Tuesday, 1 March 2011

950.... & Happy St Davids Day

..corrr, this is my 950th post!!! Blimey, 50 more days and it will be my 1000th... that is one load of waffling LOL Today has been strange - t'internet jobbythingymebob went red - it should be green - and I couldn't get connected to make my post... I have been pacing the floor trying to get it to work, resetting it, unplugging it, turning the lappy off... praying to the God of T'internet...even doing a Connection Dance ROFL

Anyways... that there is my entry to the Artistic Stamper Monthly Challenge... all the deets etc are HERE on the Creative Team blog... oh and the deets on how I made my tag is all there too :O)) The theme this month is Spring (chosen by yours truly in the vain hope that the weather will turn warmer and Spring will be here soon) oh and... because it is 1st March, Happy St Davids Day to all the Welsh readers... my lovely Grandma hailed from Wales so I have been wearing the little leek brooch she passed down to me, bless her. So, a short n sweet post today - isn't it cold??? I cannot for the life of me get warm today, I have had the deepest bath so I resembled a hippo, nostrils only poking out of the water, I have turned the heating back on (don't tell Grim) and I have been sitting wrapped up in my fleecy snuggler too... brrrrr... time for another cup of cwoffeeee methinks... thanks for looking.. have a goodly...erm... evening!! TTFN

Hels x


Helen said...

Great springy tag, Hels. I agree about how cold it's been today - had the heating on all day (been off work)

Dawn said...

I cant believe how cold, glad I am not a brass monkey.

Love your submission...cool x

Caroline Hallett said...

beautiful tag - and yes there are little brass monkeys chasing around out there!

whyducks said...

It is a lovely piece Hels. I am so cold too! Heating only knows one control, on full time! Wrapped in a rug, fan heater on and still cold!

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Love the tag! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland - well Spring always comes too late!! Bring on the sunny weather and warmth!

Joanne said...

Oh Hels, get yer body up to the north west, we've had a glorious spring day, gorgeous blue skies, sunshine and a decent temperature for a change. Love the wabbit tag. Been trying to think of something to make so I could enter this week. Not thought deep enough as yet though.
hugs xxx

Dallying Debz said...

Glad I'm not the only one that thought it was freezing today.

What a lovely tag.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Happy St David's Day back at you - cor glad it wasn't just me who couldnt get warm yesterday - today's not much better - where's that Spring you promosed!!! Oh yes - love your art piece too lol x

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