Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WOYWW... A Winner!

...Cor blimey and thrice alive it is that day of the week again... already! Oh yesh, it is Wednesday, time for the amazing hop that is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Devised and hosted by the one and only Julia, HERE are all the deets on how to join in with this brilliant hoppety-skippety around the crafty desks of Blogland. Last week I had a little giveaway on my desk... and I had 80 lovely comments left... and I went over and demanded that Mr do the maths for me and he picked... Comment #4 which was left by Craftimamma. Thank you all for your fab comments... and if you could email me your addy please Lesley, I will pop your pressie in the post :O)

So... this week I am polishing my halo! Oh yesh, that is cos I spent a couple of hours last night cleaning up and tidying away and banishing junk to the bin so the Room of Stash is looking totes-amazeballs tidy! On my desk is my trunk of Art Parts... I know, I know, there's a lot of Art Parts in that there trunk but... I have been collecting them for a while and erm... I am kind of addicted and... erm... well, there's no excuse really... apart from the fact that I love 'em! I am going to make a couple of samples ready for my Demo Day on Saturday at Let's Create in Lincolnshire... I am really looking forward to that... if you are in the area it would be fabbydabby to meet you! Remember that chunk of wood from last week? You know, the one that I was altering to make something pretty? Well, I am no further forward with it but I did make a couple of metal roses and then decided that they didn't suit the piece... back to the drawing board on that one lol

Right, I must away to my bed... I have a date with the pointy doo-dah's again in the morning... although I have come to the conclusion that acupuncture doesn't work for me :O( Still, it was worth a try... Have a goodly day... thanks for looking.. TTFN!

Hels x


RosC said...

Good morning - well, it is for me and you're tucked up asleep peacefully I hope. I see the roses...look forward to the final idea. And the Chest of lovely bits!
I've got a great restless thing to change my desk. I like yours because it's busy AND it's attractive. I'm going to add a few things like the plant, clock, notice board.
Hope the demo goes well.
(no number yet but got folks visiting so getting to it early).

peggy aplSEEDS said...

those art parts are wonderful. no wonder you're addicted to them! happy WOYWW!

Sarah said...

You are becoming a real Mary Poppins on the crafty cleaning front! I haven't been here in the comment box for a while but have been looking at all the lovely makes and reading the gossip too. Acupuncture and falling trees aside I hope you, hubby and Mr. Alfie are all doing well. Enjoy the new BB goodies from Wendy and BTW - was excited to hear of the new show - or ANY decent stamp show in The Midlands....yeah!

Have a creative week and happy WOYWWing... Sarah at 12!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your halo must be shining brightly with such a clean space!

Happy Wednesday!

Zoe #49

Michelle Webb said...

That's the biggest stash of art parts I've seen! I'm well jel! Fab desk as always. Michelle x

Minxy said...

Hummmmm your art parts over floweth.. you need to send me some, o wait i already have some neatly in a beautiful project x
You must of been up real late to get the place looking so tidy lol
Loving the case, where's it from?
Hugs Minxy #39

Joanne said...

Such a busy person, cleaning, demo-ing, getting struck by lightening......oh and sticky pointy things. Is there no end to this girls' talent??
Hugs Joanne xx

Paula (PEP) said...

Ha - your clocks give you away - you were up late tidying, never mind writing your blog. Hope you got to sleep before 2am.
Paula (PEP)

craftimamma said...

Oh Wow, am I a happy bunny this morning in spite of the terrible weather. I WON YOUR FABBY PIECE OF ART, YAY!!!!! Thanks so much Hels and Mr It will be treasured and I'm thrilled it's got one of those new gorgeous flowers on.

Your desk is looking great as always, tidy or not and I love that vintage looking case ...... and what's in it.

Hope the pointy things don't upset you too much today.

Lesley Xx

Rita said...

Congratulations to the Winner, what a lovely prize. Your desk is certainly super tidy Hels. I love the idea of your trunk for keeping findings. I think I've raided all the nooks and crannies in the house and got lots of bits that were forgotton. Have a lovely day. Hugs Rita xx

Redanne said...

Tidying? Did I see that on your blog? You do indeed deserve a halo, your desk is super tidy. Love that little suitcase with the Art Parts in - so love them. Have fun on your demo day. Anne x (now #61)

Red Kitty said...

Looks fantastic, really neat and tidy. Needs messing up, lol. have a good WOYWW. xxx

Karen said...

Good morning! WOW what a neat and tidy desk, you need to mess it up again with some of your fab craft projects!

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx #75

Jackie said...

What a tidy desk that is...i am impressed...having a look around i noticed a very old stamp i have in your pile of wooden stamps....the square darker wood one with a butterfly....i have had that stamp about 12 years + i would think.......happy stamping
Jackie 46

inkypinkycraft said...

What tidy desk, got distracted by the fab pile of arts parts, how yummy..cannot wait to seethe wonders you make hugs trace x 97ish

CraftygasheadZo said...

I just your space, it seems so warm and lush, and so much to play with, including that case of art parts! Super! Take care & enjoy WOYWW. Zo xx 77

whyducks said...

Very tidy Mrs Clever Clogs. Hope today goes better than you think. x

Helen said...

oh, I just love that trunk and all the art parts in it... still not used many of mine!! hope the (pointy things) do help today... thinking of you! helen, 22

Victoria said...

thank you for the look around your crafting space today

vicky #104 woyww
Ps I also have saturated canary candy on my blog

Gabrielle said...

OK. So one polished halo is definitely given to you! Hope today goes ok - I think it's one of those things that just needs time to work and after all you've had years of pain. Think positively and you never know what might happen (and yes, sat from over here it is very easy to say that but acupunture did cure my trapped nerve about 5 years ago...!) Mwah x

Fuchsia said...

Gentle pat on the back for your tidying session :0)
I am not overly convinced that acupuncture works for me either but will go the course .
well done craftimamma
enjoy your week x

Twiglet said...

So neat and tidy! Good luck with those needles. x Jo

Queen Of Toys said...

Congrats to the winner, boo hoo it wasn't me. What an awesome suitcase full of stuff can you send it my way, I promise to play with it and get my desk messy.

Eliza #26

May said...

Congrats to the winner.... enjoy!!! Thats a great big stash of art parts WOW...WOW...WOW... you are going to be the clean desk... Hugs May x x x

Shazza said...

oooh Hels hope today went well x

Li'l Pidge said...

ooh a tidy desk.....very nice. I hope the needles were kind to you!

kyla #137

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Hels,

Your desk looks quite organized! There's still lots of cool stuff to see though. I like that.

The acupuncture sometimes takes a few sessions to get the full affect. I'm going again on Friday after work. So looking forward to it.


Caz said...

WOW - that's impressive considering you were still saying it looked a tip at 9:30 last night!!!
Hope your day of prickings went well!!
Happy WOYWW #174

Princess Judy Palmer said...

As someone who just got her mammogram done, I was wondering if the appointment for the pointy doo-dahs was to get your chi-chis squished (like if you wore a Madonna-in-80s pointy bra or something). Okay, acupuncture it is. I've always wanted to try that. I also want to have a pet psychic visit my cat sometime. You know, just curious. Congrats on the nice tidy desk. It looks lovely and ready for you to dive in to play!

Julia Dunnit said...

My dad was like you about acupuncture but we forced him to stay with it and as he relaxed better, so he started to get a bit of benefit, he has neuropathy. Anyhooooo.......I can totally understand how you need a trunk full of the doodad things to allow you to make a COUPLE of samples for the weekend. Really. Hkinda hope you make bait of mess in there too, you're freaking me out!!

kay said...

well you can never have too many goodies so why not a suitcase full :)
have a crafty week and
happy WOYWW
kay #98

Astrid Maclean said...

OMG, that desk does look tidy and I love that trunk as much as I love the APs in it, and there I thought I was a hoarder. Sorry to hear those pointy things don't work for you.... great news about Lesley being the winner, coincidence or what.....?

Happy WOYWW #34

Erika said...

Oh Hels so green here my room is so a mess this week....must have a tidy soon. Your desk looks far too tidy, LOL. Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW,

Est xxx said...

I love how busy your desk looks even when it's tidy :-)
Est #160

Spyder said...

Love those lash shelves piled with lots of crafty goody-ness! Thank you for my snoop! Have a lovely crafty week! Happy WOYWW!
Late this week! #102

Sue from Oregon said...

Always feels so good to have a nice tidy session doesnt it? Guess we will see next week if it takes LOL!


Sorry to be so late...I just seem to be getting slow in my old age! Great space, thanks for sharing! Glenda#103

Danielle said...

I am trying to figure out what is on top of the brown case on the left. Is it stamp sets or die cutting dies? dani138

okienurse said...

awesome picture of your desk. Always so neat and cleaned up!!! Love all the awesome things I see to play with. Vickie #41

Hazel said...

I must be going more mad than usual because I know I've seen all this already this week and thought I'd left a comment, but obviously hadn't. What a smart workspace today! (or is it not by now?!) - (Hazel # 173) x

Joynana said...

Love your space. so many shelves. #121

Queen Lightwell said...

Yeah for a cleaning spree! Your desk is a very busy looking must keep you hopping. Are art parts all the little things by TH, like gears and stuff? My hobby shop doesn't have a huge section from him so I'm still learning some terminology. So behind the times, right? :)

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