Friday, 4 March 2011

The Key To The House...

...another Friday meaning my day for the Bubbly Funk DT... this week I have been getting painty and altering a little wooden key house that Caroline sent for me to play with... I have done some step by step pics and all the deets are HERE... Here is a little snippetty-pic of the finished piece... I have had these keys lurking in my stash for 847 years and finally I have got around to using them!

So... do you want to know about the ManFlu that has struck me down... again!!! I cannot believe that this is the third ManFlu I have had in the last four months!!! I wouldn't mind but I have scoffed ten tonnes of garlic recently (you so do not want to share a craftroom with me you know ROFL) and... I have had my vitamins... so, what is it huh? I mean, I used to work in a really dirty, oily and fumey environment when I was tootling around driving trains... and I never got a single cough or cold... now, I am in relative cleanliness (I say relative because you do know the truth about the Room of Stash and the phosphorescent paint water) but you know that I mean... so... why am I feeling like poo-poo-cakka again??? I put it down to greediness... well, I must be to get all these nasty bugs! So, last week we had a visitation from Henry the Zit - which BTW, is still lurking ever so slightly, and now we have a visitation from Manfred the ManFlu... oh boy, do I feel like cack though, seriously, I haven't been warm since last Thursday so I think it may be time for me to head off to the Room of Bed and snoozle my way out of this... *snuffles off to bed*

Ta for looking... have a very goodly day... don't worry about me, laying there in my stinking pit, slowly getting weaker and weaker.... well, I have to try and milk this for some sympathy don't I??? LOL ... TTFN

Hels x


voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear Hels, your poor immune system has taken a bit of bashing recently - maybe you should go get some immune boosters and lots of Vit C... certainly wouldn't do any harm!!
Love your house of keys... imagine hanging onto those gorgeous old keys all that time... just goes to show we use stuff in the end!!

Helen said...

Oh, you poor thing! Hope you feel better soon. Must have been the excitement of meeting Tim! Love your house of keys, and they were great details on BS.

Barb Cady said...

Poor Hels, I've had the wretched Manfred twice since Christmas so I really sympathise. Love the key house, how on earth do you create feeling so poorly? You are a genious! Take care, eat lots of chocolate and cake and play, won't cure you, but it's a fun way trying! x

Joanne said...

I love the deep blue on the ribbon of flowers. I got a cold on the Sunday before the greatest class in the world, and I've still got the congestion from it. So wrap up warm, stop in bed and get better soon.
Hugs - from a distance 'cos don't want it back, Joanne xxxxx

lesleyanne said...

Hi Hels
hope you feel better soon xx

judith@poppy cottage said...

Sorry you are feeling poorly Hels, it's wretched. Stay warm, and get well soon. Love the key house, the colours are fab-u-lous, Judith xx

Piddawinkle said...

oh you make me laugh so much, hope you are better soon, hopefully I am on the tail end of my cold this week, cross fingers no more nose blowing as my nose is disappearing rapidly... wish you better (())

shirley said...

You may not be feeling well, but you still have you sense of humor!
Get plenty of rest and hope you`re feeling better soon!
Love the key house.

Shelann said...

At least it's not limiting your ability to craft, that would be serious. I just saw the Dr Oz show and he recommends Astragalus herbal supplement to help prevent colds and flu, so I thought I'd share. Feel better.

craftimamma said...

Poor Hels, you do sound in a bad way here. I'm a day behind though so I've already found out on your next post that although still not yourself you do feel a tad brighter!!!!

Love the little key house and the very distressed look, including the rust (one of my fave colours actually, lol)

Lesley Xx

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