Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Who'd Have Thought It...

...apparently not one but TWO peeps think that I am a Stylish Blogger.. or is that I have a stylish Blog... well, either way... whooo, hooo, hoooo... that is very loverly of them to say so... and who'd have thought it... ONE peoples thinks that I have an attitude... or is my Blog has an attitude... either way... erm... ah, I will leave that one there and move on to say ... THANK YOU to Anne and Ellen who have awarded me some... awards!!!

Now, I LURVE getting awards... it hardly ever happens and it does but a big smile on my chops when I do get one... So... apparently Anne's award says that I have to pass this on to 4 peoples and then tell you eight things about myself that you don't know.

Right.. Eight things about Hels that you didn't know:

1) I am bibliophile! I am regularly seen haunting the hallowed halls of old English bookstores like Amazon and WHSmith... always on the scout for a bargain ROFL

2) Once upon a time I had a fish called Fido and then I got some more fishes and they were called Rover and Rex... they were catfish (they weren't really, I made that up... but that was what they were called!)

3) When I was about 8 years old a steam train was chuffing along the line thru the woods at the back of our house and my Dad called me to get in the car so we could nip up to the station to see it coming through... and I went and tried to get in the boot (trunk for my American pals) because Dad was putting his tool box in there... I have NEVER lived it down!!!

4)I used to ride a motorbike... and still would if I wasn't such an old crock lol

5) When I was 21 I decided that I wanted to leave Yorkshire and travel the world and go trekking in Peru and India... I got as far as Sheffield and decided I had seen enough so went home and had proper Northern Fish & Chips!

6) I am fluent in Cattish and Miaowish, the two main dialects of Felinialand

7) I am also very strange... *like you didn't know that already* I can waggle my ears at the same time as flaring my nostrils. A friend *I use that term lightly* once said that I could slow down my train by sticking my head out of the window and letting my nostrils act as parachutes! How very dare they!!

8) I used to get stopped in the street because people thought that I was Samantha Fox - oh and also they thought I was Suzanne from Grange Hill who was then Michelle in EastEnders and who is now a TV producer and also, someone once told me that they thought I looked like Sharon Stone but... they were a bit drunk at the time so I don't think that they really meant it LOL

9) I couldn't stop at 8 because I have more and technically, I got two awards so that means 16 things... shall I continue??? ROFL

10) I talk too much... no! you don't say!!! Actually, I can talk and talk and talk... usually utter gibberish but some people do take pity on Grim!

11) When I sing, birds literally fall from the sky... stone dead LOL (seriously, those blackbirds in Arizona or where ever they were... I sang that morning... and look what happened!!)

12) If I can, I like to touch the end of my nose with my tongue - it generally revolts people so much, they give me a wide berth, which is fab because I get the whole train carriage to myself

13) I was once selected to be a Special Agent! Seriously, this is totally true. I was 12 and it was a club from my Saturday paper round... I had to phone to say I wanted to be a Special Agent... and yep, I got the wrong number and the poor woman on the other end of the phone sounded very perturbed to hear a young voice saying this is Special Agent Hels...

14) Oh, this is a good one... when Grim and I got married, we had a huge big red London bus to take us from the Register Office to our hotel reception thingy... that turned a few heads!!

15) I once had a fight with a boy from school because he was pulling my hair... and I hit him so hard he ran away and I wanted to go back out after my tea and finish it off... I got a thick lip off him and still bear the scar today... it is the only fight I ever had... never again... thick lips hurt!!! Watch out Sean Mahon, I remember you!!! mwhahahahhaaaa

16) I have a really bad habit... I do confess... that... I like to give animals voices... so like if we are out for a walk and we see a horse, the horse will say "Helloooo theyre Mistur Grim" or if we see a Rhino, I will say "Helloooo theyre Mistur Grim" My voices are totally different too... you could actually believe that the animals truly are talking...

So, there you go... a few little things that you never knew about me... some are more ...erm.. real that others ROFL I have to go now because there is someone knocking on the door again... I think it is that silly man with the white coat and the big syringe and the van... And... if you have got this far on this MAMMOTH waffley post... I award both of these awards to ... EVERYONE!!! Yes, indeedily - I can't just pick 4 because there are SO MANY awesome bloggers and blogs out there... so anyone who reads this far can have it! LOL TTFN

Hels x


Melissa P said...

Ok I must admit I dont usually leave comments at all. I know bad habit but I normally am looking at so many that I dont have time to stop that long. However today I had to...this blog made me laugh so hard. First congrats on your awards I think thats so cool! Secondly #'s 7 & 11 had me laughing so hard! But thats not what did it for me...its #16. I do that ALL THE TIME. I am remembered as the friend that gave voices to the animals. I think the funniest part is when my husband and daughter answer them back as if they are really saying the things. I will say, for the dog, really dad come on get a grip would u eat that and my husband will respond I DONT CARE IF U WANT TO EAT IT OR NOT JUST EAT IT! I laugh so hard! You are the only person I have ever heard of to admit to that. ROFL We have a special bond. Now for one more thing...I am looooooooving your calendars. You are making me "to try" list super long. Now if I only had some perfect pearls LOL. Love love love your work! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh. God bless!

Helen said...

I am glad I don't go out walking with you if you come across talking rhino's!! Your answers are much funnier than mine. (yes I got them too!)

ellen vargo said...

OMG I am DYING.... you are SO FUNNY! #7 made me *SNORT* out loud!!! Oh geez I just snorted again re-reading it!!! That Sean Mahon better watch out! He in trouble!

Hugs to my "goofy" friend... haha...

Els xxx

Kathy Eddy said...

You have my coffe almost coming out of my nose girlfriend! You are such a hoot!

Artyjen said...

I read the whole thing! Do I get a reward!!
You deserve a reward Hels....you made me laugh and laugh ;)
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Perhaps that white van will be after me soon as it's a bit odd laughing to yourself!! LOL

Lynlee said...

lol-you just made my day! Thank you for the giggles!

Jennie said...

big smile here :)) I know about the singing.. but the voices?? you are completely mad!!! but i love it!!
Hugs and I am claiming my reward!!!

Lulabelle said...

Thank you for brightening a rather dull day here! You made me laugh so much I choked and now I have tears rolling down my face!
Love your blog, I read it every day.

Joanne said...

Have you ever thought of writing for Peter Kay????

Andrea said...

Oh Hels love your 16 know about yous, I to can touch the end of my nose with my tongue, most likely my big nose is the reason for that LOL also rode a motorbike when I was younger, but you knew that already, thanks for sharing xx

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