Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Leaving Nowt To Chance...

...nope, not this time I am not!!! What am I going on about??? Well, each month Ellen and I do a swap - this past few months we have been trading ATC's and I am gutted indeedily because... the box I sent over to the US of A for January's swap has gone AWOL! I know! I am not impressed because in the box, along with the ATC's was also some Cadbury's Fruit & Nut (how dare they loose that!!!) and some Twiglets and some little bits and bobs of arty stuff for Ellen to play with.

Well, I am a bit miffed because I made a "special" ATC in that bunch... grrr.... anyways... I was leaving nothing to chance this month so while Ellen was here, I got her ATC's ready so she could take them home with her... the theme this month was to use a bit of metal and some Paper Artsy stamps... I think I got a bit carried away cos the bit of metal turned into...ermm... a very lot of metal ROFL I have used Lin Brown's flowers ideas for the basis of my flowers... gotta love her style and the way that these Paper Artsy flowers just look perfect on metal :O))

I had a sad face yesterday - it was time for Ellen to head back home so we went to Heathrow airport yesterday morning - Grim came with us as far as St Pancras cos he was on his way into work... and then we got the Tube to the airport. Well, we were sitting there and a family got on, Mum, Dad and two little (and very cute) girls. The elder of the little girls (she must have been about 6) said in a very loud voice to us that her Mummy said that she was smart but she didn't think she was... and then said..." but I am a little bit smarter because my legs are longer now."

So there we have it... I am a dumbo because I have short legs!! It is official and I tell you, I am rather relieved now... it isn't the dizzy blond it is the legs... ROFL Aren't the little pearls of wisdom that kiddies come out with just perfect!!!

Anyways... I had a smashing weekend... it went faaaar too quickly I have to say... in fact, although we tried to cram as much into the time as possible, it just whipped past! On Saturday I introduced Ellen to the wonderfully funny radio show of Alan Carr... ohoohhooo, I listen to Alan every Saturday night when I am making the Sunday Stamper... Anyways, Ellen is now a convert to the hilarity that is Alan Carr... if you haven't listened to him, he is on at 18:00 on Radio 2 - listen to him, it is soooo worth it LOL

On Sunday I made a Sunday Roast... oooh, lashings of grrravy and roast tatties and Yorkshire Puds... And... I have left-over gravy and beef so me and Grim are having that for tea tonight... hey, the diet starts...erm... tomorrow?? Oh and Ellen also brought three bags of Cheesy Chester Cheeto's with her... now, these are my all time favourite crispy snack... I can't find them anywhere in the UK - and last time we went on our holidays to Zante, I brought ten bags back in the case with me!!! Anyways... I have scoffed one bag already - one bag is in the cupboard in the kitchen and the third is here, next to me, being dipped into while I am typing this... well, the best before date is April 5 - so I have to get scoffing straight away so they don't go off ROFL

Anyways... enough of my wafflings... what time is Tim next on QVC? I stayed up last night to watch him and... Grim woke me up at 6am, I was snoozling on the sofa... ooops... well, I am going to be needing my sleep because I am going to see Tim on Thursday... and I need to be alert! Actually, I am as excited about meeting up with friends and blogging buddies as I am about seeing Tim... it is going to be fun! Right... am off to get inky... thanks for looking... have a goodly day! TTFN

Hels x


Helen said...

Too funny - long legs = brains! like it. (my legs are quite long....)
I went to bed, wasn't going to watch the TSV launch but woke up on the stroke of midnight - and bought it.... then couldn't get back to sleep.
Love your atcs here, what a bummer the last lot went astray. Maybe there's a crafty postman somewhere, lol.

BLISS angels said...

wow! now I know what wrong with me for allthses years I thought it was because of the blond hair but woow it because my legs are short.. okay I feel and little better because I changed my hair color and nothing.. so I have to wear high heels great... I love high heels and I too would be bummed about losing the fruit and nut I havn't had a fruit and nut bar for years I must tell hubby to bring some back when he goes to England... maybe the ATC will turn up the mail service isn't that wonderful... hugs wendy

Tess said...

Your metal ATC's are so fabulous they knock my socks off! Ellen is one lucky bird to have such a fab lady like you to make her such fabulous pieces of art. I love that quote: Art is a shadow of what a person is thinking. OH how I love that statement. May I borrow it for my quote journal?

whyducks said...

She gone already, that was short and sweet, or should I say cheezy! Did she only come to bring you the Cheezy bags! I love all your metal and inky tags Hels. It is freezing here today, so stay warm and enjoy your Mr Holz experience!!! Watching Tim today, but didn't make the night views. Poor man they do work him hard he must be so tired! I am also pretty thick as I only have short legs too!

Kathy Eddy said...

Gorgeous projects as always. Hope you're not too lonely for Ellen. And I hope your package shows up there soon. Savor those cheese snacks now girl. lol

Piddawinkle said...

its really not fair short legs = no brains, isnt it bad enought I have to lurk in tescos waiting for a tall person to reach me something from the top shelf (no, not that . . dirty minds) its usually wine, tee hee
love your metal atcs, hope I get to say hi on thursday to you, surprise surprise will be in the bar..

Joanne said...

Can't comment - too excited!!
(1 of the blogging friends)

Dallying Debz said...

Lol, love things children come out with.

Love your tags too. Metal flowers are stunning.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Ha! Great story! I'm glad you & Ellen had such a fantastic time. The ATCs are gorgeous, I hope the others turn up somewhere. I'll be looking out for you on Thursday evening, so that I can say hello & tell you in person how much I love your art. Promise not to be a stalker tho'!!!!

Artyjen said...

Have a safe journey and let us know all the goss!
Have fun crafting with T!m...and meeting those bloggie mates ;)
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Gorgeous metal creations as always :)

Gez said...

Gorgeous Atc's Hels sooooo sorry to hear about the missing ones :( Glad you had fun with your friend :)
Have a super day on Thurs.. can't wait to hear ALL about it :)
Hope you find time to Tweet! ;)

themixiepixie said...

I love your inky-trinkety art! How lucky are the ones who receive it!

Summerthyme Studio said...

Is your keyboard orange......... I must be VERY SMART, my legs are quite long..........lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your ATC's not too metally at all. I am SO thankful that we have Cadbury Chocolate in Canada, I've been known to send it to my U.S. friends.........but we have Cheetos here too..........lol.........Your post has made me hungry!



craftimamma said...

Love all the metal Hels! Did you have to pay excess postage for the weight? Don't give up hope, they may still get to their proper destination. I had stuff take over a month to get to the US of A. Mind you the choc may be past its Best Use By Date by the time the parcel does arrive, Lol!

Lesley Xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

These are gorgeous hun, love love love them ;-)
Anne xx

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