Monday, 28 November 2011

With A Bauble & A Bang...

...cor blimey and thrice! I have had a fab weekend with the lovely ladies and chap who came to do my classes at The Stamp Attic. Saturday saw us revisit The Book of Advent that was so popular last year... and everyone had a grand time. Thank you's to Caz (she who makes the drinks all the time and is now a super star) Lew, Caz's son, bless him, he had to put up with me all day... and Heather. One of the ladies couldn't make it because she was poorly-sick... get well soon Sarah! Because I am a numpty, I took the photo's - oh yes, I remembered... and then promptly deleted them off the camera after thinking that I had already bunged them onto Lionel.. oopsiedaisies. Yesterday Laura came to the Exploding Box Class bearing gifts! Last year, if you remember, she knitted me a little woolly hare to go with my collection and this year she knitted me the cutest little hare egg-cosy... but... I decided to use him as a hair decoration... here he is, perched atop my barnet.....

Memo to Self - do roots before having photo taken

I did take pics yesterday too... that there one is of the class yesterday - many thanks to Miriam (who brought gorgeous biccies), Sue, Laura (who is sporting a fetching paper moustache) Thelma, Fred and Annette.

And... amazing or what... I actually grabbed a chance to take a piccie of Annette's Exploding Box before she left lol Here's the other pics too... note, mine isn't there because... errrrm, I didn't finish yesterdays and I am a donut (as well as a numpty) and left my sampler with Wendy... before I took pics of it... oppsiedaisies #2






I am sad now that this season's classes are over and done with ... there's something really satisfying about doing them... I love that every single person who comes along makes something that looks slightly different from my sampler... it is good to see all the different interpretations of it. Anyways... I will be starting up new classes in the New Year... I am probably going to wait until the end of February because I don't want to have to take Ferdy out in deep snow... I don't have a problem driving in the adverse weather... tis the others I worry about making journeys from all over the place. I just want to say another THANK YOU to Wendy for hosting the classes and allowing me to take over her workshop and make a mess everywhere :O)

I spent a couple of hours last night clearing out the Room of Stash... it had gone beyond normal untidiness and was rapidly descending into chaos. A couple of nights ago I had a slight mishap... namely, I dropped a FULL pot of Mica Flakes ALL over the place. And I mean... allllll over. Surprising where those little suckers can get to. Anyways, I went to bed, as you do... and hoped that the Vaccuuming Fairy would have visited during the night to tidy up... Nope, not a chance, so, last night, armed with the vac, I set about cleaning up. And now, I am sitting here feeling rather chuffed, it is amazing what a good clear out will do for the old Mojo... time to go and make it all messy again now! Thanks for looking ... TTFN!

Hels x


Helen said...

Those exploding boxes look great fun. Mica flakes everywhere sounds a bit nasty, messy - I can only imagine... have a good day messing up the room of stash!

Lastochka said...

So wonderful boxes!

Shazza said...

they look great!!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

The exploding boxes look fab. The Christmas stamp in the last pic looks lovely Hels, what make is that. Enjoy clearing up those flakes LOL Tracy x

Kathy Eddy said...

These boxes are just wonderful! My room is in total chaos right now and I haven't even started my cards yet. Need to get them going so I can do Tim's tags! Better head there now and remove a layer and see what happens.

Dots Dabbles said...

Your classes look like sooo much fun Hels! You have amazing projects
Dot x

Candy C said...

Hey your knitted hair cozey. It looks so cute on you! The exploding Christmas boxes are beautiful! Looks like a fun class!! Seeing your picture of you and your cute smile makes me miss you even more. <3 Candy

Dee in N.H. said...

Wow! Your girls did a fine job on those boxes! Very nice! We must have had an influence on each other this weekend, I dropped a brandy new jar of perfect pearls, that stuff got everywhere! LOL! How I wish I could come to your classes too!

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