Saturday, 25 June 2011

Victor Est Morte!!!

...alas and alack... nay and thrice... indeedily I am beyond gutted today... I had planned to blog a tag I was making last night but... I went to cut Brolly Man using Victor Vagabond... and nothing happened... I lined up the gubbins, pressed the button... nothing... not a single peep did he issue forth. So, I checked the plug, moved it to another socket... tried again and it made a little strangle wheeeezey noise... and nothing else.

So, I tried the button to move it in the opposite direction... still nothing - apart from another strangled little wheeeezy noise... and then came the weird smell... like Scalextric cars that are over heating... you know, that mechanical metally burny smell. So, I have deduced that Victor is indeed dead, dead as a doornail... and I am GUTTED!!! I never realised just how much I loved him til he became no more. I mean, it isn't as if I have over-used him... and I used him yesterday morning to cut a dress form and he was fine... so what happened in those 12 hours is a mystery. I am probably going to have to go through the palaver of sending it back to Sizzix and having to wait for them to let me know what is wrong with him... and be without a Vagabond for goodness knows how long and of course, it is Saturday and there's no one there today... booohoooooooo And... above all else I was lucky enough to get a special UK sticker for him when I went on the Artsy Crafts day with the Duke of Distress.. and of course it is stuck to the side of him (Victor, not Tim rofl)... so, I am going to try and get that off... using a heat gun to gently heat the sticker glue cos that is what my lovely Grim told me to do and he is clever. Right... I am going to go and organise the funeral... I will have a couple of extra mourners today because Andrea and Dan have made mercy dashes to comfort me ROFL TTFN!

Hels x


Joanne said...

Oh no Hels, that is just tooooooo terrible. I would also twitter or email Tim 'cos he may just send you another sticker if that one doesn't come off. Such sad news.
Hugs Joanne xx

craftimamma said...

Aw Hels, what a tragedy! Hope you do get a new sticker or at least manage to get the original off in one piece and I hope it's not long before you get Victor repaired or replaced.

Just to cheer you up a bit, my CS just arrived through the letter box and I luuuuuuurve your article. Won't say what it is to spoil it for your other fans but I think it's fab.

Lesley Xx

Kat said...

Hel's, sorry for your loss,hun,
I know you are going to find the next few months hard with out him,

this is not just a sad day for you, we will all morne the fab things the pair of you came up with,Boo,Hoo,Hooooo.

I'm off for a bit of retail theropy
to make me fell better,(LOL)

PS. I know I can't spell,
but I have ac-sept-ted it! lol

Fliss said...

Oh dear! How very sad and frustrating for you as you haven't had him very long.
Hope you don't have to wait too long for Victor the second.
Hugs, Fliss xx

Kaz said...

Omg!! I so feel your pain Hels what a shame, Sending my sympathies to poor victor.......hope it was pain free death.

I will have a look to see if I have a spare sticker for you......hope you are ok sending sherry ASAP!!

Kazx x

ellen vargo said...

Oh NOOOO!!!! I can imagine the Room of Stash was not a happy place... hope Sizzix replaces it quickly for you hon... I would be gutted, too if my Vivian passed unexpectedly and prematurely...time to break out the old C'bug in the meantime, right? Have fun with Andrea & Dan!

Hugs! Els xxx

fatmonica said...

Oh how awful!It's terrible when a crafting favourite leaves us for crafting heaven.Hope you get it sorted out quickly.

Kathy Eddy said...

Oh no, my condolences to you Hels. I am sure they will stand behind it though and replace it for you. After all, they are a brand new machine. I hope you have a Big Shot or something as a back-up to use in the meantime!

stase said...

oh dear, sorry to hear about your victor, butthe exact same thing happened to mine too only last week, have sent it back and have been informed that I should get an exchange within 10 days. Just adore your artwork and your blog gives me a giggle everyday.


Kirsty.a said...

So sorry you've had a bad day. I can't say I really undersynd because I've never owned any sort of die-cutter. Scissors can't burnout!

StampDancer said...

AAAAGH! That is terrible - I hope the Sizzix doctor will be speedy with getting your poor Victor back in good shape. Valerie Vagabond, his American Coz sends "get well wishes" :-(

Kate said...

Never mind Tim sending you another sticker he should send you a new machine!

RIP Victor.

** Kate **

voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear, sorry about the sad and extremely early demise of Victor!! You have only had such a short time... they should send you a new one out pronto quick!!
I have been eyeing them up since you got yours.... now I will wait and see how they deal with situation before purchasing one!!

Artyjen said...

Ah Ha! That's exactly the same smell my handsome devil created!!!
But he is still working at the minute....touch wood LOL
xoxo Sioux

Netty said...

Am sorry to hear about your loss, but am not surprised as there are many Vagabonds breaking down all over blogland. Hope you get your replacement soon.

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Oh, how sad. Sending inky hugs.

Esther said...

As we say in New Zealand - "Bugger!" Big Hugs and much sympathy, Esther

kath said...

ohm it's a sad day indeed in the sheridan household...good luck with saga was like war and get over there and kick ass big time until you get your new Vagabond and if you need a sticker..I have a spare or two....big hugs kath xxx

Barb Cady said...

So sorry to hear about victor. Mine occasionally blows the circut and I have to put back the trip switch. Gutted to read in the comments that this is happening in other parts of blog land, I hope they deal with it quicky! Lots love, Barb xx
ps. I love your article in craft stamper too!

Dragon said...

Rest in Peace!!! That same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, Hels... I had to send him back and wait but the replacement seems fine... it's a nasty little noise and smell, isn't it!!! I believed he was so strong, it was a shock... hope your new onw comws soon!!

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