Saturday, 30 July 2011

Scorchio!!!, alas, not the weather... I know, we always seem to talk about the weather over here in the UK... maybe it is because we never quite know what we are going to get... I mean, take last night for example... it was "muggy"... by which I mean a bit humid... by the time I went to bed, it was "cool" and when I woke up this morning it was "muggy" again... and now?? Well it is just before midnight so it is bound to be cooler but... come on... woolly socks and a fleecy snuggler around me? At the end of July? Huh? Either I am sickening for something or... we are having a cruddy summer.

Anyways... all this waffle about the weather - which BTW, I hope is nice and clear for the wedding tomorrow - brings me nicely onto my project for today which is for The Artistic Stamper Creative Team... all the deets on how I made this card and the gubbins I used on it are HERE on the CT Blog... oh and while I think on... there's special offer on the Accoutrements I used too... mmm, these are my all time fave buttons int' world. So... back to the card.. yes, it is a card, it is ANOTHER card... which brings my total up to.... *pauses for dramatic effect & to quickly grab Card Basket for a quick count up lol* TWELVE in a week!!!! Hurraaaaaaah and thrice!!! I have it sussed you see.... well, I make no secret that I lurve to make tags... to the point that I now have... *another pause for effect which is, in actual fact, another quick grab of the (ahem....) two Tag Baskets I have...* , and I forgot to tell you!!! I went into town the other day (akkk, hate town shopping) but... I managed to get myself a LOVELY new basket for my tags... and.... it cost me only two pounds and 49pence! BARGAIN!!! **memo to self... I should have bought two!** Blimey, I tangented... where was I??? Oh yes, Tag Basket... quick count up... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEVENTY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is including T'Pouches and Tag-Velopes too though.............

I have totally lost my train of thought here.... no, I haven't been on the Sherry either... no excuse is there really... well... let me read back and I will start again... Ah! YES! I like to make Tags... and... I have been remiss with the old cardmaking... so... problemo solved... make a card to the size of a tag...without the pointy bit on the top... so that is what I have been doing!! Whatcha fink? I am liking the size for a start... and I like the top fold... although I have done sidey folded ones too... and I just need to learn how to make a box for the tag/card/sizey/wotsit to go in if it is to be posted... cos you know, I do like to layer things up!! That piccie up there, that is... my new Tag Basket... they had one in black, one in purple (akkk) and the brown one... and they had a bigger one too... oooh, I could get one for my cards, and one for my Alterations and one for my Stains... In fact... I should buy several more as I can see they will be handy.

And that piccie up there is the same basket, different angle... with the other basket... far toooo small..... Right... I better go and lay down in a darkened room now what with all this piffle and flapdoodle that has been issuing forth from my fingertips. BTW... Update on the zit/broken nail/lose 42 stone in a week scenario The Zit... mmm, still there... nails, nope, not grown back at all... 42 stone... well, of course I lost it all in one go and now I am a size 8 and clothes are hanging off my slender frame... ahhh well, a gal can dream....LOL Thanks for looking... have a very lovely Saturday what ever you are up to... TTFN

Hels x


Dragon said...

See, I KNEW I wouldn't recognise you ... and that's why,you are allskin and bone madam!!!! Tee hee... well tha's ahelluva lot of tags Hels, me ole mate.. what you goin to do wiv em?? Card is fab, as always, and the colour is beyond gorgeous... thanks for the visit today!!

Gabrielle said...

Sunglasses donned - such a fab, bright card for summer - almost feels warm here just looking at it! All those cards as "spares" makes me feel ashamed that I don't even gave one - must remedy that!

Fuchsia said...

I am on stand by for summer apparently its on its way !!
not holding my breathe though LOL
I must get into tags they look fun having just bought a complete set of stains from Artistic stamper and had a play on mount board I love them .However got an email from them yesterday to say yet more colours in duh! so had to go order more as you just so have to have spiced marmalade
Hope the zit goes soon
love your work !

craftimamma said...

Fabulous collection of tags and cards. Love your new basket BTW.

Th card is gorgeous and I've left a comment on the DT blog.

Lesley Xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

Hels glad to see the madness is lingering on, been meaning to tell you that I cant look at a Fiat 500 without the name Ferdy popping into my brain, !!!, saw the most cutest thing the other day, eylelashes around the headlights, wish I could get a Ferdy but alas OH and DS x 2 would not fit in,what's the problem I ask . . . LOL

Talking Horses Arts said...

I sooooo wish we could have emoticons in this comment box. Then i would not have to write ooohh,aahh...yumm...etc but just post the emoticons to express the experience of viewing your posts.Cause it always seems that words don't cut it lol. Glad i found your blog.
AWESOME!Thanks for sharing.

Wendy said...

you are mad as a box of frogs LOL but we love you and your art rocks x

Talking Horses Arts said...

Wow that many?!Hmm just getting started here, but love the inspiration you share. I am very grateful for that it really toke me out of the "twilight zone" of what to do next. Giving tags a go, all thanks to you.( so the consequences of me having that many in some time be your fault, hahaha).

Aj* said...

those colours are just something else ! that tag is just beautiful hun.

I hear you on the weather, sitting here with thick handspun socks, mega chunky woolen sweater & and mug of hot choc, my sheep want sheering but its always either two windy or to wet, the garden flowers have all gone south for their holls due to lack of sunshine & the tomatoes claim it to be so cold they are refusing to blush.

Thank the lord for distress stains in sunny colours !


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