Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thank You!!!

Wow! And Thrice WOW! I just wanted to say a HOOOGE thank you to each and everyone of you who left me the most amazing comments on yesterdays post... I am totally overwhelmed!! Thanks also to you helpful peeps who advised that you can actually watch the shows online... how cool is that! Anyways... I have been beavering away in the Room of Stash *actually that sounds a bit daft because to beaver away you would think that dams were being built and such-like and I can assure you, I haven't been dam building, or lodge building either, which, apparently, is where a beaver lives... I will stop now because I am even beginning to scare myself* Where was I? Ah yes, Room of Stash... making samples.. here's a sneaky of a few so far :O))

So... a few samples made and lots more to do...and my mounting excitement that it is December 1st tomorrow which can only mean one thing... yes, it is time for the start of this years Tim's Twelve Tags of Christmas!!! I am going to stay up all night because I want to see the first one posted... and I have no idea how to change our time into Tim's time or, indeed, what time it is... Well, obviously I know what time it is like now... no what I mean is the time that it will be posted... all I can say is that... I CANNOT wait!!! Anyways... I know it is now time for me to stop with the waffle and go in search of Mr Mojo, who waltzed out of the door about an hour ago, muttering something about a picket line... I am hoping he got confoosed and meant Picket Fence... not that he is going on strike! *oooh, topical comment or what!!!* Right, am offski... again, THANK YOU EVERYONE... means the world to me!! TTFN

Hels x


Lesley said...

Your sneeky peeks look fab....and oh-so-teasing!! Can't wait to see demoing Wendy goodness! I'm staying up tonight as well...can't work out the time difference!! ;o))

Joanne said...

Ooh! is Hels making cards then? That's out of her comfort zone me thinks. One thing's for sure, they will be FANTASTIC. As for the lord and master, if my memory serves me right, I think his posts are live here either 8 or 9am. Don't quote me though, would hate for you to miss them. Hang on, I'll just have a look at my folders.......drat, there's no time on them. Guess I won't be sleeping either then.
hugs Joanne xx

Fliss said...

The peeks look fabulous Hels and I'll have to watch online too as my freeview is now kaput for Create & Craft (the fault of those naughty peops across the channel and their mega powerful transmitter) so the only option is the comp.
I too can't wait for tomorrow and have all my Tim stash in one box in readiness - sad I know but it helps to keep organised if I have to improvise.
Fliss xx

Shazza said...

looking good Hels x

Dots Dabbles said...

Hi Hels, in Australia and can't get to see your show, but great news about it being online...can anyone let me know the link please???? I would love to see your classes.
Dot x

Mary said...

Ack! I can't wait for 12 Tags either! =) Last year I believe he posted them at midnight...and according to my iPod midnight Arizona time is 7 AM your time. But if he posts them midnight PST that would be 8 AM your time. Either way, I think you can sleep, just set the alarm for early! Holy cow I hope this doesn't end up being completely wrong.... curse time zones! =P

Joanna King (aka Asia K) said...

Congrats hun, I am soooooo happy for you!!! You will look fab on the telly and I'm sure you will make us proud!!! Must set a recording lol ;) A couple of my cards were on C&C last week, so hubby already up to speed with the recording thing ha ha ha! Well done and can't wait to see your demos on the telly! Big hugs xxx

Donna said...

Congrats and thoroughly deserved! Can't wait to see your debut next week! If my memory serves me, I think the Timster posted at 7 am our time last year. Breakfast can wait for the next 12 days! xx

Dee in N.H. said...

I'm doing the happy dance because hopefully I can find your show on my computer and if that wasn't enough, it's almost time for the tags too! I can't wait to see your tags! Hope someone can point us to a link to your show!

craftimamma said...

Wow Hels, what fantastic news! No wonder you've been bursting to tell everyone. At last some real quality inkyness to watch (it's been sadly lacking for a long time imo). I shall be setting record just in case our new Grandson decides to arrive next week (he's due to be born on Saturday ???).

The sneaky peeks look fabulous and I am positive you are going to be brilliant. Can't wait!

Lesley Xx

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