Wednesday, 27 April 2011

You Know I Said...

... mmm, famous last words huh! So, you know I have said that I hate packing... I am not fussy what kind of packing I hate... like at the supermarket, yak, hate that... or when we moved house... yakkier, hated that... and packing a suitcase... even yakky yakkier... I really don't like doing that!! So... being Mrs Smug lasted all of an afternoon... because... nay and thrice... I had finished my packing at lunchtime... ok, admittedly, I had packed twice as I wasn't happy with the first load... but yes, I was rather smug... I was planning a nice relaxing evening, chilling out and an early night.

Humph... what actually happened was this: I had a smaller case in a big one... having been advised by loads of peeps who have already done Ranger U that I would have a goody box to bring home... so, smaller case is loaded with clobber.. and larger case is around it. I decided to do the old online check-in doodah at about 7pm. And at 7.15pm I was stomping about the house in a right old huff... because my case was over the baggage allowance by... TWO kg's... and... the online check not only wanted to know everything about me from my name to my inside leg measurement... but they also needed to know the weight of the case. I was fully prepared to pay a few quid extra as I knew I was slightly over my allowance... what I wasn't expecting was a notice across the screen telling me that the excess baggage fee was... TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! I nearly passed out!! That is £125!!!!

Anyways... Grim dragged said case back to the bedroom and I unpacked... took out a few bits... like a pair of shoes and a vest... reweighed it... still the same... so, I ditched the smaller case and repacked it all into the bigger case... and weighed it... and it was still 1kg over... and... yep, still $200 fee! So, poor old Grim then went up into the loft and brought down the other big case we have which is a bit lighter... and I repacked... AGAIN! Another weigh in and it is 3kg under the allowance... phew! Still a pair of shoes less... just hope it doesn't rain over there because I only have my Birki's and a pair of muley things now.

Anyways... this here tag is made using those lush new Fresco Finish Paints from Paper Artsy... the crackle is fab isn't it! And the flower is made from the new Metal on Card... painted with the FF's and then stamped with PA images... and I finally made one of those lovely style flowers that Lin invented... she has loads of tut's on her blog that are worth checking out :O)) Anyways... it is late, I have tried bed already... no avail.. I am just too excited!!! Mind you, we have to leave just before 5am and I really had better get some sleep otherwise I will have gigantic bags under my eyes... and I don't want them charging me excess baggage them!! Thanks for looking... next time I waffle at you I will be in America!!! TTFN

Hels x

PS... thank you everyone who has left me lovely comments and sent messages wishing me well on my awfully big adventure... it has been fab to be able to share it with you x

Oh and... PPS... I just noticed the time... tis... TODAY that I am going to ... RANGER U!!!


ellen vargo said...

Please tell me you're not STILL UP.... GO to BED WOMAN!!! And if you are in bed... sorry for yelling... LOL... Fab always.... Today is the day!!! OMG!!!!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love this beautiful tag. It is so bright and cheery. Mail any extra from here to home. Would be a lot cheaper.
Have a safe trip. It will be fun and you can sleep on the plane.

craftimamma said...

The tag is absolutely gorgeous Hels. I hate packing too especially groceries and putting the stuff away when you get it home!

Your suitcase packing problems will be well worth it though. Have an absolutely fantastic time.

Lesley Xx

Nancy said...

Beautiful tag!
Luggage stuff gets stupider & stupider almost daily...!

jude said...

Just popped by to wish you well,and have fab enjoyable time.If you find you have loads things to bring back send them to yourself whilst your there may find cheaper than excess baggage allowance .thats whta we do when we go and stay in US/
Have fun !
hugs judex

voodoo vixen said...

LOL Hels, the joys of packing!! That's a ludicrous amount to charge for a couple of kilos but what are you going to do when you come back with a case load of Cheetos and all the lovely Ranger stuff? Are you planning on dumping half your contents? LOL Hope you have a fabbydoozy time!!

Neil said...

Hi Hels. Enjoy every moment of you adventure! Travel safely and absorb everything like a sponge! Great tag too. Those paints are great!

Bella said...

Wishing you safe travels, better keep that 200 Dollars for your return trip! Sounds like you gonna need it! ENJOY yourself and come tell all when you get back. Will be watching for your tweets.

Esther said...

LOL - who the hell needs shoes!!! (OMG - did I really say that?) Have a fantastic time! - Haha, like you wouldn't! Really looking forward to your posts during/after Ranger U! Hugs from NZ - Esther

Laura said...

ENJOY! I know you will. Have a play for me.

Helen said...

Well by now you should be at the airport - have a fabulous trip, tweet lots so we can all pretend we're there too. You did make me laugh with your packing stories (sorry about that, I have a cruel sense of humour!)
Love your tag, BTW but that goes without saying.
See you soon.

Bernice said...

Check with the airline how much a second suitcase costs. It's cheaper than excess luggage.

Have a great time.

Jason's Blog said...

Have a wonderful safe trip Hels!!!


flutterbycrafter said...

Well you will be well on your way now, even flying on a jet plane, have a wonderful time, as if, enjoy every moment. Hugs xx

Joanne said...

Well lovely lady, you will be in your seat by now I guess so enjoy every precious moment. We all want a minute by minute account of the whole thing don't forget together with millions of photos.
Take care and have fun. Hugs Joanne xx

Cath said...

Have a great time, we look forward to the photos.


Caz said...

Have an absolutely famulous time, you lucky lady! Like Jude said - post them to yourself, but remember customs over here but you probably know that anyway!! £18 as a gift max.
Laughed so much over your case antics - we did same going on honeymoon to New Zealand-ended up wearing walking boots on the plane as they were too heavy to pack!!!
Safe flight - bet you're too excited to sleep on the plane!!!
Hugs Caz xxx

wwilloww said...

OHHHHHHHH you are on your way!!! I wish I could meet you!!! I think you should become a WORLD instructor for Ranger!!! Then I for sure would be able to meet you!!! I can't wait to hear all about your Ranger experience, oh hey, given it is you, I can't wait to hear about every second of your travel experience, as only you can tell it!!! Enjoy the heck out of all of it!!!

1CardCreator said...

Have fun!

whyducks said...

Oh hels love the tag, thinking of you up in the air! Come back soon, we are going to miss you xx

Dragon said...

Hope you are travelling well and are not getting too stressed!!! Have a great time

Piddawinkle said...

Hels have you got your excite head on per chance...LMAo

Sam said...

Loving the tag!
Hoping your trip is going ok!!
MWAH xxx

Ann said...

Beautiful tag - Have a wonderful journey & can't wait to hear all about it :D
Hugs, Ann xxx

Val said...

Fab tag Hels.
Hope you are now in the middle of your first classes and managed to catch the Wedding on TV this morning.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Helloooooooo, can you hear me from over there? Hope you slept well on your first night there. Have a fab time ;-)
The tag is gorgeous hun, love the colours, the flower and the butterfly beautiful.
Anne xx

Wanda H said...

I'm so excited for you, Hels!!! I hope your trip is without glitches and I'm very happy you managed through your luggage fits!!! Have a fabulous, fabulous time!!!! Wonderful tag!!!

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