Friday, 19 August 2011


... fingers! Oh yes... I have been bitten by the beading bug... and yesterday spent a few hours playing with things like headpins and jump rings and chain and beads and pearls... and the bead mat... I can't forget to mention the bead mat... it is soooo fuzzy and feels lovely... to the point that I did have a little sneaky rub of it against my cheek and woke up several hours later... voila! A comfort blanket is born lol

Anyways... once I had regained conciousness, I got cracking and I have to admit, I am lurving the therapeuticness (mmm, real word or another made up one?) of making beady things. I made a total of seven pieces... and here are just a couple... a bag charm and a bracelet... I got all the beads and goodies from The Stamp Attic btw, just saying in case you fancy a little mooch around their brand new beading section ;o))

I have been trying to do this post for about half an hour now... and here is the reason I am having a few probs getting the typing done... yes, look, it is my little attention seeking fella, AlfieCat... he has taken to jumping onto the desk to get my attention... and then settling himself down for a snoozle... I lihslfhgoslkdba;lihgoiayhr hhlkdhlfhdour'wn/ /LIUFOuwe v/F/ JSSOSRUT'PWOU KSJJFK lguaeiru t;ajr /ksnrfouwit 'p;oalikgg .kjg/ ouet #[WI KJFGIRYT9PY4 hr;t9ouq'p40tui Sorry about that... he is trying to make himself heard rofl

Right... time to go and get some stuff done... like the Sunday Stamper.. because I am out this weekend at my classes at The Stamp Attic... and I need to get it made today so I can schedule it... and for a change, this week, I have the theme already in my head! Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x


Bernice said...

Beautiful jewellery.

Sandy said...

OMG wow these are stunning jewellery art hun. I love them both.

Have a lovely weekend hun.

StampDancer said...

Loved seeing Alfie-Cat and LOVE your jewelry! I'm still a chicken-sh*t about learning to bead. Feel like I'm all thumbs. Would love to see a pic of your bag charm on a bag.
Deb M

Alison Horne said...

At least Alfie just snuggles the keyboard, my cat Lynx stands directly in front of the screen with his btm in my face. lovely dangly sparkles Hels.
Mmm... havn't done any jewellery in a while, probably need new beads - another excuse for shopping.x

Kaz said...

Meow to Alfie cat!! Soooo cute!!
love the jewels gorgeous!!

Wendy said...

Love what you did with them beads and stuff Hels, but hiding the beading mats before you get here tomorrow or you won't get any beeswaxing done LOL

Lori said...

Fantastico! Love all of these!

Dragon said...

Oh Hels... just blogged then started hopping to see peeps and just came to you... how spooky that I got all beady and head pinny today too!!! I didn't copy, honet injun !!Lovin yours... hope you like mine!!!

Mary said...

Oh Alfie, what a cutie. =) Beautiful jewelry too!

Alison Horne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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