Thursday, 20 September 2012

Recipe Time...

...cor blimey and thrice!  I have just logged in to post todays...erm... post... and YIKES!  It is not my normal bloggy thing, I have been upgraded and I reallllly no likey it!  So, if the pics and words are all jumbled up, for once it isn't me!   Anyways.  Today is the day for me and Ellen to post our latest Recipe challenge.  We had a lovely Skypey crafty sesh on Sunday and came up with this recipe:

- Master Board large enough to cut down to 9 ATC's (each ATC is 2.5" x 3.5")
- All 9 ATC's will be mounted on a base (approx 8" x 11") and hung with a "clippy hanger" - you know - a hanger with clips on it!
- Textured background
- Ink sprays
- Hand stamped sentiment
- Tape (washi or other)
- Embellishments of choice

I have shamelessly copied that list from Ellen because I can't read my writing in my book lol   Now, I says that I wanted to get that WOW factor.  Ellen reckons she didn't get it... I reckon she DID.  I reckon I didn't get quite the WOW that I wanted... more of a "oh, that's different" lol

I posted the other day with a WIP pic... here's another one, this one is after I covered everything with ivory paint.  It was my intention to take pics every so often during the construction... I even had the camera right next to me... and again, I forgot!

Once the painty layer was dried and I had cut the ATC's, I used Dylusions sprays to get some colour onto the piece.  Postbox Red, Fresh Lime and a smidge of Black Marble were used to get a swoosy background.  I edged each ATC with Black Dabber to frame the designs and then get a bit over-excited with the embellishing bit.

Thing is, once I had done the spritzing, I kind of lost the definition... it looked ever so flat and boring... so I spread Traditional Tan paint over the pieces, in a "spreading butter on bread" motion, the paint picked up the sprays and changed colour ever  so slightly but I like that effect.   I used my black Stabilo All pencil to edge around the lumpy bits - so they popped a bit more too.

There's a ton of Prima flowers, lots of metal stuff - trinkets I have collected over the years and always kept for "something special" as well as my fave kind of embellies - Studio 490 Blossom Bucket.  I wanted to add loads more embellies but I kind of ran out of room for big stuff... so I hit on the idea of adding butterflies.

These are the new Studio 490 butterfly from Art For You - perfect size for my piece... and I inadvertantly pulled a wing off one of them whilst colouring them... so I used it anyway, he just looks like he is perching for a rest.  So, I got all brutal and pulled another wing off...  The smidges of bling on the piece were created by spritzing Red Firefly Cosmic Shimmer spray onto the flowers... I love how it gives a really metallic finish without it being too heavy.

I popped the ATC's onto a piece of greyboard I painted with Charcoal Black paint - I wanted a bit of a semi-matte finish to the paint and Claudine Hellmuth's paint range are perfect for this.  I coloured a piece of cardstock with Traditional Tan paint and then used Alpha stamps to make a sentiment.  My sentiment is from an ancient Tim Holtz woody stamp - one of my faves that I never really use!  Check out the clippy hanger!  Ellen sent me some of these for my birthday... aren't they just SO cute!

Anyways... that's about it I reckon.  I know, there's a lot of pics and a very lot of writing... so, whatcha fink?  Over all, I am happy with it... in my head it was going to be blue and green... so where the red came from I have no idea.   As ever, thanks for looking... HERE's Ellen's post so you can pop and see her creation too.  I am going to hit publish now and am keeping everything X'd that it posts properly.  When I am looking where the photo's are, they are all aligned left... and I need them central but after several yonks trying to move them, they keep popping back to the left... I guess I need a lesson in Blogger again!   Anyways... Have a good day! TTFN

Hels x

44 comments: said...

What a gorgeous piece of art my eyes do spy Hels. The colours and the combinations are gorgeous. It will be interesting to see how many times that particular adjective is applied in comment to your wonderful play.

Anonymous said...

Wow. And oh yes, WOW again. It is GORGEOUS.

Artyjen said...

I'd give it a Wow! Even if you don't!!! LOL It is gorgeous :)
xoxo Sioux

Elaine said...

Definitely gorgeous!!

Joanne said...

I can't write what I said when I scrolled down to the pictures 'cept to say incredible. I know you said you had a tonne of Prima flowers but I reckon you will be out buying more at this rate. This is now the most gorgeous piece you have made and if poss. will you bring it along next week for others to share the experience I just had. There may be a lot of 'yes, yes, yes' moments LOL.
Hugs Joanne xxx

Joanie said...

Fantastic Hels, love it!

Joan x

Marleine said...

Morning Hels,
What a truly beautiful work of art and inspiration. Am loving the words and colour, the idea of a hanger like that is brilliant. Will look out for something like that or put hubby on to making one. All the best AP. not going this time. X

JoZart Designs said...

That is one gorgeous creation. Love it!
Jo x

snazzyoriginal said...

Oh my, how could anybody not think WOW when they see this. Just gorgeous and I don't do pink!I can't figure out the photo placement on the pesky new blogger either xx

ellen vargo designs said...

WOW! You definitely, without a doubt, got the WOW factor! Love it! Gorgeous! I guess we are our own worst critics... :) Once again, another fun recipe - wonder what we'll come up with next? Hugs, xxx

EmmaT said...

Morning Hels, I think yours has the WOW factor too. Love it, great textures and colours, plenty to lead the eye.
Don't you just hate upgrades!

Jenny Marples said...

Just for Julie - IT'S GORGEOUSNESS ITSELF!! Actually ,it is! Having a group together gives the whole project such an impact and you just can't have enough embellies on something of this size. Got to try using that pencil shading coz it works so well too.
Blogger is driving me nuts this morning too - trying to add a widget/having to change to a dynamic view and watching as all the text and the background refuse point blank to change!! Arrrgghhh, what a waste of a morning. Hmmpph. Will have to blend some stains to get rid of the frustration:) Hugs, Buttons x (sorry, War & Peace again!)

Helen said...

I do wish blogger wouldn't keep changing things. Ihaven't posted for a day or so, so haven't noticed anything...
BUT I love your group of ATC's they are fab fab fab and I love all the embellies! I thought Ellen's had WOW too....

Maggie said...

Great Atc hanging Hels now I'm not a pink person but love the warmth you have created here and of course flowers and butterflies work everytime for me!! poped over to Ellen's blog and left comment How different they both look .....Wow!! :)
Blogger looking OK to me must have been a gremlin and he's gone


Martha Richardson said...

WOW...Utterly fabulous...what a great patchwork idea! I'm going to have to try this RECIPE!

rachel said...

absolutely stunning Hels - love it - so feminine! Hugs rachel xx

chinese restaurant brisbane said...

Very nice explained recipe! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Angie said...

Stunning ...I love how you mounted them together too ... a very big WOW xx

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning - and thank goodness that Blogger did it right too!

Andrea said...

I to will say WOW its brilliant Hels and sooooo much detail in there, now of to see Ellens x

Candy C said...

Such a pretty master board full of ATC loveliness, Hels. Love each and every one of them! <3 Candy

Maisie Moonshine said...

B E A U T I F U L!

Rita said...

What a fabulous hanging Hels. The colours are beautiful and you must be thrilled by the outcome. Hugs Rita cxx

Marijane said...

Very pretty! Love all the little details. What do you find is the best way to cut that heavy master board? I have trouble cutting thick board neatly.

Mrs Beez said...

I went WOW before I saw that you didn't think it had WOW so that means it definitely has WOW - I don't just love it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Only sadness - I don't have postbox red!!

Vicky said...

The first word out of my mouth was wow.......and then I read the post same as a previous commenter......really amazing!

Val in Spain xxx said...

Wow, how clever. I love it.

Planetsusie said...

Love this Hels - I did a real close up because I am so fascinated by all of this. I think the reds are amazing and I always love the twiddly bits and the way you alter them and paint bits here and there.

Absolutely glorious.

Hugs Sue Pxxx

Barb Cady said...

My goodness you'e usually really good but this is magnificent! I can't say enough about it, awesome Hels, and you've got me wanting to do some atc's again! x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, I thouroughly agree with other postees, these ATC's are 'magnificent', I love every one of them, they are a story leading from one to the other, truly magnificent. This is true ART, Hels, absolutely beautiful.
I hope to see you at Ally Pally, it will be my first time, I'm so excited.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Fuchsia said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous ! I love it Hels

Diane.W. said...

AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!! I just want to look at it all,bit by bit :o) x

Korry said...

This is fabulous !!!!

Von said...

These are lovely Hels :)
Von ♥

Karen said...

Fantastic! hugs Karen x

Becky said...

Love what you have Hels will have to pinch the idea when home from hols.

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I love the way you've designed this and the way the atc's are arranged. I may borrow the arrangement idea of them, if you don't mind. The atc's are gorgeous...feminine and perfectly colored! What a display piece!

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