Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Review!!!

... I know, I never normally do them but... on occasion I get an offer that is just way too good to say no to... so... here's the story. I got an email. Would you like to do a review on one of our products? I check out the link. I go... ooooh yesh please! Then I choose my product and give it some good use... and now I am going to tell you all about it. And... really, I am not just saying this to be nice or anything... I speak only the truth!

That there is the product in question. It is a daylight lamp from... The Daylight Company. So, I have had the lamp for two weeks now and have used it everyday... even though my desk is right under the window, the lamp has been fabulous when the days are dark and dingy (hey, we get enough of those!) I chose the lamp for what I wanted it to do... there are loads of different lamps on the website, this one is a mid-price range lamp... and whilst it isn't in any way cheap, I do think it is good value for money as the benefits I have found already have been good. Anyways... I have a few Q & A's... so here goes:

A General Impression of the Lamp: The lamp I chose is a Twist Portable, the reason being that I had a normal table lamp on my window sill... and I wanted to keep a light there but trial the daylight one instead - it is the right size, it is portable, meaning I can move it about easily enough... and... when the lamp is opened the top of it twists, making it a doddle to angle the light onto the desk or any place I want it to go. The beam from the light does go a long way too, it isn't just limited to my desk. Oh and it looks smart too... and it has a handle on the top of it making it even more easy to move about.

Does It Fullfil the Description?
Oh definitely... it is exactly how they describe it on the website... actually, one thing I have noticed... it has a nice long cable on it so it can be plugged in quite a way from the place it is going to live... but not too long as to trip over it or get chair wheels caught up in it.

Eye Strain? Colour matching?
Eyestrain...well, I like to work late into the night so I am used to using a table lamp and a whole lot of squinting... with this lamp I haven't needed to flick the big light on to colour match inks/paints/cards etc... and even though it is on the other side of the room to where my trinket boxes are, I can quite easily pick out brads, jumprings etc without the need of an extra light. And... no tired eyes... I was a bit sceptical, I will be honest, I thought this daylight thing was a fad... but no, I am happy to admit I was wrong... it really does help the eyes! I need corrective eyewear... basically I wear contacts all the time and find that towards the end of the day they are getting a bit scratchy to wear - I have noticed that I haven't needed to take them out so early since using the lamp ... that may be a coincidence but I don't think so.

Is it Robust?
Well, it isn't flimsy, but then again, I wouldn't want to drop the lamp - but I wouldn't want to drop any lamp really. You need two hands to open the lamp up, one to hold the base bit and one to do the lifty uppy bit... but apart from that... yep, pretty robust!

Do I Like the Design?
Actually, I do! During the day it is folded down and just sits there nice and neat and once it gets dusky, I can open up the lamp and the light comes on as soon as it is opened - so no need to do any extra switching on bits.

Main Benefits? Where is It Used?
Right, the main benefit for me is that I can see properly to work at night without the need of the big electric light - which I hate because it is too bright and harsh. So, I can sit nice and quiet in my Room of Stash and craft away happily. Oh and it is used... in the Room of Stash! (Craft Room/Hobby Room to any non-crafters)

Treatments - does it help?
Well, I am not sure about this one but... it does do a very good job of adding a little bit of warmth around my desk... and I am sure in the winter this will be a bonus! What do I like most? I think over all it has to be the fact that it is bright without being harsh, it means I can be nice and snug in my room without squinting to see if I am matching colours up and that it is portable, so I can take it anywhere with me.

Any Dislikes?
No! That was simples!!

Marks out of 10:
It has to be a 10!

And... as I said at the beginning, this is an unbiased review... I speak as I find and if it had been below expectations or not as good as I would have liked, then I would have said so. Anyways... this a link to the page that will interest crafty peeps... HERE.

Thanks for looking...

Hels x


Kaz said...

Ooooo this looks good!! I could do with a new lamp in shedquarters, like the fact its smaller than the 1960s clamp thingy that takes up my whole desk!! And the fact I bang my head on it whenever i stand up....Doh!! cheers Hels for the review xxx


Dragon said...

Great review, Hels.. Create and Craft do something like called an Otlite... have thought about it, cos I do alot in the dark, like you... must think about it

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