Tuesday, 18 October 2011

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy...

... but he carries the crown very well!!! Who am I talking about??? Well... he is Mr Chester Cheeto. Now, you all know how...erm... fond of Cheesy Chester Cheeto's I am? So... when I come to America I go a little...erm... mental with the scoffing of the said savoury snack. Imagine how chuffed I was when Ellen's lovely hubby Jack presented me with my very own Chester Cheeto to bring home with me! Here he is, sitting on the sofa, watching Dexter (yes, THE new season - sorry to all the Brits who love Dexter, I have seen two and have one to watch before I leave... then a verrrrry long wait til it gets screened in the UK) Anyways... where was I? Ah yes, Chester, sitting scoffing a packet of Cheesy Chester Cheeto's and watching the telly... isn't he JUST the coolest!!! THANK YOU to Jack for understanding lol

Anyways... with all the excitement of the weekend I have neglected blogging... and I know I said I would blog loads and haven't... but I am sure you can understand that I have been a bit waylaid. Well, here are some piccies I took yesterday when Ellen took me to Michael's, Chili's for lunch, AC Moore, Bath & Bodyworks and finally... GIANT... so I could get a stash of Cheesy Chester Cheeto's to bring home with me. Do you think 24 small packs and three big 'uns will be enough? Oh and because I love him, I got Grim some HOT ones... and some choccy of course... and Ellen bought me these... I have seen them on peeps' blogs but never had any... ohlalaaa, talk about instant sugar rush lol I have taken a photo because I am very doubtful they will make it back to the UK

I shall shut up for a few mins while you look at the pics....

Chili's forLunch

Check out the colour of the sky!!

Sad I know, but I loved the look of this
Public Art at The Avenue

And finally, you know my.. erm... dislike (ok, pathalogical hatred) of all things packing related... well, today the packing has gone a lot easier because I have had a very special helper. This is Joe Vargo, he is 7 months old and full of mischief... but also full of love and cuddles and has snuggled down with me every night, keeping me company... apparently, AlfieCat Skyped Joe and asked him to look after his Mummy... how sweet!

Right... I had better stop with the waffle... time to get a bit inky before I leave for the airport... hopefully it will be warm when I land because I hear it is chuffing chilly in the UK... and the weather over here has been amazing... warm and sunny... Thanks for looking... .TTFN!

Hels x


peggy gatto said...

I LOVE CHEETOS!!!!!!!!!!!
you had a great day!!!

Rainbow Lady said...

Warm over here... you jest Hels.... sleeting today and freezing cold with snow up on the Highland hills.... brrrrr.
I am loving Joe Vargo he is soooo cute and also your junk bag....
I am over excited today as I am going to Miami very soon..... Stateside here I come too.
Safe journey back Love Cynthia x

Shazza said...

oooh Hels, sounds like you are having a ball, great pics, would love to try these famous Chester Cheeto thingies. Tis flipping freezing here today, am sitting here shivering BRRRRR
safe journey home x

Helen said...

Safe journey home- hurry and show us what you got up to!!! Love the photos - it was breezy but not too cold today "down south" so you may be ok half way up, lol!

Anesha said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. Love your little helper. :)

Joanne said...

Hels believe me when I say I'm sorry for you that you have to leave 'cos I know what an amazing time you must be having, but - they have had you long enough and we need you back to share all your wonderful adventure with us. PS, it was hail stoning today, blowing a hurricane and in between, chucking it down- just so you feel properly at home when you land, lol.
Hugs Joanne xx

whyducks said...

It has been a beautiful sunny day in Kent Hels, but the evenings are so dark and chilly. Just over the last week it seems to have changed into Autumn. I hope your back is up to carrying all those cheezy things back. What a sweet cat, well done Afie for putting a good word in for his mum x

StampLadyKatie said...

You have some lovely things on your blog. But I have to confess I found you because of your cheetos picture - my favorite snack!

Fuchsia said...

Definitely chuffin chilly tonight !

looks like you have had a awesome time !

Caz said...

Repeat after me "I must save a packet of Cheetos for my Stamp Attic Workshop ladies" :-)
Chester's really cool - you've been well and truly spoilt! And Joe is so sweet!!!
Sorry but you're out of luck 'cause it's flippin' cold here - heating's been on all evening!!
Looking forward to seeing all the photos when you get back - have a safe journey home

Lynn W. said...

Looks like you are having a great time. Looking forward to hearing more about it... I'm curious as to what Michael's is like?
I hope Alfiecat doesn't mind sharing his Mum with Chester too!

Lynn x

Alison Horne said...

looks like you have a stowaway there who wants to meet Alfiecat, glad you have had a great time.x

Artyjen said...

Safe journey.....love the fire hydrant too!
xoxo Sioux

jude said...

Glad your having lovely time you went all that way for cheetos when if asked i can get off american base here in suffolk...lol.
Have good flight home to the cold and frosty mornings....lol

Anonymous said...

So funny...I'm addicted to Cheetos too!

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to see more!

funkycrafter said...

so glad you are having a good time and had a chance to stock up on cheetos.

luckmey said...

I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you. Have a nice day.breitling emergency

iffatali said...

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