Friday, 3 June 2011


...hurrah and thrice... I can!! Blink that is. Yes, my eye is better... well, it is still a bit prickly but nowhere near as bad as it was. Phew!! To celebrate the return of my vision, I set about altering a plain old A5 Journal... tis my day for Bubbly Funk so... all the deets are HERE if you would like to see how I did it :O)) Here's a snippy little piccy... Check out that font in the frame... I lurve it... tis called This Charming Font and I have had it for yonks but never tried it before, I shall be using that one again!! Oh and of course, the gorgeous Studio 490 flowers and leaves... they are the best aren't they!

Cor, I am as hot as a badger **I know, we wouldn't normally think of badgers as being hot but most things I liken to an animal of some description and badgers always seem to be favoured... on account of me thinking that they are cute!** today... tis time for the old towery-whizzy-fan-thingy-wotsit to make an appearance in the Room of Stash... I am seriously thinking about investing in an air cooler for in here... tis at the back of the house so it gets the sunshine all day, which is nice because it makes the room lovely and light and airy... but it also makes it very hot and stifley.

Anyways... this post should have been called Blink & You'll Miss It... because... that is all from me for today, I know, I know, I usually waffle on alarmingly for hours on end but you see, it's imperative that I get my old carcass moving because... Mr Mojo is here... I am whispering just incase I scare him away.. so, I will strike while the iron is hot and get cracking on some inky projects! Thanks for looking... have a fabby Friday! TTFN

Hels x


fatmonica said...

It's beautiful.Love the flower!

Fliss said...

This is beautiful Hels and so glad to hear your eye is a bit better.
I winced in sympathy when I saw what the problem is as I'm blind as a bat without my contacts so know what a pain it is in more ways than one!
It would be hot here too if it wasn't so windy so you might say why complain, but I'm sneezing instead - can't win!
Have a great weekend.
Fliss x

Candy C said...

Hey my sweet Hels! Love your journal cover. The flower is really lovely. You have such a way with making perfect flowers! Glad your eye is getting a bit better. We need those things to do our art, don't we?! :) <3 Candy

Marjie K said...

What a beauty! And SO glad to hear Mr M returned....

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