Monday, 4 April 2011


...I am well aware that I am a total crafting tart... I have a new favourite every week... I love new stash... stamps, Alterations, paper stacks, paints, Idea-ology, ribbons... you name it... I am a baaaaaad girl... always saying "oh this is my favourite..." Well, today... this card actually does feature my all time favourite paper set... seriously, this is MY TOP FAVOURITE... I know, that doesn't make sense... I mean, a favourite should be singular... not a whole heap of things... but... I am sure that you feel the same way about your stash don't you? Well, my all time favourite paper set is called Avenue and it is by Crate Paper. I think it came out in 2007/08 and I had to have a set as soon as I saw it. Then, because I had used so much of it so quickly, I had to have another pack... and then that got a bit used up... so... I went to buy another set and lo! None left! Not a single set could be found anywhere in the whole widest world.

Seriously, I used Mr Google and Mr Jeeves and neither of them were any use... so, there we were at Ally Pally one year and Linda E spotted a pack, so she swooped down on it and grabbed ... so, I was just about to throw myself on the floor in a tantrum when she handed the pack to me... bless! It was a pressie... she is a sweetie (but, please, DO NOT tell her I said that rofl)

Then... I started to be a bit frugal with the papers that I had left and eventually, for fear of not having any more ever again, I stopped using them... and then... Andrea had a few sheets left and she said I could have them... bless her!!! Then... Kerry went and bought me the last few she could find... so... all in all I had a fair few pages left... well, about 12 in total. So... remember a few months ago I bought a maahooosive box full of goodies from THE Wendy Vecchi and my stash mule friend Ellen struggled across the Atlantic with said box... well, inside the box are... two sheets of Avenue!!! I did a dance, true, I jigged and the squealed (and then went and sat down cos I had worn myself out)

So... I love this paper... and I love the new Large Papillon stamp from Stampotique... and I love the Friend sentiment too... so I decided that Avenue has to be liberated and used a bit... I am hoping that Mr Crate Paper may see this post and decide to do a "retro sale" and re-print this set... mmm, I can wish lol Anyways... to see all the deets about this card... please click HERE... you will be whizzed off on the back of a large butterfly to the Stampotique Designers Blog. Right, that is more than enough waffling for one post... I have a plan for some of the rest of the paper... I can keep this piece too... result!! Ta for looking... have a very goodly Monday! TTFN

Hels x


newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Well Hels I'm way over here in Nova Scotia Canada and guess what that was one of my all time favorites too and I still have a few sheets left that I'm hanging on too for something special I agree Crate Paper should bring it back . Your card is gorgeous as always and I love that papillon butterfly.

Linda Cain said...

Oh, look at you, you little tart!
(I love that phrase) I could be a tart if I tried, maybe?

Love the butterfly...great card!


Larisa said...

it is very beautiful) Love the papers you used here) But the image is fantastic and the way you did it is very creative!!!
hugs. Larisa. xx

Helen said...

I love that paper too, not seen it before (or will again, by the sounds of it, lol!) How lovely it looks with that fantastic butterfly!

Daniele said...

I can just image you rollin' on the floor having a tantrum ....just like the advert, the card looks great by the way

craftimamma said...

Love the easel card Hels and I can see why you love those papers. Aren't you a lucky girl with such lovely generous friends?

Lesley Xx

Joanne said...

The papers are lovely but you just have to lurve that butterfly. Did you realise that you didn't mention RU???? have you forgotten about it LOL???
Hugs Joanne xx

kerry said...

Lovely papers and it was a pleasure getting some for you as i know you love them x x -- I'm surprised some aren't framed and on your wall :-)

R.Maria Sabina(Lollyrot) said...

very beautiful! the papillon butterfly is gorgeous

Andrea C said...

Classy and beautiful x

Kat said...

Hel's you make me laugh,
the way you write your blog,
it's always a pleasure to see what you have to say,
in the words of Forest Gump,
"it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what your guna get"
have a grate day
Kat x.

Andrea said...

What a stunning card Hels, just beautiful and boy your friends are wonderful LOL and you never guess what I just found in my stash ooooooooooooooooooo A WHOLE SET OF AVENUE PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! all fresh and unused and it even has the die cuts and alphabet, corrrrrrrrrr bet there rare and collectible now. WONDER if I can part with them for a good friend, now who might that there friend be :-) well anyways must dash, take care xx

Andrea said...

oh and I just have to correct your post cos if I remember correctly, Andrea has supplied you with packs in the past not just a few sheets, now I am being a cheeky devil LOL

Andrea said...

just another thought a choccie cake for the freezer for when one said friends not dieting, now that might be enough to part with them there papers :-) xxx

LiveArt said...

Gorgeous card Hels :) I actually found a web-shop in norway that still has the papers :) Here it is, if you want to order it and need help (it's in norwegian) just ask and I'll help you :)
hugs and smiles,

Willy said...

Wonderful creation, Hels!

Joy said...

Stunning card Hels, butterfly is gorgeous. Linda is so kind to let you have them, I'd have watched you throw a tantrum and then maybe, let you have them! Because you're worth it! xx xx

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