Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tag Time...

...cor blimey and thrice!  It is nearly November!  And... it is Tuesday! (bet you are glad I told you that... hahhaaa) and it means it is my day for The Stamp Attic DT.  This week I have mostly been playing with Metallic Distress Stains and have done a little show and tell HERE along with what I think of them... and a couple of ways to use them.  Next week I shall be doing another show and tell and will be using them in more different ways too.  To see more pics of my finished tag, please do go and check out the post.  Here's a sneaky peek anyways.

You will see I have made Pine Cones... and... I have found a doddle way of putting them together.  I have tried the cocktail stick and hot glue method, whilst it works, it is a wee bit dangerous for me being as anything molten hot is bound to end up dripping onto exposed skin.  So, when I was making them I had little think.... "wonder if Cosmic Glue will do it???"  Well, it works perfectly for the Spellbinders Spiral Blossoms... so I tried it... and yep! It works!  And... it is forgiving too, it glues the bottom of the Pine Cone pretty quickly, I only had to hold it for about a minute, then I started to bend the petals ( Know they aren't petals... can't think of the proper word...) and then because the base has stuck, you can then get some tweezers and pull the middle upwards so it turns from a flower into a pine cone!  Cool huh?  Anyways... I shall away... I have a very special birthday boy visitor arriving today and I am sooo looking forward to seeing him!  My Aged P (Dad - my affectionate nickname for him) is coming to stay for a couple of days... and... ssshh... he is bringing... Proper. Northern. Fish. And. Chips!  Yes, by the time he gets here they will be clap cold but... pop them onto a rack and into the oven for about 20 mins and they are back to gorgeousness.... and there will be mushy pea's too!  I can't even begin to describe how happy my little chops will be whilst I am scoffing said Fish & Chips, maybe I will get Grim to take a photo lol   Right, time to sign off... thanks for looking........ have a great day and... to all my American friends... PLEASE STAY SAFE!!!!  TTFN

Hels x


Anonymous said...

Hi Hels, just tootling over to see your show.

Looking at the pics of America this moring my heart goes out to the poor people in the middle of it.

Bye for now

Val in Spain xxx

Annie said...

This is great Hels as I purchased some metallics at the SECC craft fair in Glasgow on Sunday. Just popping over to view the whole project x Enjoy your fish n chips with peas of course !

Hugs Annie x

Julia S-W said...

Had a look at your full post and left a comment there. Fab work Hels as ever.
Hope you have fun with the birthday boy too! Enjoy the fish & chips and save the mushy peas for me!!

Buttons said...

Loving your delicious tag and the sound of those fish and chips. Enjoy! Hugs, Buttons x

Gerrina said...

Have fun with your dad visiting and enjoy the food! It's such a good sneakpeak that I'll be of and go check it out now! Hugs, Gerrina

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, I absolutely LOVE what you have done with this tag, it is stunning, I love it. I bought the metallic Distress Stains at Kettering, so this project will be ideal for me, I have all the dies, so will be able to re-create this masterpiece of yours. I can't wait now for next week, for Part 2, THANKS TO STAMP ATTIC for asking you to do these projects.
Hope your Dad has a good journey with the Fish, Chips and Peas, bet you are slavering at the thought ha ha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

rachel said...

all that talk of fish, chips and mushy peas has got my tummy in a turmoil - and its breakfast time!!!! Fab tag!! Hugs rachel x

Fuchsia said...

Wow its lovely Hels
I am going to have to get some of that cosmic glue I love the pine cones die but it does sort of put you off using them when you cant glue them quickly ....Thanks for the tip x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, lovely tag - been over for a look, i love the metallic stains, ive used them alot on my xmas cards. Enjoy your fish and chips and visit frm yr dad. Emma

Marleine said...

Morning Hels,
Those fish and chips sound scrummy.
What a brilliant idea for making pine cones.
Have a lovely day with your Dad. X

Craft2gether said...

Hi Hels. Love the look of the stains. Waiting for mine to pop through the letter box! Can't wait to get my hands on them.
Fish n Chips...mmmmmmmmmmmmm Wish I could join you!
Hope to catch up with you soon!
Lynne xxx

ellen vargo said...

Enjoy your fish n chips! say hi to 'Dad' for me, from his American daughter - even tho' I've never met him... love to you, G, and "Aged P". LOL.

butterfly said...

Fab sneak peek... enjoy your fish'n'chips!
Alison x

Joanne said...

My fave bit on your tag is the spotty holly leaf. Just love the twist on that one. As for 'Aged P', without him we wouldn't have you so I wish him the most happiest birthday ever.
Hugs Joanne xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Hels, love your tag sneak peak! I have metallics now and am trying to find the time to use them-lol. Hope you had a fab fish n chips with your dad! Hugs Carole Z X

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