Thursday, 31 March 2011

All Things Bright And...

... colourful! Another in the 5" square canvas series that I can't seem to stop making at the moment! This is the third in just over a week... but it is deffo the last one because I have exhausted this design enough! When I set about making the first one (which is HERE) I told you that I have always steered well clear of the 5" size canvas as it was a size that just didn't appeal to me. Then later last week I altered another one (which is HERE) using slightly different colours and adding a mountainous rosette embellishment... well, this one is still based on the same prinicipal... but is it bright... very bright!!! SO much for not liking this size lol

Normally my colour palette is more subdued... I do love using bright colours but I always tend to steer towards the browns and blues... and just recently I have been really into creams and browns... which are nice but it does make a refreshing change to use brights. Well, you can't get much brighter than these colours. I used a combination of Dylusions Sprays and Glimmer Mists to colour this canvas... I made it in the same way as the other two... using papers to cover the canvas... the paper is that really bright flowery sheet from the Lost & Found stack... painted over with Traditional Tan, spritzed with Burnt Orange and Pomegranite Dylusions ... then I added a smidge of Turquoise Glimmer Mists... but didn't shake the bottle so there isn't much glimmer.. I didn't want the background to be too blinging.

The Rosette... I am... ahem... a bit... oh ok, a very lot... addicted to the new Mini Rosette Alterations... added to the original Rosette it just looks fantastic... the little Maya Road Resin Bloom looks like it was made especially for the rosette tower. Now, I have been an admirer of Kate Cranes art for a looooong time... I love the way she makes everything look so bright and cheerful and the different elements she layers onto her pieces... well, I have spotted her using a lid to make painty circles... so I thought that I would give this a go... and I have to say, it rather suits this design... to see more of Kate's art, do click here to go to her blog... she is very, very talented....

As well as the lid stamping, I also flicked a loaded paintbrush at the canvas too ... and where the splats have landed on the coloured papers, they have collected a bit of the colour into them... so they look fabbily blended. There are more diecuts from Grungeboard and Grungepaper - all cut using those gorgeous Alterations from THE Duke of Distress...all were painted with the Trad Tan and then spritzed with more of the colours. The ickle bottle is one of the new Idea-ology Vials - I just wrapped a bit of beaded ribbon around it... and this had had the Glimmer Mist treatment too.

So, I have managed to get almost to the end of my wafflings and I haven't mentioned... you know what... and I really wasn't going to... nope, I wasn't, honest LOL. However, you were all so lovely with your comments on yesterday's post saying that you wanted to hear all about it, I think it would be plain rude of me not to mention my little trip to the US of A. Ooooh, I am still buzzing and still having those little flippyflop feelings in my tummy whenever I think of it... and my concentration levels have plummeted to an all time low... and I can only see that I will get worse the closer we get to the actual date for me to depart these fair shores.

So far I have confirmed my place at Ranger U and booked my hotel... that in itself was a bit panic stations for me... the lovely peeps at Ranger give a couple of hotel recommendations... so when I went online to reserve my room at the first one, it said that there was no room at the inn! So, I went to the second one and... same again!!! Eeeeek!!! What to do!!! I had started to have visions of me taking a tent with me and camping in the carpark at Ranger LOL Well, thankfully a lovely lady at Ranger emailed us all and gave us some other suggestions... so... I have reserved my room...phew! Anyways... enough waffling for one day... I have just looked out of the window and see the yukky weather so I am planning a cosy day indoors - a spot of inkyness is the order of the day methinks!! Right, time to get moving... thanks for looking.. have a grand day! TTFN

Hels x


Dragon said...

Fabby as usual, Hels... I am still wondering what you do with all these finished pieces???? Dull and wet here too today, so I shall be getting inky too... Well, might be making beads actually!!

Helen said...

You are up early, or haven't you been to bed yet?!
Love this frame, love these colours - and thanks to you (yes, it's all your fault!) I now have the mini rosette die too.... made one up last night, just to go put it on something now, lol!

Neil said...

Love the bright colours and layering on this. I too end up using loads of earth and muted colours but I think i'll have to haul out the brights!

Joanne said...

There is so much going on both on your fab canvass and in your fab life. I keep seeing something different on the canvass and I hope to hear ALL about this amazing trip. Having said that, I reckon King Tim may just snaffle you because you could teach him judging by the incredible creations you come up with.
Hugs Joanne xx

shirley said...

Another awesome canvas Hels!
Love the bright colours and the mini rosette.
Do you hang all your canvases?

Tracey said...

I lurrrve that rosette, and want it, but I have a bug and am worried it might not work. Love Kate Crane too, paint dabber sponges make good splodges too, I try for the less is more with ink sprays but still end up with a heavy, bright covering, your canvases are brill too by the way.

Candy C said... need to STOP!!! You're killin' me with all of your wonderful creativity!!! LOVE your canvases!!! You are so inspiring!!! I need to bust out a canvas and give it a whirl! <3 Candy

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great piece Hels, I am glad to see someone else who loves their embellishments as much as I do. Love the added wing and those rosettes. Popping by to also say my Sunday Stamper piece is HERE. Enjoy your evening. Tracy Evans x

Gillian said...

Ooo love the sunburst of colours, Dyan's sprays are indeedly amazing, as always love love love your canvases. x

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