only theraputic but a challenge and a joy - and at this stage, I bet your sweet biffy that it has overtaken your l love of those Cheesy Chester Cheetos.

Keep crafting, keep entertaining and inspiring pleps like me - and more importantly - keep enjoying what you are doing.


Dots Dabbles said... are amazing!!!
Dot x

Neil said...

I always enjoy reading and seeing what you are doing; so please don't stop. I agree that blogging and crafting help through tough times and give a focus that keeps you positive. I remember starting my blog but it was only after being unemployed that I really got into it and it really helped.

nannapat said...

I've only recently found your blog Hels so I've missed about 1,496 posts!! Congrats on reaching 1,500 and for sharing your talent with others. Crafting is wonderful therapy as is sharing it with like minded friends. Pat x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, I also had to stop work due to ill health and got back into painting which led me into craft which is a massive addiction but also keeps me sane. Its very theraputic and rewarding.
And never in a million years did i think ppl would buy my paintings and when i did my first solo exhibition it was amazing.

I love reading your blog as you always bring a smile or laugh and fabulous inspiration, so I for one appreciate the time you take to write your blog.


Joanne said...

Oh poo! I've got a lump in my throat now. If you feel like that about those that follow you, just think how we feel about you. Your gorgeous projects and hilarious posts make at least me smile every day. I have learnt so much from you that my crafting has improved no end. I have the utmost respect for you and above all treasure your friendship.
big hugs xxxx

Rita said...

Hels Sheridan, you are an amazing woman. I'm sure I speak for others too when I say that you are always a big inspiration to our crafting and in our lives too. Most of us have struggled with illness at one time or another and knowing that we can come and view blogs and have a chat must help enormously with any recuperation progress. I love your tag and the holly is amazing (is it a die by any chance). Grateful follower. Hugs Rita xx

rachel said...

stunning work Hels and congrats on post 1500!!!!! Amazing - and you're so right about crafting keeping us going - it definitely does me! Hugs Rachel xx

Helen said...

that is quite a lot of blogging... love the sample.

Craftychris said...

1500 posts! How cool is that! I love your blog - your are so very talented and funny! Thank you xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels.I've only been with you for about 300 of your blogs but you've become part of my every day routine, someone I feel as though i know.
I got into crafting after the death of my husband and the fact that I felt alone in another Country. Like a lot of other people on your blog even on a down day , having a creative time can brighten my life.

Looking forward to the next 1500 awesome things.

Val in Spain xxx

snazzyoriginal said...

Here's to the next 1500 and to all the smiles that break out as we read your posts - the Headmaster can even manage without a translator these days (but too much knowledge can be a very bad thing in his case lol!) xx

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,
Love the tag.

You are right in saying crafting and crafty friends are a tremendous help and support when you go through the black times.
So love your blog and comments. Long may it continue.xx

Ria Gall said...

Hi Hels
What a lovely tag a little like our little Christmas book which I love.
Wow you have given so much inspiration in your 5 years of blogging and blog 1500 is no different.
Congrats sweetie.

Astrid Maclean said...

First of all, congrats on your 1500!!! I so totally know what you mean about blogging and all that. I did not start because either illness or sadness but it certainly has helped me through some dark and stressful times, that's for sure! I look forward to the next 1500 lol, as far as I'm concerned, you don't only have a huge talent for crafting but you have a way with words that often has me laugh out loud and that's medicine in itself no? I keep thinking that you could use your talent for writing a really entertaining novel, - now how's that for an idea? But then, let me think, do we want to keep you away from your room of stash to do that, - probably not! As a crafty friend of mine keeps saying: keep smiling and creating!!! Lovely tag btw!

Redanne said...

Hi Hels, it is so refreshing to read your blog - and well done on the 1500, I only about 1350 to go to catch up!! I too had to finish work through a long and painful illness but it is crafting that has kept me sane (and happy too!). Blogging/crafting is such a lovely way to meet wonderful and like minded people, who don't seem to mind if we have an odd moan. Keep smiling Hels and keep us smiling too please. Love your gorgeous tag too! Hugs, Anne x

Andrea said...

you sure know how to chat and what are friends for if not to cheer you up when you feeling sad, sending you huge hugs my friend, and your arts fab as ever today, loves you xx

Stamping in Pink said...

evening Hels, I love reading your you always cheers me up. I've always crafting but really got into paper craft after a couple of car accidents and RA's been an issue on and off since teenage years. my wonderful DH and crafty friends get my 'obsession'. Craft blogging & 'chatting' to my lovely friends has saved my sanity and makes my pain easier to deal with & sometimes i can forget it for a little while.
i don't know what your issues are hun and would never ask. please be aware that i wish i had found you and your blog earlier - five year blogging is brilliant. you bring much joy, laughter and inspiration into mine and others lives - keep it up you lovely lady x

Buttons said...

What an awesome achievement Hels, and a beautiful tag to mark the occasion. Not only do you keep us all entertained and amazed at your talents (many and varied as they are!) you also get so many of us to join in the fun, and for that I'm personally very grateful. Here's to the next 1500. Hugs, Buttons x

TonyR said...

reading everyones posts here they have all said what i want to say too ....
you really are the best of the best young lady. you bring sunshine to so many peoples lives.
congrats on your 1500.
just one little thing to add from me -- simply --- i love you hels sheridan!

EELS said...

Hi Hels, you're so right in that blogging/crafting keeps one sane, couldn't agree more.
I think this latest tag of yours is super with the huge holly attachment etc.

Always have to chuckle when I read your sign off 'TTFN'.....reminds me of my dear Dad who introduced me to that.
Take care and have a crafty week.
Cheers, Elaine

sheila said...

many congratulations, especially for your tenacity. It takes some commitment to your followers to keep it up day after day. I know it is really appreciated, it's great to see your fantastic talent but also to read your blogesque chattings, it always brings a smile.

Gillian .... said...

Hurrah, mahoosive congrats to you my friend. Your posts are the best tonic ever, you are a warm kind and very talented lady and I'm so lucky to have your friendship and share in your art along the way.

Lots a love from your FCM friend :):)

uhuhuuuuuuuuuhaaahhhhhhhaaaa rofl xxx

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

1500! That's an amazing milestone...congrats to you, Hels! Your musings always bring a smile to my face, and for that I thank you most sincerely! Here's to another amazing 1500 posts yet to come!

Carole Z said...

Massive congrats Hels!!! I know exactly what you mean, I've been blogging for just a year and have been having a ball, meeting such lovely peeps and gain so much inspiration from crafters such!!! Thank you so much!
Crafting has got me through so much too and opened doors..I never dreamt I'd be teaching workshops a few years back, it helped me when my husband was ill nine years ago and it's my comfort zone at the moment when I am so stressed in my day job, hugs Carole Z X

Lin W said...

Well done,1500 is good going,
love the tag

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, WOW, congratulations on 1500 posts. I have found that crafting peeps are some of the kindest, most lovely people you can ever wish to meet, it is like having an extended family, which is brilliant for me as I don't have many family members. I thank my lucky stars when I came across your Blog, and actually meeting you was fantastic, because you are such a lovely girlie and have helped me so much with my own crafting (albeit costing me a fortune ha ha). I thank you so much, Hels.
Your tag is superb, I love everything you do.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Sue said...

Congratulations Hels-amazing. Crafting is the best therapy ever. Love your blog. Sx

Lisette Baker said...

Oh wow - this is beautiful. Especially love the pearl/pinecone combo.

Anita Houston said...

1500? I can only dream! You are the BEST deary!!! This tag is beyond gorgeous!!!!!

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