Thursday, 19 May 2011

Little Miss Daisy...

...awwww, I have gone all soft and sentimental again... tis that Mabel Lucie Attwell's fault you know... because these little sketch drawings are just so adorable and evoke a bygone era (one which I obviously don't remember being as I am ever so...ahem... young rofl) Anyways... today is my day for the Artistic Stamper DT - and this month the Creative Team is holding a Mabel Month of May... so all the goodies delivered by the DT are all Mabel... this is one of the latest releases of Mabel designs... she is called Coming Up Daisies and I thinks she is my fave one so far... now, I still love to add my own grungy distressy feel to the proceedings and this card is no different. All the deets etc on how I made it and what I used are HERE on the CT blog.

So... a little mousey update... well... the peanut butter trap jobbywotsit did the trick! Mousey captured and loft now silent... obviously peanut butter has to be the choice of the discerning mouse... you see, we don't have riff-raff meeces here.. oh no, this one was a wood mouse... so he can now go and play with his little mousey friends... in the wood! Grim has popped another trap up in the loft this evening... just in case any little mousey friends have moved in too. Now whilst all this mousey talk has been going on I have had this voice in my head you see. I feel the need to explain... have you ever seen Catherine Tate's "Nan" character? And did you ever see the one where her grandson had to... assist her... with the removal of a mouse? Well, if you have, I am hoping that you are now using her voice to say "little mousey friends". If not... check it out sometime... oh but... if you are easily offended then I wouldn't as Nan has a bit of a potty mouth lol. Right, that's me... time for bed... and a good nights sleep! Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Nancy said...

Oh, how sweet!
And meeces? Oh, no! We had one - my ex-husband tried to "catch" it with his b-b gun! lol

Joanne said...

Well now Hels, your little meece did have a friend who packed his bag when his pal went to the woods and hopped on a train to Blackpool. Trouble is, he got off early and ended up at mine at 6.03am this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a laugh at my expense on the thought of a 70yr old man scratching on the floor and 'meowing' in order to shut the darn thing up. I was hysterical. Do you want him back??????? the mouse that is.
Joanne xxxx

Candy C said...

I'm not familiar with the Mabel stamps...she's darling. <3 Candy

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