Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ssshhhh... Sneaky Peeky's....

... this is probably going to be the shortest post ever seen on Ink On My Fingers... because... I am busy sampling (ooh, I sound like a DJ or somefink) I have had a splendid time in the Room of Trash (yep, still bad, getting worse by the hour... more of that in a mo....) Anyways... I wanted to show you a couple of sneak peeks of the samples that I have been doing... A whole lotta lovelyness in the form of Studio 490 stamps, Art Parts and Clearly For Art... mmm... yummy!

So... the Room of Trash. Well, yesterday was a right old hoot... many thanks for so many inventive suggestions for tidying this old pigsty... I have to mention the very first comment from Lisa... here's what she said

OK, I can make you the proud owner of a clean and tidy room with very little effort. Follow my instructions to the letter.....

1. Get a number of large cardboard boxes

2. Heave everything on the floor or not in it's rightful place into the boxes

3. Seal the boxes

4. Post them to me.

Voila! Well...... a girl's gotta try eh?

Lisa ;)

And Helen said this:

Your room looks fab as always. How about an "open house" and we'll come and help you - ahem - tidy it... Failing that, put on your red shoes, click your heels and....
Love your candy - thanks for the chance to win!

And Jacqui said this... which made total sense... and... goodly advice, don't photo the floor!

Sadly there is only one way - get on with it :-)) - though it'll just all come back again so not to be undertaken too often - the floors of most craft rooms are - i suspect - health and safety hazards - mine certainly is - but usually hidden from view in all photo shoots

And the most inventive from Viv's Visuals (honestly, this made me hooooot!)

Wot a nice tidy room Hels! I tidied my space and tidied away my mojo with it... so keep the mess is wot I say cos otherwise u won't be makin'anythin'! Alternatively, you could try leaving the lights off and wearing night goggles to navigate to your desk. Once sat in your chair you can just turn your back and then you won't see it....take night goggles of, turn on lights get creative. When bed time calls place said night goggles back on, give the SAS a ring (cos they're very good with ropes and extracting people from bombed areas) and they can come and rescue you.
Happy Days! x

And from Pixie Camembert (cool blogger name huh!!) who said this (brrrilliant excuse!)

Hi, Hels.
My method of organizing/straightening/cleaning is very simple. I go buy MORE stuff. I didn't say my method works...but it's my method and I'm sticking to it!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Sally in California
So... this was supposed to be a short post... well, it sort of it because I didn't do all the writing... I will just remind you that... I have some candy up for grabs... HERE is the post you will need to leave a comment on - winner drawn and announced next Wednesday 18th January...

And finally to Elizabeth ... thank you for your very detailed answer to my problem, I am going to do this as soon as I can... tis a fab idea...

Actually, THANK YOU to every one of you who made a suggestion/left a comment.. muchly appreciated!!

Am deffo off now, I have just looked at the clock, it is 04.27... yikes... I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago (Grim is on stoopid earlies so I go to bed when he leaves for work... I like crafting at night so it works well... but... ) Thanks for looking... and for all the funny comments yesterday... TTFN!

Hels x


Helen said...

Glad we gave you some amusement with our offers of tidying!! Love the sneak peaks, will be watching out for them!

whyducks said...

What fabulous sneaky peeks, really looking forward to your show!

Candy C said...

YOU ARE INSANE!!! But, I love you anyway! haha Your post today was funny. I can't wait to see your samples...I know that they are fantastic. The sneak peeks are such a tease! You naughty girl! <3 Candy

Caz said...

You're a nut case....a very nice one but definitely a nut case!!
Mine you done make yourself ill with all this overworking and funny sleeping times!!
Will have to programme the machine to record both but will watch it live anyways and send you an email or two while you're hope they put you on with Nigel..........

craftimamma said...

Oooh, those sneaky peeks look sooooo good! I'm drooling already (not a pretty sight, lol) and can't wait for the shows.

Lesley Xx

Anonymous said...

You come across as so sane when you're on telly too - no one would ever guess, ha, ha!! You make me laugh and you're like a breath of fresh air! Can't wait for Saturday!

Val said...

Can't wait to see your samples.

So you are a night bird as well!
It's lovely having the peace and quiet just to get on.


Lori said...

Looks like you're in the usual creative mode here Hels, just love all your fabby work! Especially the Wendy bits! LOL!

Bast said...

Love the sneak peaks! Lots of eye candy! Cannot wait to see what you can up with.

My god your room looks a lot like mine. hey it is a sign of a creative genius ;)


Anita Houston said...

ROFL!!! I love all those comments, and really love those sneaky peeky's! Show me more! And...I only clean up after a holiday. So you have until way after Valentine's! Now grab that Mr. Mojo by the waded up paper balls and get crafting!!!

Bee said...

a-maz-ing show Hels, looking forward to the 6 o'clock one and have a feeling Mr Plastic will be amking his first appearance of the year.


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