Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hot Pickin...

...oooh, I looooove those Hot Picks by Paper Artsy... and I loooove those Thorndon Hall papers by... Paper Artsy... so... using them together... mmmm, delishyness indeedily. I have just waffled on alarmingly over on The Stamp Attic blog... all the deets on how I made my ickle mini arch book are HERE...

Anyways... I have had these little chippy arches for a hundred years and they have been ignored, neglected and basically I forgot that I had them... they were buried at the bottom of a drawer that never sees the light of day... until I decided I neeeeeded to have a rummage in it... I was pleasantly surprised to find some Maya Road chipboard that I thought I had used already (in other words, I forgot I had that too!)

So... after careful consideration I have decided that I am going to rummage more often... and I am also going to start using up stuff... did you know that about three hundred years ago I moved house and into the new Room of Stash - well it was actually... nearly a year ago... and I really should be hanging my head in shame... when I unpacked I did it really quickly because I was desparate to get crafting again after my enforced break (all be it a few days because I was cunning and had the emergency stash supply *that was like 50% of my stash ROFL*) Anyways... when I unpacked said boxes (of which, if you recall, there were...erm... over... 40!) well, I just rammed stuff into drawers, bunged stuff in cupboards and...even worse... crammed stuff under my bed!!!

Don't tell Grim that last bit... he thinks that it is important stuff being stored under there...not just stuff I couldn't be bothered to find a home for LOL Well, I have decided that enough is enough and this lazy old moobag here who has been meaning to get properly sorted is going to do just that... after I have made myself another coffee and had a play with something that should be arriving in the Room of Stash next week (finger's X'd and doing jigs to the Lord of the Sizzix that a certain machine will be ready for me to collect....) so... a new leaf is going to be turned and all that... I will sort stuff out... I will, really, in a bit... Ah well, tis time for bed said Zebedee... thanks for looking... have a goodly day! TTFN

Hels x


Daniele said...

what a sweet little arch book, the hotpicks from Paper Arsty are brill and so versatile.....must check out the new papers

Dolly Daydreams said...

Beautiful and love your subtle colours. Marie

Fliss said...

This is just gorgeous Hels and the colour beautiful.
I'm a big fan of the hot picks too and have several with more on my wish list - roll on Ally Pally!

Helen said...

Love the arch book, but you can't go wrong with the stash you're using. Am confused. Sounds like you're going to play with something NOW that isn't arriving till next week.... that's very clever!! P'raps I'm just not reading right this morning, lol!

Artyjen said...

It's amazing what we find in forgotten drawers!
Do I detect a hint that you will be joining the VQ gang? LOL
xoxo Sioux

Joanne said...

I do like those chipy shapes 'cos trying to cut mount board - even with Tim's scissors - is nigh on impossible. As for storing stuff under the bed - shame on you. That's the place for 'fluff'.
hugs Joanne xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab little book hun, lovely papers, lovely stamps ;-)
If you get the impetus to sort your stuff, can you save a bit and send it my way - the impetus that is. 'Cos I need to paint 2 bedrooms, get rid of stuff lying on the bedroom floor that's never going to make it to a car boot sale now, get rid of 2 beds buy a bed-settee and new table for small bedroom and use it as a sewing room; then when all that's done I need a vanity unit for the bathroom which I'll have to fit myself!!!
Anne xx

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