Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fancy a Date...

...with me??? Well, a bit of shameless plugging never did anyone any harm... so I thought seeing as I have popped the links into the sidebar and completely forgotten to tell you all about it, I would now, while I remember... I mean, I know I came upstairs for something... lol So, in a few weeks time I will be starting up some new workshop classes over at The Stamp Attic... the deets for all the classes are in my sidebar and also HERE on The Stamp Attic website. Here are a few snippets for you to look at... I would love to see you there!

Fine & Fresco Finish Book - play with paints, metal and lots of fabby Paper Artsy products

UTEE Sampler - play with the Melt Pot and learn 10 fab techniques

Busy With Beeswax - make a fab piece of wall art and play with Beeswax and canvas

Hitting The Bottle - 12 techniques using that old fave, Alcohol Ink, and lots of fab mediums

Anyways... time for me to go ... and beyond excited you know... a parcel has arrived from Ellen in sunny Baltimore... and in it... Distress Stains... and... CHEESY CHESTER CHEETO'S... good Lord, I am fair salivating... oh and there's another little something in the box which I will show you another time... time being the operative word ;o)) winkwink..... Thanks for looking...TTFN

Hels x


Sam said...

Count me in Hels!! All paid up and raring to go!! Will you be introducing me to your cheesey wonders then?

Sandy said...

Oh wow Hels so wonderful projects.
Your work is so unique and beautiful. Love it.

craftimamma said...

Humph!!! I would love to join in any one of these fab looking classes but too many miles between us I'm afraid :((

Lesley Xx

Julie said...

I would love to take one of your classes Hels only trouble, how can I justify the travel expenses?
I will probably need to be content with enjoying your wonderful ideas from a distance right now!

Joanne said...

Too far for me or I would be there in a shot. Any chance of you coming up north with your classes??
Hugs Joanne xx

fatmonica said...

Yes,please come up north!

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